Gene mutation discovered in blood disorder

EurekAlert October 1, 2014 John Ascenzi

An international team of scientists has identified a gene mutation that causes aplastic anemia, a serious blood disorder in which the bone marrow fails to produce normal amounts of blood cells. Studying a family in which three generations had blood disorders, the researchers discovered a defect in a gene that regulates telomeres, chromosomal structures with crucial roles in normal cell function.

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Source article: Guo Y et al, “Inherited bone marrow failure associated with germline mutation of ACD, the gene encoding telomere protein TPP1,” Blood, published online Sept 9, 2014.

How to find the knowns and unknowns in any research

The Conversation October 1, 2014 |  Catherine Pickering & Jason Byrne

UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH: What do we actually mean by research and how does it help inform our understanding of things? With so much research already published it can be a daunting task for any new researcher to find out what’s already done. So how do you find the knowns and unknowns in research?  Continue reading…

Police investigating suspicious Gold Coast death

The Brisbane Times October 1, 2014 Marissa Calligeros

Police are investigating the suspicious death of a man on the Gold Coast.

The 37-year-old man was found dead on the back verandah of a house on Foxwell Road at Coomera about 4am on Wednesday.

Ebola crisis: Health officials confirm first case of the deadly virus in the US

ABC News October 1, 2014

The United States has diagnosed its first case of the deadly Ebola virus, a man who became infected in Liberia and travelled to Texas, US health officials say.  Continue reading…

‘Safe’ pollution levels not so safe: QUT researcher

Brisbane Times October 1, 2014

Increased pollution levels still classified as “safe” will kill 6000 Australians, a Queensland pollution expert has warned.

Man, 24, killed in Gateway Motorway crash

The Brisbane Times  October 1, 2014

A 24-year-old man has died in a crash on the Gateway Motorway in Brisbane’s south.

The young driver crashed into the back of a traffic control truck about 500 metres north of the Old Cleveland Road exit about 9.15pm on Tuesday.

Sewer sensors to sniff out bomb ingredients

BBC News Rebecca Morelle 29 September 2014

In Stockholm, sewer systems have been earmarked for a new use: the fight against terrorism is moving underground.  Devices are being used to detect minute traces of the bomb ingredients, recording their concentration, the time they were found and their location.

The scientists here are not just interested in what ends up down the drain, fumes from the manufacturing process also leak out into the air.  And in addition to the sewer devices, they’ve fitted sensors to rooftops and even cars.

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