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DNA traces can reveal the appearance of perpetrators

Helsinki Times 18 Sep 2014

DNA tests may open new possibilities for forensic investigators in the years to come by allowing them to determine the colour of eyes and hair as well as the ethnic origin of the suspected perpetrator.
For the present, however, the use of DNA evidence for such purposes is prohibited by law.

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McCulkin cold case: Property seized after drug bust September 19, 2014

A PROPERTY once owned by Queensland rugby league great Shane Webcke has been seized by authorities after a drug bust linked to one of the state’s longest-running cold-case murder investigations.
A proceeds-of-crime application alleges the Leyburn property, west of Warwick on the southern Darling Downs, is among assets owned by Thomas Edward Martin who was arrested last month in raids on the Darling Downs by police investigating the 1974 murders of Brisbane woman Barbara McCulkin and her two young daughters.

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Spotlight on forensics

ABC Brisbane Radio 612 Interview 18 September 2014

Forensic science has never been so glamorous.
Crime shows like CSI, NCIS, Bones and Sherlock have helped make the science behind crime busting intriguing.
Which is probably a double-edged sword for real scientists….it’s great to have some professional acknowledgement but it gets a little frustrating hearing “but they did it on CSI”.
Wikipedia actually names the term the “CSI effect”, also known as the “CSI infection” or “CSI syndrome” – which refers to the impact the exaggerated potrayal of forensic science has on public perception.
So what’s it really like to be a forensic scientist, and what exactly do they do?
Kelly spoke to Greg Shaw (pictured), the Director of Forensic and Scientific Services for Queensland Health. She also spoke to Dr Bradley Schatz, a forensic computer scientist.

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Cane toad poison attacks prostate cancer cells, spares healthy cells: Queensland university researchers

ABC News Rosa Ellen and Xavier La Canna 17 September 2014

Researchers have found that cane toad poison kills off prostate cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.
Dr Harendra Parekh from the University of Queensland said a student had discovered Australia’s toad to be similar to the Asiatic toad which has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

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Australian hepatitis C patients push for access to new combination drug with 90 per cent cure rate

ABC News Mandie Sami 17 September 2014

Australians suffering hepatitis C are pushing for access to a new drug, which when used in combination with other drugs, has a cure rate of 90 per cent.
The drug has become available in many other countries but is yet to become available in Australia.

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Man injured in alleged Nerang break-in attempts to hijack woman in car

Gold Coast Bulletin Emma Greenwood September 18, 2014

A MAN has tried to hijack a woman in a car after being injured in an alleged break-in attempt at Nerang.
The man was cut after allegedly attempting to break into a house in Riverview Rd at Nerang earlier this afternoon.
The drug-affected man then tried to break into several cars in the street before attempting to hijack a car with a woman inside.

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Update 4– Police Incident, Bouldercombe

Qld Police Media September 19, 2014

…A 29-year-old Park Avenue man has been charged with one count each of assault occasioning bodily harm, going armed as to cause fear, unlawful possession of a weapon, wilful damage, failure to stop a motor vehicle and driving without a licence and two counts each of acts intended to resist arrest and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

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