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Hospital staff pay tribute to doctor lost in MH17 disaster

The Toowoomba Chronical July 22, 2014  Stuart Cumming

PATHOLOGY staff at Toowoomba Hospital have honoured their fallen leader by ensuring the production of quality work for which he strived.

Current and former staff of Pathology Queensland’s Toowoomba laboratory paid tribute to MH17 victims Dr Roger Guard and Dr Jill Guard during a private service at Toowoomba Hospital this afternoon.  Continue reading…

Cancer patient spent eight months thinking he only had weeks to live after suspected misdiagnosis

Physicians struggle to clinically diagnose early HIV infection

(University of British Columbia 15 July 2014) Most physicians are unable to use clinical skills to differentiate those who should and should not be tested for HIV infection, highlighting the importance of routine HIV testing.

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‘Safer’ kisspeptin IVF shows promise

BBC News James Gallagher 19 July 2014

Twelve babies have been born using a potentially safer way of getting eggs for use in IVF with the hormone kisspeptin, UK doctors say.  The pregnancies, reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, show the hormone can be used successfully.

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Skin cancer hotspot: south-west Qld has state’s highest proportion of melanoma cases, says Cancer Council

ABC News John Taylor 16 Jul 2014

New research has revealed Queensland’s south-west and southern inland has the state’s highest proportion of melanoma cases.
Cancer Council Queensland said an area from Toowoomba and Dalby, west to Charleville was the state’s melanoma hotspot.
Statistics show that region has about 76 cases of melanoma diagnosed per 100,000 people each year.

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HIV tests for hundreds in Victorian town over contact with health worker diagnosed with virus

ABC News 15 July 2014

ABOUT 400 people in an eastern Victorian town have been told to take an HIV test after a health worker was found to have been infected.

Almost 400 people in a town in Victoria’s east will be tested for HIV after coming into contact with a health worker who had been diagnosed with the virus.

Victorian Health Minister David Davis said the medical practitioner did not know they were HIV positive and concerns have been raised that they may have passed on the virus to their patients.

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Capturing cancer: A powerful new technique for early diagnosis

(Arizona State University 14 July 2014) In research appearing in today’s issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Stafford and his team describe an innovative technique for early disease detection, which they call immunosignaturing.

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A new test may help breast cancer patients most at risk

Radio National Health Report Norman Swan Marsha Rosner 14 July 2014

A new test has the potential to help physicians identify patients with the most lethal forms of triple-negative breast cancer. The test was able to distinguish between patients with good or poor prognosis.

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Researchers invent a microchip to diagnose type 1 diabetes

ScienceAlert Australia Gabriella Munoz 14 July 2014

Diagnosing type 1 diabetes has never been easier thanks to a new device that, when approved, could have a production cost of US$20.  The chip relies on a fluorescence-based method for detecting antibodies in the blood and has a special coating with an array of nanoparticle-sized islands of gold that intensifies the fluorescent response, helping doctors identify the antobodies faster

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Researchers close in on Alzheimer’s test

Brisbane Times Natalie Bochenski 11 July 2014

New brain-scanning software developed by Brisbane researchers aims to become another weapon in the arsenal against Alzheimer’s disease.    CSIRO Associate Professor Olivier Salvado, from the Australian eHealth Research Centre, is presenting the findings to the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen this weekend.

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Eye tests could detect early Alzheimer’s