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Australian authorities admit knowledge gaps on nanopesticides, but insist they can be properly regulated.

ABC Rural News James Bennett 29 October 2014

Australia’s current system for approving agricultural chemicals can effectively assess the safety of ‘nano’ products, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) says.
Nano materials are said to offer farmers major benefits like more effective, targeted use of pesticides that mean lower doses and the ability to develop better controlled-release chemicals and livestock medicines.
The APVMA’s CEO Kareena Arthy said the organisation’s existing criteria for assessing the safety of agricultural chemicals is adequate,

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More than 30 patients poisoned by toxic fish in Townsville

Townsville Bulletin Rachel Afflick 22 October 2014

Townsville has recorded more than 30 cases of fish poisoning from spanish mackerel this year.

James Cook University molecular immunology group leader Andreas Lopata said in the most recent outbreak, up to 10 people fell ill.

“We had 10 cases four weeks ago, and in June 20 cases,’’ he said.

The Townsville Hospital and Health Service has recorded 33 notified cases of ciguatera so far this year.

Assistant Professor Andreas Lopata said it was a particular danger in North Queens-land due to the amount of toxic algae in the water.

Ebola: European food safety experts to assess risk of bushmeat to EU countries

The Guardian James Meikle 11 October 2014

European food safety experts have been asked to assess the risk of Ebola being spread in EU member states through eating contaminated bushmeat.

The assessment is expected by the end of the month. In April, scientists said the risks were very low but also admitted high uncertainty about their estimate.

There is extremely little data about just how much bushmeat, often from primates but also other wildlife hunted in Africa, is illegally imported into the EU or how it is treated, handled and cooked.

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Up-market Gold Coast eatery Saks closes after failed council inspection and $15,000 fine

Gold Coast Bulletin Lucy Ardern 30 September 2014

ONE of the Coast’s most long standing restaurants, Saks, has closed its doors for good after a dead cockroach was found in a surprise inspection.

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Coles banned from advertising frozen bread as ‘Freshly Baked’

ABC News Jamelle Wells 29 September 2014

Coles has been ordered to put a notice in all its supermarkets, and on the internet, telling customers it has broken consumer law by incorrectly advertising bread which was partially baked and then frozen as being “Baked Today” or “Freshly Baked”.

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Woolies recalls spread on allergy fears

News Corp Australia Network 26 September 2014

WOOLWORTHS has issued a national recall on its Macro Brazil, Almond and Cashew spread, saying it may contain traces of peanuts.

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Water-Energy-Food Nexus Forum – Conference Alert

The Ship Inn, Brisbane, 26 November 2014

The demand on water resources across the energy, agricultural and urban water sectors is ever increasing, and is a constant challenge in managing sustainable water supply.

Instead of working independently, a more coherent approach is needed to develop workable solutions to the myriad challenges faced by these industries. Businesses together with government, NGOs, academia and civil society can and should play a role in this new understanding.

The Forum will focus on three key themes of the water-energy-food nexus:

  • Responsible governance of natural resources
  • Collaborative policy and practice
  • Economic growth and the way forward

Bringing together some of Australia’s most influential and engaging leaders from the water, agricultural and energy sectors, the Forum presents a unique opportunity to share inter-related expertise. This multi-sectoral event enables attendees to build relationships outside their traditional industry and workshop new ways of balancing the nexus.

View forum website for further information and to download preliminary program