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Common gut bacteria could treat food allergies

ScienceAlert Fiona MacDonald 27 August 2014

New research from the University of Chicago in the US shows that a class of bacteria known as Clostridia can block peanut allergies in mice, and suggests it could be used to treat similar conditions in humans.
Clostridia is one of the types of bacteria killed off by antibiotic use in early childhood, and this research supports the emerging theory that increased antibiotic use is one of the factors that has caused food allergies in kids to rise by 50% since 1997.

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Researchers discover why Listeria bacterium is so hard to fight

EurekAlert 27-Aug-2014

Listeria is a dreaded bacterium that can be found in both unprocessed and processed foods. Over the last few weeks, 28 persons in Denmark have been infected with Listeria from processed food, sold in supermarkets. 13 have died.
The bacterium is notoriously difficult to fight because it has an almost uncanny ability to adapt to changes in its surroundings, says Associate Professor Birgitte Kallipolitis, University of Southern Denmark. Together with colleagues from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, she has published a study, which in details reveals how this extreme ability to adapt takes place.
The researchers tested how Listeria reacts when it is exposed to a number of substances that can normally fight pathogenic bacteria. In the laboratory, Listeria was exposed to antibiotics, bile, salt, acid and ethanol, similar to what it often encounters in food, in the human body and during disinfection.

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Ritzy Marina Mirage restaurant Saks fined $15,000 for 26 breaches including being caught with live and dead cockroaches in kitchen

Gold Coast Bulletin August 27, 2014 Leah Fineran

A RITZY Gold Coast restaurant been fined $15,000 after being caught with cockroaches, a dirty kitchen and poor food safety standards.

Saks Restaurant and Bar at Marina Mirage pleaded guilty to failing the food standards code with 26 breaches late last year.  Continue reading…

Update 28 August 2014

New food packaging could be toxic and should be regulated, says Friends of the Earth

Sydney Morning Herald, August 27, 2014  Esther Han

New packaging technology created to improve the shelf life of food is potentially toxic and should be regulated, an environmental group has warned.

Is MSG bad for you? Debunking a long-running food myth (video)

(American Chemical Society 25 August 2014) Few ingredients come with as much baggage as monosodium glutamate. More commonly known as MSG, the compound has had a bad reputation for nearly 50 years, so we at Reactions felt it was time to clear its name. In this week’s video, we debunk MSG myths and explain why the scientific consensus is that this flavor enhancer, known for its savory umami flavor, is perfectly safe for the vast majority of people.

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Acrylamide exposure impairs blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function

(Neural Regeneration Research 24 August 2014) Acrylamide exposure impairs blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function.

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Creepy crawlies in kitchen put exclusive Main Beach Saks restaurant in hot water

Courier Mail Neil Doorley 25 August 2014

COUNCIL food safety inspectors have allegedly uncovered dead and live cockroaches in the kitchen of one of the Gold Coast’s ritziest restaurants.  Court documents reveal cockroaches were found in the dry goods storage area and near the pizza ovens at Saks restaurant at Main Beach.

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