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Food poisoning ‘more a concern than terror at G20’

The Australian Business Review Sarah Elks 10 November 2014

QUEENSLAND’S top doctor says she’s more worried about a mass food poisoning event than a terror attack at this weekend’s G20 leaders’ summit in Brisbane. Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young  said Queensland Health had run two training exercises in preparation for the event.

One of the exercises a simulated mass outbreak of vomiting and diarrhoea, and the other faked a “mass casualty”.  Dr Young said the biggest threat was “raw egg mayonnaise”.

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Concerns over chemical regulations in TPP trade talks

ABC Rural Lucy Barbour 10 November 2014

An agricultural economist is concerned that Australia might be under pressure from the United States to water down its chemical regulations, as part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Farmers in the United States currently have access to a wider range of chemicals, and the maximum residue levels permitted are higher than those allowed in Australia.

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Hepatitis A warning for people who ate at Beach Chalet, Sunrise Beach

Courier Mail Janelle Miles 7 November 2014

A FOOD handler at a Sunshine Coast café has triggered a hepatitis A alert. Diners who ate at the Beach Chalet Shop in Tingira Crescent, Sunrise Beach, between October 10 and November 1 are advised to see a general practitioner.

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University professor says cane toads should be Australia’s next gourmet cuisine export … and yes they taste like chicken apparently

News Limited Geoff Chambers 10 November 2014

In his latest research paper, Southern Cross University Professor Philip Hayward has outlined the economic and health benefits of a regulated toad industry.  Prof Hayward, who has eaten frog in Vietnam and Indonesia, will present his research on adding toad to Australian cuisine at a regional food conference in Byron Bay this month.

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Farmers seek coal seam gas ban

Courier Mail Brian Williams 10 November 2014

Lockyer Valley Regional Council has urged residents to fight coal seam gas exploration in their prime vegetable producing area, saying CSG will destroy the region’s farms.

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Woolworths recalls cereal over glass fears

Sydney Morning Herald AAP 8 November 2014

Woolworths has recalled a batch of Homebrand Honey Poppas with fears the cereal could be contaminated by glass.

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Sunshine Coast camel dairy milking untapped natural resource

ABC News Elise Worthington 8 November 2014

A Queensland dairy has just received Safe Food accreditation to sell pasteurised camel milk to the public from their Sunshine Coast farm.  Ms Brisbane said she studied the nutritional benefits of both types of camel milk before the dairy was approved to sell pasteurised milk.

The fresh camel milk will be sold direct to the public in the coming weeks.

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