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A forensic examination

Sydney Morning Herald Wendy Frew, UTS 16 September 2014

A senior lecturer and forensic anatomist at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Dr Meiya Sutisno has been examining an Egyptian mummy at the Australian Museum with the help of PhD, Honours and undergraduate forensic biology students

Researchers develop improved means of detecting mismatched DNA

Science Codex John Hopkins Medicine 15 September 2014

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have identified a highly sensitive means of analyzing very tiny amounts of DNA. The discovery, they say, could increase the ability of forensic scientists to match genetic material in some criminal investigations.

It could also prevent the need for a painful, invasive test given to transplant patients at risk of rejecting their donor organs and replace it with a blood test that reveals traces of donor DNA.

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Jury finds brothers guilty in golf clubs assault

Daily Mercury Ross Irby 16 September 2014

A JURY has found Mackay brothers Blair and Joel Zemek guilty of assault causing bodily harm, while armed and in company, to Andrew Turner in a business workshed.  A search by police of a Zemek family home located a pair of boots.  A forensic test revealed that a blood stain on a boot matched the DNA of Mr Turner.

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Stradbroke Island death not likely suspicious: police

Brisbane Times Kristian Silva 16 September 2014

Police investigating the death of a man whose body was found on South Stradbroke Island say the incident does not appear to be suspicious.  A post mortem will be carried out on Tuesday, with investigators working to track down the man’s next of kin to complete a formal identification.

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Extension granted for trial in the murder of Korean student Min Tae Kim

Courier Mail Kate Mckenna 16 September 2014

POLICE have been granted an additional six weeks to gather evidence in the murder of Korean exchange student Min Tae Kim – including statements relating to telecommunications, “tool imprints” around the gravesite, and “maggots near the body”.  Prosecutor Christopher Pell there were “450 or so” DNA samples to be tested. Of those, only 100 samples had been tested. The decision was made not to test the rest.

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IntegenX Announces Advancements in Forensic DNA Technology to Help Solve Crimes Faster

Newsmaker 9 September 2014

IntegenX Inc., the market leader in Rapid Human DNA identification technology, announced today the publication of two studies in the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics. The first study evaluated the suitability of the RapidHIT System for analysis of buccal samples, such as those typically collected in arrestee testing. In this study, the RapidHIT demonstrated 100% concordance with known DNA profiles in forensic laboratories.

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Police stumped after heavily tattooed mystery man washed ashore South Stradbroke Island over the weekend

Gold Coast Bulletin Suzanne Simohot 15 September 2014

The deceased man was discovered by a City of Gold Coast ranger on the beach about 5km north of the Gold Coast Seaway, on the ocean side of the island east of North Currigee, about 7.30am.

Det Supt Swan said an initial examination by the Forensic Medical Officer indicated no signs of injury or foul play.

He said police would await the results of a post mortem to be conducted this week.

He said initial investigations indicated the man had been dead for at least five days.

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