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Forensic Science International: Genetics – Table of contents

Forensic Science International: Genetics

January 2015, volume 14

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Police find body in the Brisbane River

Brisbane Times October 21, 2014 Kristian Silva

Police have found the body of 21-year-old Ben Reddich who went missing in the Brisbane River two days ago.

New research software automates DNA analysis

EurekAlert 20 October 2014

Ottawa, CANADA – October 20, 2014 – At the core of medical research is problem-solving, which is exactly what two PhD scientists did when they set out to eliminate a common, time-consuming task performed in research laboratories around the world.

Bruno Fonseca, PhD scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute and Riu Liu, PhD scientist at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom) collaborated over the past four years to develop a software tool that automates the design of primers for site-directed mutagenesis. Their new software program is called PrimerGenesis.

“We’ve automated a Nobel-prize winning research technique,” says Bruno Fonseca, co-creator of the software. “Genome sequencing yields vast amounts of data on disease-causing mutations in DNA. Investigating each mutation by a common practice called site-directed mutagenesis is a laborious and time-consuming task. There’s an appetite for automating this task in the field of molecular biology research, so it’s been rewarding to develop this software.”

Generating mutations in a gene typically requires a researcher to manually design a small strip of DNA called “primer”. Instead of counting individual nucleotides within a strip of DNA, this time-consuming task can be completed computationally in a matter of seconds by using this new software program.

“We’ve aimed to make it as user-friendly as possible,” said Rui Liu, co-creator of PrimerGenesis. “The software is extremely versatile and can be widely applied; yes, it can be used to generate mutations but it can also be used to introduce specific tags upstream or downstream of a gene.”

PrimerGenesis is free and available globally without registration or download requirements at: or

Update – Operation Lima Glitter, Rockhampton

Qld Police Media October 15, 2014

Police investigating the suspected murder of Chantal Barnett and Robert Martinez have located items of interest during a recent search at Depot Hill.
The search was conducted at a property at Depot Hill on October 11 with the assistance of SES volunteers.
Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Moon, Officer in Charge of Rockhampton CIB, describes the items that were found during the search as being items of significance to the investigation.

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Breakthrough in Coomera murder case

Gold Coast Bulletin 10 October 2014

POLICE are searching a Surfers Paradise house in relation to the murder of Coomera man Mark “Zeb’’ Spencer.

Police confirmed they would execute a crime scene warrant at a house at Salerno Drive regarding the murder of Mr Spencer at his Foxwell Road property at Coomera on October 1.  Police said the occupants of the Surfers Paradise house were assisting police with their inquiries.  They will forensically examine the premises over the next few days.

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Australian MH17 crash victim ‘had time to put oxygen mask on’

ABC News Barbara Miller 10 October 2014

One of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash was found wearing an oxygen mask, raising the possibility that some passengers may have been conscious as the aircraft went down in eastern Ukraine.  Prosecutors said the victim’s family was informed at the time, but relatives of other victims were not.

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Body found in Windsor park

Brisbane Times Kristian Silva October 10, 2014

A badly decomposed body found in a park north of Brisbane is believed to be that of a man in his 50’s, police say.
Police are not treating the death as suspicious.
They believe the body had been in the park off Lutwyche Road in Windsor “for some time”.
A woman reported the find to police at 6.15am on Friday.