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‘Casual attitude’ to vCJD warning

BBC News 23 July 2014

The government has developed a “casual attitude” to the human form of “mad cow disease”, MPs have warned.  The Science and Technology Committee said the low incidence of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) was being “used as justification for inaction”.  The committee highlighted concerns around the risk of contamination in blood donation and during surgery.

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Fatal traffic incident, Arundel

QPS News 28 July 2014

A man believed to be 40 years old has been killed after being struck by a car at Arundel overnight.

Around 8.15pm, a car travelling east along Smith Street collided with the male pedestrian.  The man suffered serious injuries and was transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital where he later died.  An 18-year-old female driver and sole occupant of the car, was not physically injured during the incident.

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Gympie headless torso accused announced engagement to victim on Facebook

Courier Mail Kathleen Donaghey 26 July 2014

Police will allege Ms Williams murdered Mr Gerbic in his Tanawha home, cutting off his head, legs and hands before dumping his partial torso an hour away.  A thorough search of Mr Gerbic’s estate, which ended yesterday, has failed to uncover the slain man’s head and missing legs and hands.

Detective Inspector Bruce McNab said police had uncovered “several” items of interest that could form evidence.  Police also removed internal walls of the house to test for body fluid.

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Brisbane mum dies undergoing stem cell therapy in Russia

Brisbane Times Natalie Bochenski, Anne-Louise Brown 28 July 2014

Supporters of a Brisbane mother of two who died while undergoing a controversial stem cell treatment in Russia say it did not cause her death, nor have others been discouraged from seeking it.  Her husband Mark said she died of a heart attack on July 19.

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MH17 crash site off limits

Sydney Morning Herald Paul McGeough, Heath Aston 27 July 2014

Violence around the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 forced Australian and Dutch investigators to remain in their hotel on Sunday, despite Malaysia announcing  it had reached a deal for unfettered access.

The AFP released a statement late on Sunday confirming that the mission had been postponed.  Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said overnight on Sunday that Australia was still determined to send unarmed police to the MH17 crash site despite the fresh violence in the area.

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‘Uncovered remains’ highlight need to secure MH17 site: Abbott  (ABC News)

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says human remains are still at the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash site more than a week after the disaster, highlighting the urgent need for an international force to secure the area.

Grieving relatives at MH17 site as Dutch, Australia ready troops  (Channel News Asia)

The Dutch government, which is in charge of identifying the remains found at the site, said that forensic experts had confirmed the identity the first victim on Saturday, one of 193 Dutch citizens who had been on board.

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Coroner delivers findings on Mossman Gorge drowning

Brisbane Times Kim Stephens 26 July 2014

The body of a young Taiwanese man who drowned in a Far North Queensland gorge remained floating at the popular tourist attraction for more than four hours as a communications blackspot inhibited emergency services in their retrieval effort, an inquest has revealed.

Cairns coroner Jane Bentley this month delivered her findings into the death of 28-year-old Che-Wei Su, who was swept into rapids by a strong current while attempting to cross Mossman Gorge, in the Daintree National Park, in February.

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Police cordon at highrise after death

Gold Coast Bulletin Shaya LKaughlin 25 July 2014

A police spokesman said there was no suspicious circumstances to the cause of the death at the luxurious Soul building near the beachfront.

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Rachel’s parents condemn witness silence

Townsville Bulletin Samantha Healy 26 July 2014

THE parents of missing Bowen schoolgirl Rachel Antonio believe their daughter might still be alive if witnesses who gave evidence concerning her wellbeing in the months leading up to her disappearance had approached them 16 years ago.  The inquest has been adjourned until September 1.

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Fatal traffic crash, Brisbane City

QPS News 28 July 2014

Police are investigating after a man died following a two vehicle crash involving a motorcycle in Brisbane City last night.   The rider, a 47-year-old Cornubia man was transported to the Royal Brisbane Hospital where he later died.

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Death investigation, Cairns

QPS News 26 July 2014

Police are investigating after a man fell from a multi-storey building in Cairns this morning.  The man died at the scene.

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