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Two South Kolan properties still in hendra virus lockdown

ABC News Frances Adcock 16 April 2014

Biosecurity Queensland says two rural properties near Bundaberg in the state’s south remain quarantined after a hendra virus outbreak last month.

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Southern Qld hendra case puts neighbours on alert

ABC News Frances Adcock 20 March 2014

Horse owners in Queensland’s Wide Bay region say cost is preventing them from vaccinating their horses against the deadly hendra virus.
Queensland Health is assessing if a vet, the owners and animals from a property on the outskirts of Bundaberg came into contact with a horse infected with hendra virus.

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PLOS’ New Data Policy: Public Access to Data

PLOS Blogs Liz Silva 24 February 2014

Access to research results, immediately and without restriction, has always been at the heart of PLOS’ mission and the wider Open Access movement. However, without similar access to the data underlying the findings, the article can be of limited use. For this reason, PLOS has always required that authors make their data available to other academic researchers who wish to replicate, reanalyze, or build upon the findings published in our journals.

In an effort to increase access to this data, we are now revising our data-sharing policy for all PLOS journals: authors must make all data publicly available, without restriction, immediately upon publication of the article. Beginning March 3rd, 2014, all authors who submit to a PLOS journal will be asked to provide a Data Availability Statement, describing where and how others can access each dataset that underlies the findings. This Data Availability Statement will be published on the first page of each article.

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Bat attack cases trebled in 2013

The Courier Mail Janelle Miles 8 January 2014

ALMOST 500 Queenslanders reported being bitten or scratched by bats last year – about three times 2012 figures.

The huge jump in people seeking post-exposure prevention therapy for potential Australian Bat Lyssavirus follows the death last February of eight-year-old Lincoln Flynn from the rabies-like disease.

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Horseowners still taking hendra virus risks in Hinchinbrook

Townsville Bulletin Daniel Bateman 23 Cecember 2013

A NORTH Queensland vet says still not enough horseowners are preventing Hendra virus from harming others by vaccinating their horses.

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Charters Towers Regional Council war on bats may not be long-term fix

Townsville Bulletin Matthew Dunn 11 December 2013

AS Charters Towers Regional Council use everything in their arsenal for the next week to ensure they are victorious in their war against roosting bats, wildlife carers warn that scaring the mammals is not a long-term fix.

Mayor Frank Beveridge said council was forced to call in two helicopters, smoke machines, paintball guns, lawnmowers and fireworks ­after other measures failed to frighten away the colony of black and red flying foxes in Lissner Park.

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Vet takes stance against horses not vaccinated against hendra virus

ABC News Melissa Maddison 9 December 2013

A north Queensland veterinary clinic says its staff will no longer be treating sick horses that are not protected against hendra virus.  Dr Mark Williams from the Orchid Valley Clinic in Proserpine says the vaccine has been available for 12 months and horse owners should be taking responsibility for their health.

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International conference launched to mark centenary of HK Government Laboratory

2 December 2013

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, the Government Laboratory today (December 2) launched a four-day international conference bringing together distinguished experts in metrology, quality assurance, analytical chemistry and forensic science from around the world to share their innovative ideas,knowledge and latest scientific developments.

Scientific sessions and workshops will be held for participants to discuss international collaborative efforts to strengthen and raise scientific standards, challenges faced by scientists worldwide and innovations to prepare for the future.

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Councils allowed to shoot native flying foxes 3 December 2013

THE State Government will allow councils to shoot flying foxes in suburbs, prompting a scientist to label the move ­ignorant and potentially dangerous.

Previously only farmers had been allowed lethal mitigation permits.

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Fruit bats harbour more deadly viruses

BBC News Rebecca Morelle 19 November 2013

Bats harbour more deadly viruses than was previously thought, scientists say.
Researchers have found that henipaviruses, which spread to other animals and humans, and a disease that is similar to rabies are widespread in a species of fruit bat found in Africa.

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