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WHO revises global tuberculosis estimate up by 500,000

BBC news 22 October 2014

In 2013 nine million people had developed TB around the world, up from 8.6 million in 2012, the WHO said.

However, the number of people dying from TB continued to decline, it added.

TB campaigners said that one of the biggest problems in tackling the deadly disease was gauging how many people were affected.

About 1.5 million people had died in 2013 from TB, including 360,000 people who had been HIV positive, the WHO said in its Global Tuberculosis Report 2014. And in 2012, there had been 1.3 million tuberculosis deaths.

One-third of injury reports linked with cosmetics

Brisbane Times October 22, 2014 Esther Han

Thousands of Australians are being injured by mislabelled and poor-quality products, with one-third of injury reports made to the consumer watchdog in the past year relating to cosmetics.

Tuberculosis cluster: Torres Strait islanders ‘kept in the dark’ about Yam Island cases

ABC News Andree Withey 16 October 2014

A tuberculosis cluster has been identified on Yam Island in the Torres Strait by Queensland Health but locals were not informed.
Local Councillor Getano Lui said he was horrified the Yam Island community of about 360 people had not been told about the discovery.

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Drink again: report favours recycled water

Sydney Morning Herald  October 15, 2014  Peter Trute

Australians are likely to drink recycled water at some point in the future, with a new report showing industry professionals overwhelmingly support reusing treated sewage to ensure supplies remain secure.

Water experts are also worried about the rise of coal seam gas, with most saying they believe CSG will pose a challenge in managing water resources.  Continue reading…

Queensland’s tuberculosis treatment protocols to be reviewed

The Brisbane Times  October 15, 2014  Amy Remeikis

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg has ordered a review of how tuberculosis patients are tracked and treated, after becoming concerned that “scores” of suspected carriers are not being properly traced.

Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis has reached a crisis point in Papua New Guinea.   Continue reading…

Computerized surveillance system quickly detects disease outbreaks among preschoolers

(American Academy of Pediatrics 10 October 2014) A web-based system that allows preschools and child care centers to report illnesses to local public health departments could improve the detection of disease outbreaks and allow resources to be mobilized more quickly, according to new research.

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First Australian dies from drug resistant tuberculosis

Brisbane Times Amy Remeikis 14 October 2014

Queensland Health has confirmed the first death of an Australian citizen from complications related to multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.  The 32-year-old Torres Strait Islander woman died on September 29 after being admitted to hospital on September 23.  She had been a “close connection” of another Torres Strait Islander woman who died from MDR TB at the Cairns Hospital in April 2013.

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