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Criminal evidence (inc. adhesive tape, rope, soil, trace evidence, fibres, textiles, dyes, poisons, fertilisers) in relation to homicide, suicide, sexual assault, break & enter, hit & run etc.
Includes explosives, IEDs (Improvised explosive devices) oil spills and comparisons, physical evidence examination

Spotlight on forensics

ABC Brisbane Radio 612 Interview 18 September 2014

Forensic science has never been so glamorous.
Crime shows like CSI, NCIS, Bones and Sherlock have helped make the science behind crime busting intriguing.
Which is probably a double-edged sword for real scientists….it’s great to have some professional acknowledgement but it gets a little frustrating hearing “but they did it on CSI”.
Wikipedia actually names the term the “CSI effect”, also known as the “CSI infection” or “CSI syndrome” – which refers to the impact the exaggerated potrayal of forensic science has on public perception.
So what’s it really like to be a forensic scientist, and what exactly do they do?
Kelly spoke to Greg Shaw (pictured), the Director of Forensic and Scientific Services for Queensland Health. She also spoke to Dr Bradley Schatz, a forensic computer scientist.

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Gold Coast explosion: Man suffers burns to 80pc of his body

ABC News Tom Forbes,  Charmaine King 16 September 2014

A man has suffered burns to 80 per cent of his body following an explosion in a Gold Coast townhouse.

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Explosion, Robina – QPS News

Man burned in blast at house –  Courier Mail

Terrorism less dangerous than what lurks in our backyard: Bomb squad member James Law 16 September 2014

A police sergeant from Queensland Police’s Ordnance Response Team said people making homemade explosives were much more of a concern than terrorism on a day-to-day basis for his squad.

The G20 conference in Brisbane is likely to be a busy time for the Queensland Ordnance Response Unit, with its members tasked with sweeping all that buildings that leaders and dignitaries will visit.

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Extension granted for trial in the murder of Korean student Min Tae Kim

Courier Mail Kate Mckenna 16 September 2014

POLICE have been granted an additional six weeks to gather evidence in the murder of Korean exchange student Min Tae Kim – including statements relating to telecommunications, “tool imprints” around the gravesite, and “maggots near the body”.  Prosecutor Christopher Pell there were “450 or so” DNA samples to be tested. Of those, only 100 samples had been tested. The decision was made not to test the rest.

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Coomera fire bomb destroys cars

Gold Coast Bulletin 15 September 2014

POLICE are investigating after two cars and a trailer were destroyed in what appears to be a fire bombing at Coomera overnight.

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Update – fatal house fire, Pelican Waters

QPS News 13 September 2014

Investigators searching a house at Pelican Waters following a fire earlier this morning have discovered human remains.

Police had been called to the house at Archer Court around 5am after receiving reports of a fire.  The deceased is yet to be identified.

A 77-year-old man was taken to hospital this morning for treatment of burns and smoke inhalation.  The house remains a crime scene with investigations into the cause of the fire continuing.

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Molotov cocktail sparks shop blaze

Gold Coast Bulletin

A LABRADOR restaurant has gone up in flames after a molotov cocktail was reportedly thrown through the window early this morning.

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