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WATCH: Chemistry has never looked so good

ScienceAlert Australia Bec Crew 25 August 2014

Created as part of a collaboration between the Institute of Advanced Technology at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and Tsinghua University Press, this video is a taste of things to come in an upcoming project known simply as Beautiful Chemistry. While the team has so far given out very little information about their project, other than this video and a follow-up posted below, all will no doubt be revealed next month when it’s scheduled to launch.

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Revolutionary handheld DNA diagnostic unit allows lab-quality analysis in the field

(University of Otago 25 August 2014) A revolutionary handheld and battery-powered DNA diagnostic device invented at New Zealand’s University of Otago is poised to become a commonly used field tool for rapidly detecting suspected viruses or bacteria in samples while also determining the level of infection. It  also has many other potential uses, such as border security, forensics or environmental monitoring.

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Good health comes down to your postcode, your education and your income 20 August 2014


YOUR postcode, your education and your income can have as much influence on your health as your genes a conference in Canberra will be told today.

And there is a push for doctors to screen for poverty as a health indicator in the same way they test blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Q Fever vaccine crusader Professor Barrie Marmion remembered as ‘patient but persistent’ microbiologist

ABC News Prue Adams 20 August 2014

The man responsible for the introduction and use of the world’s only Q Fever vaccine has died at home at the age of 94.

Professor Barrie Marmion, a microbiologist and acclaimed academic, spent much of his working life studying the debilitating effects of Q Fever, a disease contracted by thousands of people the world over, most of them living in rural areas and dealing with livestock.

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Sloppy practices by CDC scientist cited in lab mishap

USA Today Alison Young 15 August 2014

Sloppy lab practices by an experienced but overworked scientist rushing to get to a noon meeting is likely how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cross-contaminated a specimen of a benign bird flu virus with a dangerous strain that can kill people, according to an internal agency investigation released Friday.

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Australian researchers make microscopes 20 times more sensitive

ScienceAlert Australia Bec Crew 17 August 2014

A team at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra has used lasers to chill the tiny nanowire probe inside their atomic-force microscope to achieve greater sensitivity for viewing the tiniest of objects.

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Rise in antibiotic resistance could hit GP treatments, researchers warn

ABC News 18 August 2014The latest jump in antibiotic resistance across Australia could leave doctors with fewer treatment options, researchers have warned.  A national study carried out by Professor Turnidge and his team has confirmed antibiotic-resistant strains of disease-causing bacteria, such as E.coli, are rising steadily.
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