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‘Safe’ pollution levels not so safe: QUT researcher

Brisbane Times October 1, 2014

Increased pollution levels still classified as “safe” will kill 6000 Australians, a Queensland pollution expert has warned.

How Ebola started, spread and spiralled out of control

The Conversation Ian Mackay, Heather Lander, Katherine Arden 25 September 2014

Too slow. Too little, too late. Unprecedented. Out of control. These are just some of the descriptors for the biggest recorded epidemic of human infection by an ebolavirus.  How did it happen?

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Science graduates are not that hot at maths – but why?

The Conversation Kelly E Matthews 29 September 2014

Quantitative skills are the bread and butter of science. More than calculating right answers, quantitative skills are defined by applying mathematical and statistical reasoning to scientific and everyday problems.

But at two Group of Eight universities, 40% of final year science students reported low levels of confidence in quantitative skills. We know what students think, but what can they do?

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CSI Brisbane: More chemists wanted

ABC News | 612 ABC Brisbane Jessica Hinchcliffe 22 September 2014

The state’s main forensic testing lab hopes more students who dream of becoming crime scene investigators study chemistry to help keep Queensland at the forefront of the science.

Queensland Health’s director of forensic and scientific services Greg Shaw told 612 ABC Brisbane’s Kelly Higgins-Devine that many students are interested in forensic science, but adverse to studying pure chemistry.

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This air purifier is 1,000% more effective than a house plant

ScienceAlert Australia Fiona Macdonald 17 September 2014

A designer and scientist have teamed up to create a plant-based air purifier that uses technology to speed up plants’ natural filtration ability.

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Ageing of Australia’s scientists creating a void in nation’s future research workforce

Sydney Morning Herald Nicky Phillips 20 September 2014

The pioneering Australian IVF and stem cell scientist Alan Trounson has warned of a “catastrophic event” in Australian science unless more is done to support early career scientists and prevent them leaving research in droves.

The system of awarding public money to researchers disproportionately funds older, more established scientists over early and mid-career researchers, who are less experienced but are the country’s future science leaders and medical experts.

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Big business urged to get into bed with science sector

The Australian 17 September 2014

THE federal government has called on big business and the ­science sector to collaborate more closely with small-to-medium ­enterprises to help deliver sophisticated, high value-added products and services on the global stage.

In an interview for The Australian and GE’s Powering Australia series, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said it was important for industry to make greater use of scientific know-how to drive ­innovation, and encouraging collaboration would be the centrepiece of future industry policy.