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INCLUDES Measles; Smallpox; Virus genotyping; Hepatitis – all; Waterborne virus (Norovirus, Rotavirus), population health, communicable diseases, gastrointestinal disease outbreaks.
EXCLUDES Lyssavirus, Hendra, Influenza or Vectorborne diseases

Brisbane’s southside lags in vaccination take-up rates

Courier Mail Laura Chalmers 17 April 2014

WIDE discrepancies in vaccination rates are occurring across Brisbane with pockets of Brisbane’s south recording levels as low as 86 per cent, compared to 96 per cent in parts of Brisbane’s north.  Across the state, the vaccination rate is estimated by Queensland Health to be 91.5 per cent.

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How coughs and sneezes float farther than you think

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology 8 April 2014) A novel study uncovers the way coughs and sneezes stay airborne for long distances.

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Federal Health Department plan to send out vaccination reminder letters

Courier Mail Laura Chalmers 15 April 2014

PARENTS of children who are overdue for vaccination at one, two and five years of age will automatically receive reminder letters, in a measure to be introduced to boost immunisation rates.

The Federal Health Department is working on a proposal – to be implemented as early as December – to automatically generate mail to any parent who falls behind on their child’s immunisation schedule.

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Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young The Courier-Mail push to improve Queensland vaccination rates

Courier Mail Laura Chalmers 14 April 2014

THE State’s top medical officer says parents are being duped into not vaccinating their children by groups working with “unfounded and debunked” material.

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McCaffery family back push for greater vaccination rates across Queensland following the death of precious daughter Dana

Miracle escape for baby Hugo

Melbourne hosts world conference on AIDS Grant McArthur  Herald Sun April 09, 2014

RESEARCH to be unveiled in Melbourne soon could take the world a step closer to curing AIDS, the scientist who first discovered HIV believes.
With a “proof of concept” to permanently shut down HIV emerging, Professor Francoise Barre-Sinoussi believes the bringing together of the world’s best researchers in Melbourne during July will signal huge breakthroughs for patients across the world.
As president of the International AIDS Society, Prof Barre-Sinoussi is in Melbourne this week helping finalise the AIDS 2014 program, evaluating the scientific breakthroughs that will be unveiled to the 14,000 delegates as well as the waiting world.

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Ebola outbreak ‘most challenging’ as Guinea deaths pass 100

BBC news 8 April 2014

The number of people believed to have been killed by the Ebola virus in Guinea has passed 100, the UN World Health Organization says.

It was “one of the most challenging Ebola outbreaks we have ever dealt with” and could take another four months to contain, the WHO said.

The virus had now killed 101 people in Guinea and 10 in Liberia, it said.

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Health Minister Lawrence Springborg set to block `conscientious objection’ excuse for vaccination refusers

The Courier Mail Sarah Vogler Laura Chalmers 9 April 2014

PARENTS would find it more difficult to become “conscientious objectors’’ to vaccination, under a proposal to health ministers by Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg.

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Enhancing the immune response through next generation polymeric vaccine adjuvants

(World Scientific 2 April 2014) Adjuvants, such as aluminum salts, have been integrated into vaccines for more than 70 years to augment the body’s immune response to pathogens. Adjuvants are especially necessary to boost the immune response for subunit vaccines. However, conventional adjuvants are limited by their toxicity and limited cellular immune responses. Polymeric adjuvants in the form of nanoparticles, matrices or micelles have the ability to prompt strong adaptive immune responses without sacrificing biocompatibility.

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HIV home test kits given go-ahead

BBC News Pippa Stephens 6 April 2014

Kits allowing people to test themselves for HIV at home can be bought over the counter in the UK for the first time – but no kits exist yet in Britain.  The change in the law means it is now legal for people to test and diagnose themselves at home.

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Race to contain 400 Ebola carriers

The Australian Jerome Starkey The Times April 03, 2014

DOCTORS and heath officials are racing to find almost 400 people who could be spreading one of the world’s deadliest contagious diseases as the number of confirmed cases across three countries in West Africa rose to 127 yesterday.
At least 83 people have died from Ebola in the latest outbreak. There is no known cure for the disease, which is spread through bodily fluids, causes massive internal bleeding and has a death rate of up to 90 per cent.

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