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Brisbane waterways in poor heath

Brisbane Times Tony Moore 22 October 2014

Brisbane, you have a drinking problem.

The release of the 2014 Healthy Waterways report card contains the same major water supply lesson for Southeast Queensland that it did last year.

And the year before.

Drink again: report favours recycled water

Sydney Morning Herald  October 15, 2014  Peter Trute

Australians are likely to drink recycled water at some point in the future, with a new report showing industry professionals overwhelmingly support reusing treated sewage to ensure supplies remain secure.

Water experts are also worried about the rise of coal seam gas, with most saying they believe CSG will pose a challenge in managing water resources.  Continue reading…

The US, South Africa and Australia are turning wastewater into drinking water

The Guardian Stuart Khan 14 October 2014

Water stressed cities are importing water and investing in desalination plants. Could treating sewage plant wastewater offer a local, energy-efficient way of securing water supply?  An alternative opportunity is to reclaim the water that we discharge from sewage treatment plants and treat that to a quality suitable for safe human consumption.

Dr Stuart Khan is associate professor at the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales

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Download the ATSE Report – Drinking Water through Recycling.

Dog waste contaminates our waterways: A new test could reveal how big the problem is

(American Chemical Society 1 October 2014) Americans love their dogs, but they don’t always love to pick up after them. And that’s a problem. Dog feces left on the ground wash into waterways, sometimes carrying bacteria — including antibiotic-resistant strains — that can make people sick. Now scientists have developed a new genetic test to figure out how much dogs are contributing to this health concern, according to a report in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology.

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Hospital bungle led to toddler’s death

Townsville Bulletin | Cairns Post Daniel Bateman 7 October 2014

THE coroner is expected to hold an inquest into the death of a boy whose illness was misdiagnosed and not treated properly by medical staff at Mount Isa Hospital. Kesler Lee James, 5, passed away at the hospital on February 25, 2012 after suffering from a respiratory disease.

Forensic medical officer Dr Leslie Griffiths, wrote Kesler’s treatment in Townsville was “appropriate and in accordance with guidelines for the diagnosis and management of acute rheumatic fever.”

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Water-Energy-Food Nexus Forum – Conference Alert

The Ship Inn, Brisbane, 26 November 2014

The demand on water resources across the energy, agricultural and urban water sectors is ever increasing, and is a constant challenge in managing sustainable water supply.

Instead of working independently, a more coherent approach is needed to develop workable solutions to the myriad challenges faced by these industries. Businesses together with government, NGOs, academia and civil society can and should play a role in this new understanding.

The Forum will focus on three key themes of the water-energy-food nexus:

  • Responsible governance of natural resources
  • Collaborative policy and practice
  • Economic growth and the way forward

Bringing together some of Australia’s most influential and engaging leaders from the water, agricultural and energy sectors, the Forum presents a unique opportunity to share inter-related expertise. This multi-sectoral event enables attendees to build relationships outside their traditional industry and workshop new ways of balancing the nexus.

View forum website for further information and to download preliminary program

AWA National Operations Conference – Conference Alert

28-30 October 2014, Cairns Convention Centre

 Affordability, liveability and sensitivity – operations in the twenty teens.

With the tightening of funds for water operations nationally, it is imperative that we innovate and optimise the way we work like never before. This will ensure we continue to provide best value for money for our customers, while not reducing our quality standards.

With the 2014 Conference being held in Cairns and the mounting damage of the nearby Great Barrier Reef as a reminder, we are taking a strong focus on the environmental obligation in the sustainability of our operations. As emerging industries come to fruition, e.g. mining, agribusiness and tourism, we need to ensure the future national prosperity is balanced carefully with sustainable water usage and environmental protection.

View conference website for further information and to download draft program

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