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Home-birthing pools recalled after baby falls ill with legionnaires’ disease

The Guardian UK Alexandra Topping 2 July 2014

Hired home-birthing pools across the country have been recalled and hire companies put under scrutiny after a baby born using one of the heated pools developed legionnaires’ disease.

The NHS and Public Health England (PHE) have banned certain types of home-birthing pools until further notice, after the child – who remains in hospital with severe pneumonia – became unwell.

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Scientists blast Abbott government water policies

Brisbane Tiems Peter Hannam 30 June 2014

Leading scientists have blasted the Abbott government’s decision to scrap key bodies overseeing water reforms amid plunging reservoir levels, a looming El Nino and the longer-range threat posed by climate change.

The government said in the federal budget it would scrap the previously bipartisan-backed National Water Commission set up by the Howard government, and last year cut COAG’s Standing Council on Environment and Water.

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Would You Drink Recycled Water? Exploring Options for SE QLD’s Future Water Supply

free Public Event to be held 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Qld State Library (Auditorium 2) Cultural Centre, South Bank.

•What role do different water sources play in securing a sustainable, long-term
water supply across a rapidly growing region such as SE Queensland?
•Is the infrastructure in a state where it could be rapidly deployed if needed?
•Should recycled water play a greater role in our water supply?

This meeting – sponsored by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering –  takes the form of brief introductions to these questions by an expert panel followed by a facilitated discussion with the audience and panel members.

Panel Members

Ms Leith Boully {Commissioner, National Water Commission;  Chair of Health Waterways Ltd and the Australian Centre of Excellence for Water Recycling)

Prof Jurg Keller (Director, Advanced Water Management Centre at UQ)

Dr Stuart Khan (Lead author of Drinking water through recycling: the benefits and costs of supplying direct to the distribution system)

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Please register at

Enquiries:  Email or Telephone: 03 9864 0924 OR 0429 613 811

NSW Government examining reports by the Independent Chief Scientist and Engineer

NSW Minister for Resources and Energy; Special Minister of State. Media Release 3 June 2014

Minister for Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts, said the NSW Government is examining two reports it has received from the independent NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Professor Mary O’Kane. Mr Roberts said the first report, Cumulative Impacts on ground and surface water in the Sydney Water Catchment, analysed the impacts of activities in the Sydney Water Catchment, in particular the impact of long wall mining and coal seam gas activities.

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View Report by NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer

A tsunami and no water to drink: how disaster inspired lifesaving invention

The Guardian UK Shane Hickey 2 June 2014

Handheld water filtration system used by hill walkers, British soldiers in Afghanistan, and communities in the developing world is described.

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Scientists turn manure into water

ScienceAlert Australia 1 June 2014

Would you drink water made of cow manure? Could you tell the difference? Researchers have developed a method that turns cow poop into drinkable water.

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