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Recycled water analysis, contamination by non-biological agents (eg, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, disinfection by-products, endocrine disrupters, environmental nutrients.
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Drugs ‘entering waterways’ through urine

BBC News Andrea Sella, Lorna Stewart 12 September 2014

As drugs  – both legal and illegal – pass through us, they enter the UK’s waterways, leading to a startling change in the habits of wildlife.

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Blackened water just won’t wash

Townsville Bulletin 12 September 2014

IT looks like water in a third world country – but this is Georgetown, a small township just 480km west of Townsville.   Photographs, tabled in parliament, show a child bathing in the dirty liquid, which locals say is destroying clothes and linens. The water supply was chlorinated about a decade ago after pathogens built up, but that chlorine was now oxidising minerals and turning the water brown.

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Scientist gets first haircut in 10 years for valuable water molecule research

ABC News | 7:30 South Australia Leah Maclennan 5 September 2014

Associate Professor Stewart Walker of Flinders University has been growing his greying locks for the past decade in preparation for a scientific experiment.  The hair being cut off will be analysed for its elemental and isotopic details, and Professor Walker expected it would reveal details of the past 10 years of his life.  Unlike what DNA testing can reveal, this technique can reveal the story of where someone has been.

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Great Barrier Reef: Senate report urges ‘cap or ban’ dredge spoil dumping inside marine park

ABC News Matt Eaton 4 September 2014

A bipartisan Senate committee has called for an immediate halt on approvals for dumping dredge spoil inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
The committee’s report, tabled in Parliament on Wednesday night, recommended Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt examine placing a cap or a ban on further dredge spoil dumping within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

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Link to Senate Report – Management of the Great Barrier Reef


Great Barrier Reef spared dredge spoil as Dawson MP George Christensen changes line

Townsville Bulletin JOSH ALSTON August 28, 2014

THE Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is likely to be spared from having 3 million cubic metres of dredge spoil dumped on it as part of the Abbot Point coal terminal expansion.
Dawson MP George Christensen confessed in an open letter to Whitsunday residents that “I got it wrong” and is in negotiations with North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) to find a land-based dumping site for the spoil.

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NSW calls for national ban on shampoo additives that are choking the oceans

Sydney Morning Herald Peter Hannam August 28, 2014

The NSW government has called for a national ban on the sale and production of shampoos and other products containing microplastics before they inflict worse damage on marine environments.
Environment Minister Rob Stokes said on Thursday the government would convene an industry working group intended to eliminate the pollutant by 2016.

Water expert panel for Queensland

Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply 21 August 2014

A panel of water experts has been appointed by the Queensland Government to help develop solutions to improve service delivery as part of WaterQ: a 30-year strategy for Queensland’s water sector. The Water Expert Panel has an advisory role and will provide recommendations to the Strategic Advisory Committee that oversees the implementation of WaterQ. The panel — chaired by Mark Pascoe, Chief Executive of the International Water Centre — will be responsible for identifying water sector innovation, research and development priorities and to prepare a work program, including the preparation of a 100-day plan.

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