Townsville toxic dust study being reviewed by Environment Minister Steven Miles

ABC news  March 3, 2015  Isobel Roe

Queensland’s new Environment Minister says he is reviewing a study of toxic dust levels in the Townsville CBD, in the state’s north, to decide whether or not the Townsville Port should act.

The Macquarie University study found elevated levels of toxins like nickel and lead.  It found the dust was made up of the same chemicals that are exported through the Townsville Port.  Continue reading…

Biddeston shooting: Police pathologists spend another night at house where three people were found dead

ABC News March 4, 2015  Josh Bavas

Forensic pathologists have spent another night gathering evidence at a house in Biddeston, west of Brisbane, where three people were found dead on Monday night.

The bodies of Derek Sharpley, 52, his daughter Kris-Deann Sharpley, 27, and her seven-year-old son Jackson were found by a relative who also lived at the house in the township, 25 kilometres west of Toowoomba.  Continue reading…

Queensland police increase drug driver testing

Brisbane Times AAP 3 March 2015

Drug drivers in Queensland are more likely to be caught by more than 200 extra police trained to undertake roadside testing, the state’s top cop says.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said on Tuesday by the end of March 238 officers will have received training under the Statewide Roadside Drug Testing Deployment Project, which began last December.

This will take the total number of trained officers to 291.

A total of 130,144 roadside drug tests have been conducted by the QPS since it was introduced in Queensland in 2007.

In the year from July 2013, police recorded a detection rate of one offender per 13 tests.

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Yes, we can stop viruses such as Ebola and rabies — here’s how

(World Scientific 27 February 2015) With a group of like-minded scientists, editors Asit K Pattanaik and Michael Whitt have compiled a timely publication entitled ‘Biology and Pathogenesis of Rhabdo- and Filoviruses’ discussing the most recent findings on processes and current status of development of vaccines and antivirals to mitigate the diseases caused by viruses like Ebola and Rabies.

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Oat breakfast cereals may contain a common mold-related toxin

(American Chemical Society 25 February 2015) Oats are often touted for boosting heart health, but scientists warn that the grain and its products might need closer monitoring for potential mold contamination. They report in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that some oat-based breakfast cereals in the US contain a mold-related toxin called ochratoxin A that’s been linked to kidney cancer in animal studies. The findings could have implications for consumer health.

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UW researchers develop new approach to diagnosing TB — oral swabs

(University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine 2 March 2015) Drawing inspiration from veterinary medicine, researchers at the University of Washington have helped developed a new prospective approach to diagnosing tuberculosis — easy-to-obtain oral swab samples, greatly improving on standard diagnostics.

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