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WHO calls for action over Mers virus

BBC News 23 February 2015

Too little is being done to control the spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which has infected 50 people in Saudi Arabia so far this month, the World Health Organization warns.  Cases have been confirmed in the UK, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, and the US – usually after travel to Saudi Arabia.

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CDC CHEMPACKs available after an airborne terror attack

BioPrepWatch 23 February 2015

Airborne terror attacks aren’t just a hypothetical scenario, and being prepared for a possible attack is key to more people surviving, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently said.  The CDC’s Strategic National Stockpile CHEMPACK program contains nerve-agent antidotes that can work on a variety of possible airborne attacks, even if the exact agent isn’t known to first-responders.

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Autopsy on overdose nurse reveals drug addiction

The Chronicle 24 February 2015

Queensland Health Clinical Forensic Medical Unit senior medical forensic officer Dr Gary Hall was charged with yesterday analysing Mrs Howman’s autopsy report, which was originally compiled by the late Dr Roger Guard.

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Frozen Berries – Hepatitis A [Compilation]

Berries not under greater surveillance  (SMH 23 February 2015)

The Department of Agriculture has shed 280 jobs in the division responsible for checking food risks, as concerns about surveillance emerged.

Frozen berries hepatitis A scare: fresh berries sales up, frozen product sale slumps  (SMH 23 February 2015)

The level of import surveillance caused a row at a senate estimates hearing.  Federal authorities have not increased the broader surveillance of imported frozen berries despite 18 cases of hepatitis A linked to frozen berries imported from China.

All berries linked to Hep A to be screened (SMH – 24 February 2015

The federal government says all frozen berries from China linked to the recent Hepatitis A scare in Australia will be screened.

Now he’s stopping the berries (NewsCorp 23 February 2015)

ALL frozen berries from the overseas producer linked to the Hepatitis A health scare will not be allowed into the country, Tony Abbott has announced.

Hep-A berries out, imports on shelves  (Daily Telegraph 24 February 2015)

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has stopped frozen foreign berries at the centre of a health scare at the border, but dithering officials have done nothing to increase checks on other frozen fruit imports.

Spike in Ross River fever

Townsville Bulletin Rachel Riley 23 February 2015

ROSS River virus has struck down 90 people in Townsville in just six weeks as the number of cases across the region reaches almost three times the average for this time of year.

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Toxic chemical probe to consider potential health impacts

ABC News 23 February 2015

The Victorian Government says an independent inquiry into toxic chemical use in the state’s central goldfields will look at possible health impacts.  Former Lands Department staff said they were exposed to chemicals like cyanide and Agent Orange when they sprayed weeds and rabbit warrens from the 1970s to 1990s.

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Tasmanian organ donation rate high compared to rest of country

ABC News 23 February 2015

Nine Tasmanians donated a total of 34 organs last year, benefitting 32 patients and exceeding the national level of donors per million of the population, the DonateLife Network says.

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