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Blood test ‘detects cancer relapse’

BBC News 27 August 2015

A blood test may be able to save lives by finding cancers that have started to grow again after treatment, a study suggests.
Scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London found traces of breast cancer eight months before doctors would normally have noticed.
In the trial, the test found 12 cancers out of the 15 women who relapsed.
Experts said there was still some way to go before there was a test that could be used in hospitals.

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Treating ‘stage 0’ breast cancer doesn’t always save women’s lives so should we screen for it?

The Conversation Christobel Saunders August 27, 2015

We’re told that “prevention is better than cure”; that finding symptoms of disease early will prevent the more serious consequences of that disease, particularly for cancer.
Women largely understand that a regular screening mammogram may decrease their chance of dying from the disease by allowing earlier detection and therefore less aggressive treatments. This is largely true: for every 1,000 women screened over a 25 year period, nine will not die from breast cancer because of that screening. But it does not give the entire picture.
For a minority of women diagnosed with the “pre-cancerous” lesion ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS, treatment doesn’t reduce their chance of getting or dying from breast cancer.
DCIS consists of abnormal cells in the breast ducts that rarely cause any symptom but are detectable on mammogram, often calcium deposits in the breast. This is also known as “stage 0” breast cancer.

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Dengue fever outbreaks eliminated from Townsville in mosquito bacteria trial

ABC News Allyson Horn 28 August 2015

Townsville has been free from dengue fever outbreaks for the first time in 15 years, a year after thousands of dengue-resistent mosquitos were released, researchers say.
The Monash University trial to eliminate the mosquito-borne and potentially deadly fever was launched in the north Queensland city last year.
The Eliminate Dengue project unleased 30,000 mosquitoes infected with a dengue-resistant bacteria, called Wolbachia, which is spread through the mating process.

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Update – Assault and attempted robbery, Slacks Creek

Qld Police Media 28 August 2015

Police investigating the assault of convenience store owner during an attempted robbery in Slacks Creek continue to appeal for information and have released a CCTV still image of a man that may be able to assist with their enquiries.
Around 6.40pm on Friday August 21, a man entered the store on Duke Street, and grabbed the male store owner in a headlock.
A scuffle ensued and the 60-year-old store owner was punched and wrestled to the ground. The store owner managed to pull a black balaclava off the man’s face during the incident, causing the man to run off empty-handed.
The store owner received minor injuries as a result of the incident.
Police are appealing for anyone that may have information which could assist investigations to contact local police.

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Brisbane crime: Mystery surrounds the murder of a police officer and married woman outside Boggo Road Gaol

The Courier Mail Kate Kyriacou August 26, 2015

MARY Christie’s daughter had been dead two days and buried one when a woman arrived at the house to pay her respects.
It was Christmas afternoon, 1926, and the woman had arrived without warning to knock at the door.
“I’ve come to offer my sympathy,” Theresa Cumming told her. It was an awkward conversation. She wasn’t sure if Mary would accept any sympathy from her.
Mary’s daughter was dead. But so was Theresa’s husband.
Two days earlier, Mary’s daughter Eileen Walsh had been found dead on a railway reserve near Boggo Road Gaol. She’d been shot in the face.
Beside her was Acting Sergeant Marquis Cumming – a married father of five who had apparently been having an affair. His body was found inches from hers. A bullet had entered the back of his scull – execution style. Their clothing was out of place. They’d been caught out.

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Oakey and Warwick hospital errors ‘contributed’ to deaths

The Courier Mail 28 August 2015

A SERIES of “errors, misunderstandings and failures” by medical staff at two Darling Downs hospitals contributed to the deaths of a teenage girl and woman, 86, a coroner has found.
The failure of an on-call doctor at Oakey Hospital to have his phone charged, when a nurse tried to call him about Mrs Verris Wright’s deterioration, was “inexcusable”, Deputy State Coroner John Lock said.
Mr Lock was delivering joint findings into the sepsis-related deaths of Verris Dawn Wright, 86, at Oakey Hospital in 2013 and Jasmyn Carter-Maher, 17, at Warwick Hospital in 2014.

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SA murderers to appeal amid challenges to evidence by former pathologist Colin Manock

The Advertiser [SA] July 21, 2015

CONVICTED murderers are poised to launch a wave of criminal appeals challenging the evidence of former state chief forensic pathologist Dr Colin Manock in a bid to clear their names.
At least 20 potential appeals are being worked on in the wake of Henry Keogh’s murder conviction being overturned and a retrial scheduled for next March.
The majority of those appeals will rely heavily on perceived flaws in the forensic evidence of Dr Manock, which was a crucial element of the successful Keogh appeal.

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