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NRL agent ’emotional’ after charge dropped Miranda Forster AAP May 01, 2015

EMOTIONAL NRL player agent Paul Sutton is extremely relieved to be reprieved from a manslaughter trial but feels for the deceased man’s family, his lawyer says.
THE prosecution withdrew its manslaughter charge against Mr Sutton on the third day of his trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court after conceding they were unable to prove he wasn’t acting in self defence.
The Crown had argued Mr Sutton used unreasonable force by throwing 43-year-old former bush jockey Shaun Miles to the ground during an altercation in a Kingaroy pub in May 2013.

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Britza murderer loses appeal in Qld AAP May 01, 2015

A WOMAN who was sentenced to life imprisonment for her part in the murder of Gold Coast man Darren Britza has lost an appeal.
JADE Maree Clarke argued that her conviction for 31-year-old Britza’s 2001 murder was unreasonable, due to new evidence and the unreliability of key witnesses.
On Friday, the Court of Appeal found no grounds for a miscarriage of justice and ruled that the guilty verdict had been open to the jury.

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Large new study of phthalate exposure and breast cancer risk

EurekAlert 30-Apr-2015

Reliable data are lacking on whether phthalates, the plasticizing and solvent chemicals found in such products as cosmetics, shampoo, flooring and medical tubing, affect human breast cancer risk. Now epidemiologist Katherine Reeves at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is leading the largest study to date investigating a possible relationship with a three-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
Reeves and colleagues will study phthalate metabolites, which are products found in urine samples after the chemicals have passed through the body. They are measurable in nearly 100 percent of the United States population though levels vary widely, and have been reported in human breast milk, the researchers note. However, only a handful of small studies have looked at whether phthalates affect human breast cancer risk and none have measured phthalate metabolites before a cancer diagnosis.

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Suicide victim’s mother seeks mental health care changes

Brisbane Times Tony Moore May 1, 2015

A Brisbane woman who has lost four members of her family to suicide – including her 21-year-old son – is calling for major changes to Australia’s mental health care system.
Mother Kerrie Keepa’s son, Chris, took his own life on September 14 after being turned away from Redland Hospital just weeks earlier.
Later, Ms Keepa learned from police that Chris’ suicide was the 9th in Brisbane that weekend.

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Daughter a step closer to solving mystery of her brothel madam mother’s death 40 years ago with inquest meeting

The Courier Mail Matthew Condon May 01, 2015

THE daughter of a notorious brothel madam who died ­suspiciously in Brisbane more than 40 years ago will meet with the Queensland Government today to seek a coronial inquest into her mother’s death.
Shirley Margaret Brifman, 35, was found dead of a suspected drug overdose in a safe house in Clayfield, in Brisbane’s inner-north, in 1972. Having blown the whistle on dozens of corrupt police she had been paying off for years in both Queensland and NSW, Brifman was set to be the star witness in a perjury trial against a leading detective when she suddenly died.
Her daughter, Mary Anne Brifman, 58, of ­Sydney, was a teen when she found her mum’s body on the morning of March 4 in their flat in Bonney Ave. Police ruled at the time that there were no suspicious circumstances in Shirley Brifman’s death.
No inquest was held.
Mary Anne believes her mother met with foul play, and has waited more than four decades for justice.
Over the years other people, including former police commissioner Ray Whitrod, shared Mary Anne’s concerns and urged that the death and its investigation be reviewed, but nothing was ever done.
Mary Anne and her barrister, Ben Clark, will meet with the acting Director General of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, David Mackie, and other senior staff this afternoon in Brisbane to present an appeal for a full coronial inquest.
“I feel happy and relieved about the meeting,” Mary Anne Brifman said yesterday. “I feel confident about it and that I’m moving closer to some sort of truth about what happened to my mother.
“I’m grateful that the Attorney-General is taking this matter seriously.”
Shirley Brifman began work as a prostitute in Cairns before she and husband Sonny moved to Brisbane in the late 1950s. She worked out of the Killarney brothel in South Brisbane.

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Townsville man jailed for 11 years for child sex offences

Townsville Bulletin SAMANTHA HEALY April 30, 2015

A MAN has been jailed for 11 years for sexually abusing his stepdaughters and filming their friends in the bathroom.
The sustained abuse of the young girls was labelled “predatory” by Townsville District Court Judge Stuart Durward SC, who described the man’s behaviour as “a gross breach of trust”.
In late March, the Townsville man, 55, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault, seven counts of rape, two counts of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, nine counts of indecent dealing with a child in his care, two counts of making child exploitation material and one count of possessing child exploitation material.

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Polio eradicators hail historic progress with fewer than 25 cases globally this year, aim to ‘finish the job’

ABC News 1 May 2015

The world is closer than ever to being able to wipe out polio, with zero cases of the crippling disease recorded across all of Africa this year and fewer than 25 globally, international experts say.
Polio eradication specialists were wary of claiming premature success and warned complacency could prove the project’s downfall but said they saw an end in sight, with only two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, reporting polio cases in 2015.

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