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Taskforce Maxima major steroids operation closure

Qld Police Media 12 Feb. 2016

Investigators from Taskforce Maxima working with the Australian Border Force have today closed a major operation focused on the trafficking of human growth hormones and steroids, raiding multiple residences across Brisbane and the Gold Coast and charging 19 people of 50 charges.
Operation Oscar Ocean commenced in June 2015 and focused solely on the importation of steroids and human growth hormones. During the operation, police discovered a network of individuals operating from a Jindalee residence and receiving, manufacturing and distributing the steroids.
This morning, officers from Taskforce Maxima, Australian Border Force and Moreton CIB executed search warrants at addresses in Jindalee, Kirra, Mermaid Beach, Bridgeman Downs, West End, McDougall, Dakabin, Chermside (two residences), Caboolture, Brighton and Teneriffe.

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Estimation of the time since death in decomposed bodies found in Australian conditions

Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences Published online: 08 Feb 2016

ABSTRACT: This paper proposes a new method for estimating time since death (TSD) in individuals found between 0 and 14 days subsequent to death indoors. The method is retrospective and involved (1) access to autopsy (and other) reports held by Australia’s National Coronial Information System (NCIS); (2) selection of cases in the NCIS that included detailed descriptions of the degree of decomposition of various body organs as well as reliable information on TSD; (3) development of a systematic and quantitative way of scoring the degree of decomposition in body organs (the total body decomposition score, or TBS); (4) development of models to accurately estimate TSD from determinations of TBS; and (5) testing of these models. A series of Australian State and Territory as well as winter and summer season specific models for estimating TSD were generated. These models, particularly those based on TBS, are accurate to within several hours to half a day of death in most instances. While these models are regionally specific, the methodology can be used on any appropriate data set to generate TSD estimation equations.

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New milestone for device that can ‘smell’ prostate cancer

EurekAlert 11-Feb-2016

A research team from the University of Liverpool has reached an important milestone towards creating a urine diagnostic test for prostate cancer that could mean that invasive diagnostic procedures that men currently undergo eventually become a thing of the past.
‘The use of a gas chromatography (GC)-sensor system combined with advanced statistical methods towards the diagnosis of urological malignancies’, published today in the Journal of Breath Research, describes a diagnostic test using a special tool to ‘smell’ the cancer in men’s urine.

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Increased risk of bacterial infection if food is exposed to light

EurekAlert 2-Feb-2016

Listeria bacterium found in food, which can infect people and cause temporary gastro-intestinal distress, is a serious health risk for pregnant women and for people with compromised immune systems. According to a dissertation from Umeå University in Sweden, the bacterium, which sometimes causes the lethal illness listeriosis, reacts to light by activating defence mechanisms.
Listeria monocytogenes, named after the British surgeon Joseph Lister, is ubiquitous in nature but can sometimes spread to food, especially to unpasteurised dairy products and charcuterie. The Listeria bacterium can grow in food stored in the fridge, and if contaminated food is consumed without being properly heated, the bacterium can cause infection.

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Did Lelan Harrington manage to escape a grisly fate?

Gold Coast Bulletin 12 Feb. 2016

HE VANISHED, seemingly without a trace, along with his two friends last month.
Today, Lelan Harrington is alive and well while the allegedly murdered bodies of his mates were found inside a toolbox submerged in a Queensland dam.
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Logan murder charges: Police question 32-year-old man
Brisbane Times Kim Stephens February 12, 2016
A man believed to have gone into hiding after witnessing the alleged bashing of Logan pair Cory Breton and Iuliana Trescaru has been found by detectives investigating their alleged shooting deaths.
Police probing the alleged murders of Mr Breton and Ms Trescaru on the night of January 24 found the 32-year-old Crestmead man on Friday morning.
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Characterizing the smell of death may help rescue workers at disaster sites

EurekAlert 9-Feb-2016

Rescue workers searching for disaster survivors could use the smell of decomposition to decide what kind of rescue dogs to work with in the hopes of improving their chances of finding survivors. When tragedy strikes and there are casualties, understanding the scent profile of decomposition may help to ensure resources are used in the right way.
New research published in the journal Heliyon reveals the scent profile of decaying pig carcasses during the first 72 hours after death. By analyzing compounds present in decomposition odor, scientists determined that the odor profile changes drastically at the 43-hour mark. Their findings add to a growing body of research on the odor profile of decomposition.
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Zika virus: don’t lose sight of dengue in Zika ‘hysteria’

Brisbane Times Jorge Branco February 12, 2016

A Queensland virologist has warned against losing sight of other mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue in the “hysteria” around the Zika virus.
Zika has been linked to birth defects in children as its outbreak in Brazil mirrors that of the rare neurological condition microcephaly, which can lead to children being born with small heads and underdeveloped brains.

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