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Queensland cases of serious ADULT sexual assault, violent assault, forensic medicine, forensic evidence, medical evidence – particularly in cases where the victime is still alive.
Includes issues relating to rape kits, SAK (sexual assault kits), genital injuries during assault.
Includes deaths in custody, drugs in custodial context particularly watchhouse environments.
Includes transmission of Hepatitis/HIV/AIDS via skin injuries, spitting etc.
Includes toxicology analysis in suspicious death and driving matters.
Includes examination and treatment of police detainees.
Includes examination and investigation of health care related deaths.

A criminal psychologist fears the Night Stalker rapist plaguing the Gold Coast could turn to murder

Gold Coast Bulletin 30 April 2016

THE sexual predator stalking women on the Gold Coast could revert to violence or even murder if he is not caught soon.

Bond University criminologist Wayne Petherick said rape was a complex crime with a number of driving motivations, but there was generally five types of predators: reassurance rapists, assertive rapists, retaliatory rapists, perversely angry rapists and sadists.

Police have launched a major operation to catch a sexual predator who, over 13 years, is linked to at least four sexual assaults on the Gold Coast and south Brisbane, and suspected of four more.

Masseur jailed for raping clients

Brisbane Times AAP April 29 2016

A Brisbane massage therapist who preyed on female clients, including children and the intellectually impaired, has been sentenced to six years in jail.
Samuel Joseph MacBean, 43, was sentenced in the Brisbane District Court on Friday after having earlier pleaded guilty to 50 charges, including counts of rape and sexual assault.

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Job insecurity is driving the best and brightest out of medical research

Brisbane Times Anna Patty April 29 2016

Darren Saunders was developing a cure for pancreatic cancer when he gave up his medical research job to find one that was more secure.
The constant stress of going from contract to contract each year and spending precious time applying for research grants finally took its toll.

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Victims of ultimate betrayal

Townsville Bulletin April 29, 2016

A GARBUTT couple allegedly raped and sodomised their two pre-teen daughters and made movies of the horrific abuse for several years.
Behind the doors of their two-storey home, the husband and wife allegedly subjected their daughters, now 12 and 14, to horrific sexual abuse described by senior police as “as bad as it gets”.

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More jail for cop stabber

Townsville Bulletin April 29, 2016

A FORMER bouncer has been jailed for six months over a violent assault on a patron just months before he stabbed a random police officer.
Andrew Max Wilson, 31, was originally sentenced after a Supreme Court jury found him guilty of stabbing Senior Constable Luke Weiks in the neck at Santa Fe Gold nightclub in the Townsville CBD on December 14, 2013.

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Southport shop owner fought back against armed robber despite death threats

Gold Coast Bulletin April 28, 2016

IT takes a lot to scare Southport business owner Son Van Lam.
Even a robber armed with a plank of wood, with a rusty nail hanging out the end didn’t stop the veteran shop attendant grabbing his own weapon to fight back.
Mr Lam said it was an ordinary day in the shop on March 1 about 12pm when the young man burst in with the homemade weapon.

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Teen threatened with knife at Palm Beach and cattle prod robbers finally charged

Gold Coast Bulletin April 29, 2016

A TEENAGER was threatened with a knife in an armed robbery at Palm Beach last night.
Police attended 19th Ave about 11pm after reports a 19-year-old man was approached by two men who spoke briefly to him.

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