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World’s Two Largest Whole Genome Sequencing Programs Give Pathologists and Clinical Laboratory Managers an Intriguing Look at New Diagnostic Opportunities

2 May 2016

NEW ORLEANS, LAWhole-human gene sequencing is poised to provide significant contributions to improving clinical care. That was one conclusion from expert speakers at the 21st annual Executive War College on Medical Laboratory and Pathology Management that happened here this week.

Breast cancer: Scientists hail ‘milestone’ genetic find

BBC News 2 May 2016

Scientists say they now have a near-perfect picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer.

The study, published in Nature, has been described as a “milestone” moment that could help unlock new ways of treating and preventing the disease.

The largest study of its kind unpicked practically all the errors that cause healthy breast tissue to go rogue.

Cancer Research UK said the findings were an important stepping-stone to new drugs for treating cancer.

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Busting a fasting fallacy

Radio National 2 May 2016

It’s a common occurrence; “Come in for that blood test – but don’t eat/drink anything for 8 hours beforehand.”

But, is pre-test fasting necessary?

Børge Nordestgaard and his team have been investigating the accuracy/efficacy of non-fasting blood samples.

Job insecurity is driving the best and brightest out of medical research

Brisbane Times Anna Patty April 29 2016

Darren Saunders was developing a cure for pancreatic cancer when he gave up his medical research job to find one that was more secure.
The constant stress of going from contract to contract each year and spending precious time applying for research grants finally took its toll.

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Pathologists ramp up campaign against cuts Belinda Merhab AAP April 27, 2016

Pathologists insist a new report backs their claim that patients will be charged a co-payment for tests like pap smears if the federal government pushes ahead with planned funding cuts.
The Ernst & Young report, commissioned by Pathology Australia, shows the sector saved the federal government $2.4 billion in 2014/15.

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Qld scientists uncover new cancer hope Shae McDonald AAP April 28, 2016

Queensland scientists have discovered a way to slow the growth and spread of many of the most common forms of the disease.
Researchers at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane announced on Thursday they had found an antibody that inhibits the spread of melanoma, lung, breast and prostate cancer cells.
In laboratory tests the antibody activated immune cells that attacked cancer cells.
Professor Mark Smyth, who led the study, said cancer cells had previously been camouflaged by a protein that sat on the surface of the immune cells.

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HIV drug trials expanding to 2,000 men in Queensland after ‘brave’ government decision

ABC News 27 April 2016

A groundbreaking new drug tipped to stop the spread of HIV within just a few years will be available to more than 2,000 Queensland men under a $6 million trial program.