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Coronial counselling, bereavement, grief, complicated grief particularly in regard with violent/unexpected deaths.
This category relates to coronial counsellors who work with families including children whose loved ones have had autopsy. This category may also deal with the counselling families / individuals and requests for tissue donation from the autopsy. at State Library

State Library of Queensland Online Resources

Queensland residents have free access to more than 3,000 top-quality courses and 136,000 video tutorials for learning the latest commercial software, creative and business skills through, a web-based video service. Courses cover topics such as business management, leadership, marketing, multimedia, design, web development and more.

The state-wide subscription allows all Queenslanders unlimited access to the online courses from any compatible desktop or portable device, whether on a library computer, at their home or business or on the go.

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Organ donation and the make-or-break conversation

Sydney Morning Herald Kieran Gair 24 July 2015

Despite millions of dollars being poured into improving organ transplant rates, gains have been small, and the community of people involved in donations has been fractured by bitter debate.

Last year 40 per cent of affected families refused to give consent to allow their relatives’ organs to be donated, contributing to a three per cent drop in the number of donors from the previous year.  And worse, many doctors are not using the best evidence-based methods for asking families for their loved ones to become donors.

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From heartbreak to hope

The Australian Weekend Magazine Trent Dalton 18-19 July 2015

Human interest story of organ donation and the process of retrieval featuring the DonateLife Queensland program at Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Queensland Government Air Wing.

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Death Studies Volume 39 Issue 7 2015 – Contents pages

Table of Contents  |  Vol 39 Issue 7  2015

Selected articles:

The Persistent Complex Bereavement Inventory: A Measure Based on the DSM-5

The Evolution of Thanatology: Past, Present, and Future Contributions to the Field –  A review of Death, Dying, and Bereavement: Contemporary Perspectives, Institutions, and Practices edited by Judith M. Stillion and Thomas Attig. New York, NY: Springer

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Death Down Under 2016 – Conference Alert

13th to 15th January 2016Christchurch, New Zealand

This conference aims to promote the dissemination of social aspects of death studies research in New Zealand, Australia, and the wider Pacific region. Continuing the momentum of the first two conferences in Sydney and Dunedin, DDU2016 will showcase the research being undertaken in the areas of death, dying and bereavement throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This two-day conference will provide a forum for academics, practitioners and professionals to share their research and experience, and develop collaborative knowledge networks.

Call for Abstracts

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Traumatised cop sues state for $1.25m

Courier Mail Kay Dibben 20 July 2015

A FORMER police scenes-of-crime officer, who claims he was left for years in a job that exposed him to too many mutilated and dead bodies, is suing the State Government for $1.25 million.

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Nearly half of all Queensland homicides linked to family violence

ABC News John Taylor 14 July 2015

Nearly half of all homicides in Queensland over the past eight years have been linked to domestic or family violence, the state coroner’s office has found.

The finding was contained in the latest annual report by the Office of the State Coroner’s Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Unit.

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View Annual Report 2013-2014 – Office of the State Coroner Qld