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Heating and cooling with light leads to ultrafast DNA diagnostics

(University of California – Berkeley 31 July 2015) UC Berkeley researchers used LEDs and a thin film of gold to turbocharge the heating and cooling cycles of the PCR test so results are ready in minutes, not hours. The innovation greatly expands the clinical and research applications of a workhorse lab tool used in forensics, medical diagnostics and more.

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Extreme doping test results show athletes’ health at risk: expert

ABC News | Reuters 4 August 2015

Some of the readings from athletes’ blood tests leaked by a whistleblower for a report exposing suspected doping were so extreme they were “downright dangerous”, one of the experts cited in the report said on Tuesda.

In an interview, Australian Parisotto, one of two scientific experts cited in the reports, said more than 800 athletes had recorded one or more “abnormal” results, defined as a result that had less than one chance in 100 of being natural.

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Driver in fatal Gold Coast crash had drugs, alcohol in system and was speeding, pre-inquest hears

ABC News Michelle Rafferty 3 August 2015

Cannabis, alcohol and speeding were involved in the deaths of five young people in a two-car crash on the Pacific Motorway on Queensland’s Gold Coast, a pre-inquest hearing has been told.

Kody Williams, 18, Tiana Williams, 17, Allan Sullivan, 20, and Natasha Maggs, 20, died after the car they were travelling in broke down on the side of the motorway at Coomera in the early hours of December 8.

While waiting inside the vehicle they were hit from behind by another car being driven by 18-year-old Jordan Hayes-McGuinness.

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The Intelligent Use of Forensic Data

ANZPAA NIFS  July 2015 12 pp.

The Intelligent Use of Forensic Data handbook is a collation and integration of recently published findings and observations on the principles and practice of forensic intelligence. It provides a concise, understandable, visual guide outlining introductory principles to personnel at various levels and disciplines across law enforcement, including: forensic scientists, police officers and those involved in administering the criminal justice system.

This handbook is intended to raise awareness of the forensic intelligence principles and practice and be a valuable reference tool to jurisdictions.

Forensic intelligence is the timely aggregation and processing of forensic case data from different cases. It  provides knowledge on criminal activity and may support proactive and preventive approaches.

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Language barrier holds up 50kg cocaine case

Queensland Times APN 1 August 2015

A LANGUAGE barrier has caused a delay in the court case of a man who was charged over a drug bust where more than 50kg of cocaine was found in barrels at Mackay railway yards.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Friday that one of the accused, German Rendon Alvarezhas previously pleaded guilty but wants to change this in the Supreme Court.

He is contesting whether legal advice he received previously was adequate.

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O’Neill’s sleeping pill admission

Gold Coast Bulletin Shannon Molloy 1 August 2015

SWIMMING champion Susie O’Neill believes her use of sleeping tablets during the Sydney Olympics sparked a culture of sanctioned wider use inside the national team.

In 2012 when fellow Olympian Grant Hackett revealed his long-running Stilnox reliance, which he claimed began when he was given the prescription drug by team doctors, O’Neill spoke out to warn of the misuse of such substances by swimmers.

A few months later, the Australian Olympic swim team was engulfed in scandal after reports of a “bonding” ritual involving Stilnox, which officials had banned, at a pre-London Games training camp.

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Sexual assault charge, Boondall

QPS News 31 July 2015

Police have charged a 38-year-old man in relation to the alleged sexual assault of a woman at Boondall on Wednesday afternoon, July 29.

It will be alleged that around 3.20pm the man has confronted a woman in a house before sexually assaulting her.

The 38-year-old Boondall man was charged with one count each of attempt to commit rape, entering a dwelling with intent, possessing dangerous drugs and possession of utensil or pipe.

He is due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court tomorrow.

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