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Criminal lawyer arrested in raid while on bail for previous drug charges

The Courier Mail May 27, 2016

DISGRACED Gold Coast lawyer Brianna Ioannides has been arrested in a drug raid for the fourth time in eight months.

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Legal highs ban unenforceable, claim pharmacologists, forensics experts and lawyers

Independent Adam Lusher 26 May 2016

A blanket ban on legal highs has come into force amid warnings it is “unworkable” and drug dealers will be able to escape prosecution.
The Independent has been told that concerns about the law’s enforceability – which reportedly influenced the decision to postpone its implementation from 6 April – have been greatly increased by the release of the Government’s ‘forensic strategy’ outlining the testing regime underpinning the Act. This was published, with relatively little fanfare, on 20 May.
Forensics experts, pharmacologists and lawyers say the ban will be “fraught with difficulty” and open to being defeated by “any self-respecting barrister”.

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Task Force Maxima ice arrest, Gold Coast

Qld Police Media 27 May 2016

Detectives investigating the link between the trafficking of dangerous drugs by members of the Hells Angels OMCG have charged a 33-year-old Palm Beach woman this morning following the location of Methylamphetamine (ice) during the execution of a search warrant.
Detectives from Task Force Maxima conducted the raid at a Palm Beach residence earlier this morning. During the search, investigators allegedly located 26 grams of Methylamphetamine (ice) and drug equipment.

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Ice linked to spike in property offences

Townsville Bulletin May 27, 2016

POLICE claim the drug ice is behind high property crime rates in the city with users motivated to commit burglaries, steal cars and break into homes to feed their habit.
It comes as three alleged property offenders known to police as ice users were arrested and charged with more than 30 property crime offences earlier this week. A 25-year-old woman and 30-year-old man were arrested after allegedly being responsible for a violent robbery and multiple fuel drive-offs.
The third person arrested was a 30-year-old man who allegedly stole a ute before dodging police on multiple occasions and dumping the car before setting it on fire.

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Police chase leads to 17 charges

The Courier Mail May 26, 2016

A 24-year-old man has been slapped with 17 charges after a loaded rifle, ammo and drugs were allegedly found in his car in southeast Queensland overnight.
Police allege officers tried to intercept a vehicle on Main Drive, Maroochydore shortly after 1am before the car sped away.
The vehicle then crossed onto the wrong side of the road, causing a police car to swerve to avoid a crash, police allege.

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Queensland Police raid 23 properties in Roma area

The Courier Mail 26 May 2016

POLICE have shut down a major drug trafficking network in Roma charging twenty people, including a 17-year-old, allegedly involved in trading illegal firearms for drugs.
Authorities allegedly seized quantities of the drug ice, as well as firearms including a sawn-off shotgun during raids on 23 properties in the Roma area on Thursday.

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Australian veterans welcome British report on controversial drug mefloquine

The Sydney Morning Herald Henry Belot May 25, 2016

Australian veterans have welcomed a British parliamentary report calling on the Ministry of Defence to overhaul its use of controversial drug Lariam, known in Australia as mefloquine.
Both British and Australian veterans have linked the drug to insomnia, hallucinations, depression and vertigo. In some cases, the drug has complicated post-traumatic stress diagnoses and been blamed for suicidal thoughts.
The report, commissioned after an inquiry last year, found there was “very strong anecdotal evidence” showing British officers ignored warnings from the drug’s manufacturer and dispensed it to large numbers of troops.

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