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Motherisk scandal highlights risk of deferring to experts without questioning credentials

CBC News Ron Charles 8 February 2016

The scene plays out daily in courtrooms across the country. An expert witness in forensics is sworn in. Their often lengthy resume is entered into the record. A lawyer and maybe the judge ask a few questions about qualifications. Then, in almost all cases, that expert is good to go, considered qualified to testify about a wide range of forensic evidence — from autopsy results to blood splatter patterns.

A review of  hair analysis done at the Motherisk Drug Testing Laboratory, whose hair strand testing was used to back up allegations of drug and alcohol abuse in thousands of child protection cases in several provinces and even some criminal cases. It found that neither the lab’s director, clinical toxicologist Gideon Koren, nor his staff had the qualifications or expertise to do that kind of forensic work, and those findings have now thrown 16,000 child protection cases and six criminal cases into doubt.

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Sex shops sold fatal tea: Cops

Courier Mail Thomas Chamberlain 9 February 2016 pp 14-15

Police claim deadly synthetic cannabis had been watered down after customers complained the original mix was too dangerous. [An overview of the case against adult shops selling synthetic cannabis]

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Man dies after one drag of fake drug

Courier Mail Thomas Chamberlin 9 February 2016 page 15

A Mackay man died after smoking one puff of synthetic drug “Full Moon Tea”.  Autopsies have shown Nathan James Boddy and Heath Jarrod Fenech died after smoking synthetic cannabis in Mackay in January 2015.  Both died of haemorrhaged lungs, and toxicology results found AB-CHIMINACA in both their systems.

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Charges: Firearms, cash and drugs seized, Surfers Paradise

QPS News 8 February 2016

Police will allege during the search of the residence they located $158,000 in cash as well as a semi-automatic handgun, and a quantity of Methylamphetamine.  The man and woman are scheduled to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court this morning

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Sentence for former soldier guilty of attacking police officer in Townsville adjourned

Townsville Bulletin February 4, 2016

A FORMER soldier who dragged a Townsville police officer next to his moving car during a breath test causing lifelong injuries is due to be sentenced on February 12.
Joshua James Shooter, 25, appeared in Townsville District Court this morning to be sentenced over the assault which occurred on Flinders St on January 4, 2014.
The matter was adjourned until February 12 as Judge Stuart Durward considers submissions from legal counsel.

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Townsville drug ring busted as 16 charged

Townsville Bulletin February 5, 2016

THE Townsville drug squad has smashed a large drug syndicate operating in the city, seizing more than $200,000 of property and cash.
Raids in Townsville and on Magnetic Island in the past two days bring to a close the 13-month Operation North Shellstar, with three people charged with trafficking, along with 13 others for a total of 56 charges.

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No jail time for Gold Coast DJ on cocaine, ecstasy charges

Gold Coast Bulletin 5 Feb 2016

A GOLD Coast DJ caught in a $26m Glitter Strip drug trafficking racket has escaped jail after pleading guilty today.
Joseph ‘Joey Mojo’ Sandagon was a low-level dealer who trafficked and supplied cocaine and ecstasy through Surfers Paradise nightclubs in May and June 2013.
It was allegedly supplied by former Gold Coast Bandidos sergeant-at-arms Josh Downey.

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