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Ice could have improved drugged driver’s ability, court rules

ABC News Candice Marcus and Sara Garcia June 26, 2015

A drugged motorist who ran a red light and struck a schoolboy has been cleared of dangerous driving by an Adelaide judge, after two expert witnesses suggested methylamphetamine can have a positive effect on driver ability.
In 2012, 39-year-old mother of three Leah Lenarczyk was on ice and other drugs when she ran a red light at Salisbury Heights in Adelaide’s north, hitting a schoolboy.
The 12-year-old suffered multiple injuries, including a collapsed lung and a fractured skull.
Lenarczyk was acquitted of driving dangerously and convicted of the lesser charge of driving without due care.
Judge Barry Beazley said the prosecution had not proven methylamphetamine, also known as ice, had affected her driving.

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Suns to launch investigation into illicit drug use following Hunt allegations

ABC News AAP 28 June 2015

The Gold Coast Suns will launch an investigation into illicit drug use at the club after explosive claims made by former player Karmichael Hunt.  Excerpts of Hunt’s written testimony provided to Queensland law enforcement as part of the deal were published by News Corp and implicate several unnamed Suns players in joining Hunt in using cocaine on an end-of-season trip.

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Prosthetic penises, fake urine used to fool drug tests at Queensland mine sites, police say

ABC News Alyse Edwards 25 June 2015

Fake urine and even prosthetic penises are increasingly being used by Queensland miners in a bid to fool company drug tests, police say.
Sales are booming for products to beat drug testing, which are legally available on the internet.
Some products can be purchased for $70 and come with accessories including heat pads and strap-on devices for men to wear during supervised testing.
Tony Graham from Australian Workplace Drug Testing Services runs a seminar to help mining and construction bosses learn how to beat the cheats.
He used to run them once a year, but said they had become so popular he now held 20 around the state.
“In the mining industry they’re particularly well paid, they’re in high-stress jobs, working long hours away from family, the more fly in, fly out, the more your problems tend to be, and so people turn to other substances.”

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Silk Road: Internet drug dealing has increased by 30-100 per cent despite site’s closure, say researchers

ABC News Conor Duffy 25 June 2015

The number of drug dealers selling online has increased by between 30 and 100 per cent despite the closure of black-market website Silk Road and the jailing of its founder Robert Ulbricht, researchers have found.
Since Silk Road was shut down two years ago, dozens of new black-market sites selling cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, pharmaceuticals and many other drugs have rushed to fill the void, Curtin University’s Dr Steve Bright said.

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Update, burglary with violence, Bundaberg South

Qld Police Media 25 June 2015

Police have charged two men in relation to an incident in Bundaberg South on June 22 where a man received serious injuries.
The pair allegedly entered the Prospect Street house around 1.30am, and assaulted a 20-year-old man.
He was taken to the Bundaberg Base Hospital with injuries to his head and back.
A 25-year-old Bundaberg West man has been charged with enter a dwelling with intent at night, and unlawful wounding.
A 24-year-old Bundaberg West man has been charged with one count each of entering a dwelling with intent, unlawful wounding, possession of a restricted drug and possession of dangerous drugs.

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University of Iowa studies impact of marijuana on driving

EurekAlert 23-Jun-2015

A new study conducted at the University of Iowa’s National Advanced Driving Simulator has found drivers who use alcohol and marijuana together weave more on a virtual roadway than drivers who use either substance independently. However, the cocktail of alcohol and marijuana does not double the effect of the impairment.
“What we saw was an additive effect, not a synergistic effect, when we put them together,” said Tim Brown, associate research scientist at NADS and corresponding author of the study. “You get what you expect if you take alcohol and cannabis and merge them together.”
The study, which appears June 23 in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, also found participants who consumed only alcohol weaved more during a 35- to 45-minute simulated driving test than those who consumed only vaporized cannabis.

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Alleged Mongols mastermind faces court

Brisbane Times AAP June 24, 2015

The alleged Queensland president of the Mongols bikie gang accused of masterminding a huge drug syndicate will stay behind bars until July, while seven more associates have been arrested.
Nick “The Knife” Forbes, 45, did not apply for bail when he appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning, just after police completed another series of drug raids on the Gold Coast.
Seven men, all alleged Mongols gang members, were charged with various drug offences after steroids and weapons were seized from five properties across the region, according to The Gold Coast Bulletin.

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