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Subjects of interest to Investigative Chemistry or Inorganics.
Includes any environmental context (except AIR, see AIR POLLUTION AND ANALYSIS) example: soil, water, clinical matrices, heavy metals, mining wastes, oil spills, contamination, pesticides.

Former Linc Energy head ordered to clean up site of controversial gas project

ABC News Mark Willacy 26 May 2016

The Queensland Environment Department has issued an Environmental Protection Order (EPO) to the former chief executive of Linc Energy, Peter Bond, ordering him to clean up the site of the company’s controversial underground gas project near Chinchilla.

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Oakey groundwater contaminated by army aviation base chemicals

The Courier Mail May 27, 2016

DISTRESSED residents of a rural Queensland town are pleading with the Defence Department to urgently subsidise blood tests for the region, after new test results showed alarmingly high toxicity levels in their underground water supply.
The town of Oakey – 159km west of Brisbane – has been battling with contamination of the town’s bore water system from the use of toxic firefighting foam at the local army aviation centre between 1970 and 2005.

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Mobile lab to detect Hanford chemical vapors being tested

Tri-City Herald (Washington State) Annette Cary 22 May 2016

RJ Lee Group has developed a commercially available mobile laboratory, equipping a van with scientific instrumentation. A mass spectrometer in the van can detect chemicals that quickly evaporate into the air, even if they make up just a few parts per trillion of a sample.  The mobile lab offers three potential benefits — real-time analysis, detailed chemical analysis and low detection limit.

The mobile laboratory can detect three-quarters of the 59 chemicals the DOE contractor believes are of potential concern and can identify them in near real time in the field rather than requiring samples to be collected and shipped off to a lab for analysis.

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Revisiting Fukushima: Five years on

ABC News | Foreign Correspondent Mark Willacy 24 May 2016

Foreign Correspondent returns to the scene of Japan’s 2011 nuclear meltdown and discovers ghost towns left in the wake of the devastating tsunami.

Foreign Correspondent: Into the Zone goes to air on Tuesday at 9.30pm on ABC TV.

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E-cigarettes to be treated like tobacco in Victoria, banned in restaurants, enclosed workplaces

ABC News 21 May 2016

E-cigarettes, or vaping, is set to be banned in all areas where cigarette smoking is prohibited in Victoria, under new laws to come into effect next year.  Under the changes, e-cigarettes will be treated like other tobacco products and children under 18 will no longer be able to buy them.

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Linc Energy executives under investigation, may be charged over alleged land contamination

ABC News Mark Willacy 18 May 2016

The Queensland Government is exploring possible charges against executives from the failed resources firm Linc Energy over the alleged contamination of huge swathes of prime cropping land.

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Black lung: Miners union warns of 20 cases as another former miner is diagnosed

Brisbane Times 17 May 2016

The number of former Queensland coalminers diagnosed with black lung disease has risen to eight, the miners union says.

The latest diagnosed man, who is in his early 40s and the youngest of the eight to be diagnosed, worked at a number of mines throughout Queensland and NSW before finishing in the industry a year ago.