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Buranda State School parents demands answers: Is there faecal contamination in Norman Creek?

Quest Newspapers Leah Kidd July 20, 2016

BURANDA State School parents are demanding answers over what they believe is faecal contamination from Norman Creek.
It comes as heavy rain flooded the creek last month, washing debris into the Gladys St school carpark at Woolloongabba.
School crossing supervisor Margaret Vanlangeraad has been forced to wear a face mask to avoid inhaling the dust coming from the thick silt.
Children have also been walking through the muck, which Brisbane City Council confirms could include the faecal matter from birds and bats.

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Crash at Cunninghams Gap closes section of highway

ABC News 21 July 2016

A section of the Cunningham Highway, west of Brisbane, has been closed in both directions after a truck carrying dangerous chemicals rolled.

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Manual of Standard Operating Procedures for Veterinary Drug Residue Analysis

IAEA Training Course Series No. 63, 2016; 61 pp.

The publication is primarily aimed at food and environmental safety laboratories involved in testing veterinary drug residues, including under organized national residue monitoring programmes. It is expected to enhance laboratory capacity building and competence through the use of radiometric and complementary tools and techniques. The publication is also relevant for applied research on residues of veterinary drugs in food and environmental samples.

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New clinical study shows exclusive e-cigarette use reduces exposure to harmful chemicals similar to complete smoking cessation

(Aspect Consulting 12 July 2016) New peer-reviewed research published today shows that smokers who completely substitute conventional cigarettes with commercial e-cigarettes experience dramatic reductions in exposure to harmful chemicals.

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Asbestos-tainted firm Yuanda pledges to test products in Australia in future

ABC News Rebecca Trigger 18 July 2016

A Chinese company at the centre of an asbestos contamination scandal involving government building projects in Perth and Brisbane, says it has taken steps to ensure the mistake cannot be repeated.

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New Evidence for BPA and Obesity? Not so fast!

The Conversation Ian Musgrave 18 July 2016

Critical comment on research conducted by University of Melbourne on the effects of BPA on the embryo.

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Why the health scheme for coal workers is inadequate to detect black lung

The Conversation Malcolm Sim 15 July 2016

A review for the Queensland government on the health assessment of miners has identified serious deficiencies at virtually all levels of the scheme.   The review found several major deficiencies. These include:

  • a lack of appropriate training for doctors working within the scheme and a standardised process of deciding who should have chest x-rays
  • poor-quality tests to measure the functioning of the lungs
  • radiologists not being informed what they’re looking for in chest x-rays
  • inadequate data collection
  • a lack of clinical guidelines for when follow-up tests and specialist referral are necessary.

A key original purpose of the health assessments was to identify early stages of black lung in any affected coal miners so that measures could be put in place to reduce coal dust exposure. In more recent years, this purpose has been lost. The prime focus of the health assessments has instead become a pre-employment medical assessment.

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