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Mermaid Beach Bangkok Thai owner has ordered to pay more than $20,000

Gold Coast Bulletin Alexandria Utting 23 May 2016

A GOLD Coast Thai restaurant owner has been ordered to pay more than $20,000 after repeatedly breaching food safety laws.

Mermaid Beach restaurant Bangkok Thai was the subject of legal proceedings in the Southport Magistrates Court today after business owner Vinya Chantra and the company to which he is a director, Chantra Enterprises, were charged with three counts of failing to comply with food standards codes.

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SA Health meets with bean sprout producer Star Tu linked to salmonella outbreak

ABC News 20 May 2016

Owners of an Adelaide mung bean sprout business where salmonella was detected for the second time in weeks have met with South Australian health officials.  The Thebarton site was identified as the source of the outbreak but the site was cleaned and SA Health found “no evidence of ongoing contamination”.  Samples of salmonella have since been found in five sealed bags of bean sprouts, prompting SA Health to issue a recall of Star Tu Chinese Bean Sprouts as well as those repackaged under the label Sunshine Sprouts.

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Genetically Engineered Crops Are Safe and Possibly Good for Climate Change

Scientific American Niina Heikkinen May 18, 2016

Genetic engineering could play a role in making crops more resilient to climate change, but more research is still needed to understand the technology’s potential uses, the National Academy of Sciences said yesterday.
In a sweeping 400-page report, the country’s top scientific group found there was not evidence to support claims that genetically modified organisms are dangerous for either the environment or human health. At the same time, the introduction of genetically engineered crops had little apparent influence on the rate at which agricultural productivity was increasing over time.

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Experts react to ‘waste of money’ headlines against probiotics Adi Menayang 11 May 2016

A recent article posted in the Brisbane Times went with the headline “Probiotics not shown to benefit healthy adults, researchers say”.  The story itself is based on findings from a Danish study. We reached out to some people in the industry and academia for a second opinion, and they are critical of the media’s oversimplification of the study’s results.

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How Factory Farms Play Chicken With Antibiotics Tom Philpott May/June 2016

And the inside story of one company confronting its role in creating dangerous superbugs.

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Boy’s death after drinking Green Time Natural Coconut Drink prompts coroner’s warning [Victoria]

A CORONER has expressed alarm about mis-labelled imported foods after a 10-year-old-boy with allergies died following consuming a “natural” coconut drink.

Keen soccer player Ronak Warty’s life was devastatingly cut short after becoming ill after dinner one night.

His parents told investigators they closely monitored his nut and dairy allergies, and Ronak also understood the need to be careful.

But unbeknown to the Burwood East family, the can of Green Time Natural Coconut Drink imported from Taiwan contained an undeclared milk ingredient, a court has heard.

“I think it is alarming that foodstuffs are being imported where the public are being completely misled about the contents,” Coroner Audrey Jamieson said this week.

The circumstances of Ronak’s death — including why it took a month after the December, 2013, tragedy for the product to be recalled — are being investigated.

Swiss wild mushroom lover ends up in Gold Coast hospital from poisoning

Gold Coast Bulletin 14 May 2016

IT was the killer ingredient that turned a tasty pasta sauce into a medical nightmare.

Helensvale man Werner Lanz wound up seriously ill in hospital after adding wild mushrooms he had collected from a neighbour’s yard to his evening meal.

The 84-year-old is a fungi fan who consulted his “mushroom bible” before frying up the food.

He believed the mushroom to be a kind he had eaten before in Switzerland.