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Picturing peanut contamination with near infrared hyperspectral imaging

EurekAlert | March 31, 2015

Study the label of almost any food product and you’re likely to see the rather vague warning “May contain peanuts” somewhere on there, unless of course it’s a product that definitely does contain peanuts. As now revealed in a paper in the latest issue of JNIRS–Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, these warnings of peanut contamination could soon lose much of their uncertainty, thanks to a novel form of near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy known as NIR hyperspectral imaging (HSI).  Continue reading…

The research is published as:

P. Mishra, A. Herrero-Langreo, P. Barreiro, J.M. Roger, B. Diezma, N. Gorretta and L. Lleó, “Detection and quantification of peanut traces in wheat flour by near infrared hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy using principal-component analysis”, J. Near Infrared Spectrosc. 23(1), 15-22 (2015). doi:

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Women still find it tough to reach the top in science

The Conversation Sharon Bell 24 March 2015

Women are playing an increasing role in science today but there are still barriers that can prevent them from achieving success comparable to their male colleagues. This feeds the argument that there is a gender pay gap in earnings in science, although that doesn’t tell the full story of the challenges facing women scientists.

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Target recalls mislabelled Easter bunnies

Sydney Morning Herald AAP 22 March 2015

Several types of Easter chocolate have been recalled by Target because of incorrect labelling.  Target’s milk, dark and white chocolate bunnies have been pulled from shelves across Australia due to the risk of undeclared nut allergens.

The labels say “may contain shell fruit” instead of “tree nuts and peanuts”, which could endanger those with allergies or intolerances.  Along with Target chocolates, Klett’s mixed bag and bunny have also been recalled.

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Coast mum: ‘I’m afraid to eat eggs’

Gold Coast Bulletin Stephane Bedo 22 March 2015

TWO weeks ago a mum had breakfast at a popular Broadbeach cafe. Today she is still suffering from the devastating effects of salmonella.

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Grocer and Grind back after outbreak

Victorian Government pushes to ban powdered alcohol

ABC News 22 March 2015

The Victorian Government says it will move to ban powdered alcohol, following concerns overseas manufacturers will try to launch their product in the state in the coming months.

The United States government has just approved the sale of “Palcohol” and its manufacturer has reportedly indicated its interest in the Australian market.

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Lunch with a side of mould

Brisbane Times Kristian Silva 21 March 2015

A Brisbane man’s packaged lunch of jasmine rice and butter chicken came with an extra ingredient he didn’t pay for – mould.

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Food-related deaths and illnesses to no longer be reported to the ACCC

The Sydney Morning Herald Esther Han March 18, 2015

Food-related deaths and disease outbreaks will no longer have to be reported to the consumer watchdog by product makers and sellers under new federal laws, “appalling” public health experts.
In line with the Abbott government’s war on red tape, Small Business Minister Bruce Billson pushed a bill on Wednesday to remove the need for food businesses to alert the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission when they become aware of safety problems.
He said state and territory laws required hospitals and doctors to report food-linked illness and death, and that this was enough.

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