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Focus on Queensland issues unless broader implications within the science (i.e. evidence challenged, legislation challenged, improvements in procedures etc)

Australia-wide missing persons matching system to go live next week – CrimTrac completes new interstate data capability

IT News Paris Cowan 30 July 2015

Australia’s law enforcement information-sharing agency CrimTrac will soon switch on a new system that will for the first time allow police to compare human remains to long-time missing persons cases across state and territory borders.

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New forensic ID technology introduced: Fingerprint Molecular Identification

(Barry Teater, Self-employed PR consultant 3 August 2015) Fingerprint Molecular Identification, a new category in forensic science, will enable law enforcement agents, district attorneys and government agencies to build a molecular profile of criminal suspects by analyzing residues on fingerprints with patented technology.

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Heating and cooling with light leads to ultrafast DNA diagnostics

(University of California – Berkeley 31 July 2015) UC Berkeley researchers used LEDs and a thin film of gold to turbocharge the heating and cooling cycles of the PCR test so results are ready in minutes, not hours. The innovation greatly expands the clinical and research applications of a workhorse lab tool used in forensics, medical diagnostics and more.

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Murder charge, Coonarr

QPS News 4 August 2015

Detectives investigating the death of a man at Coonarr on Saturday have today charged a 42-year-old man with murder.

Police were called to a Coonarr Road address just after 2am, after a 44-year-old man received what appeared to be stab wounds during an altercation with another man.

A 42-year-old Woodridge man has been charged with one count of murder and is expected to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court this morning.

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Man arrested in connection with fatal Coonarr stabbing

ABC News 3 August 2015

A man wanted over a fatal stabbing in Queensland’s Wide Bay region has surrendered to police.  The 42-year-old was arrested after handing himself in to officers at Logan, south of Brisbane.

He was wanted over the fatal stabbing of a 44-year-old man on a rural property at Coonarr near Bundaberg on Saturday.  Police released his photo yesterday and publicly identified him as a person of interest, while urging him to come forward.

The man is being questioned and is yet to be charged.

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The Intelligent Use of Forensic Data

ANZPAA NIFS  July 2015 12 pp.

The Intelligent Use of Forensic Data handbook is a collation and integration of recently published findings and observations on the principles and practice of forensic intelligence. It provides a concise, understandable, visual guide outlining introductory principles to personnel at various levels and disciplines across law enforcement, including: forensic scientists, police officers and those involved in administering the criminal justice system.

This handbook is intended to raise awareness of the forensic intelligence principles and practice and be a valuable reference tool to jurisdictions.

Forensic intelligence is the timely aggregation and processing of forensic case data from different cases. It  provides knowledge on criminal activity and may support proactive and preventive approaches.

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Police pack up caravan blast scene

Sydney Morning Herald AAP 31 July 2015

Police have taken evidence from the scene of a fatal northwest Queensland caravan explosion and say people will be able to return to their homes.   A crane was used to lift wheels and part of the metal base of the caravan from the crime scene on Friday.  Police say they’ve collected the evidence they need and investigators from Townsville and Brisbane will fly home.

Police expect it will take weeks if not months to determine the cause of the tragedy

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