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Baden-Clay appeal decision set for Aug 31 Alexandra Patrikios Australian Associated Press August 25, 2016

Australia’s highest court is expected to hand down its highly anticipated decision in the Gerard Baden-Clay appeal next week.
Queensland prosecutors successfully launched the bid to have the case considered by the High Court after a shock decision by the state’s Court of Appeal to downgrade the murder conviction to one of manslaughter last December.
While it was expected a decision would come later in the year, the court is now set to hand down its decision at a hearing in Canberra on August 31.
It comes after five justices heard arguments for and against the Queensland Court of Appeal’s decision at hearing in Brisbane last month.

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Patricia Riggs’ husband charged with murder after body found

Brisbane News AAP August 24 2016

Patricia Anne Riggs’ husband has faced Queensland court charged with her murder, almost 15 years after reporting her missing.
Edmund Ian Riggs, 57, appeared expressionless when he appeared in Redcliffe Magistrates Court on Wednesday charged with murder and interfering with a corpse.

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Peter Milos death: Brisbane jury discharged after failing to reach verdict

ABC News Andrew Kos 25 August 2016

A Supreme Court jury in the murder trial of a man accused of killing a Brisbane chef has been discharged after failing to reach a verdict.
James Thomas Howell pleaded not guilty to murdering his former associate, 26-year-old Peter Milos, in May 2014.
Mr Milos was bludgeoned to death in a house he was minding for a friend in Morningside, the Supreme Court was told during the trial.
The jury deliberated for almost two days but could not come to a unanimous decision.

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Potential new test to detect serious bacterial infections including meningitis and sepsis

EurekAlert! | Kate Wighton 24 August 2016

Scientists have identified two genes that are switched on only when a child is suffering from a bacterial infection. This could allow doctors to quickly distinguish between a viral or bacterial illness, and identify early cases of potentially deadly infections.

The international team of scientists, led by researchers at Imperial College London, hope to now use the findings to develop a rapid test for use in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

This would enable conditions such as meningitis, septicaemia or pneumonia – which are caused by bacterial infections – to be caught more rapidly. Such a test would also prevent children with viral infections being unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics, which are only effective against bacteria. This would help combat the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

At the moment, when a child arrives at a surgery or hospital with fever, doctors have no quick method of distinguishing whether the child is suffering from bacterial or viral illness. Diagnosis relies instead on taking a sample of blood or spinal fluid, and seeing if bacteria grow in this sample. However this can take more than 48 hours.

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Police hunt man seen dumping car in which murdered Logan mother Sabrina Bremer was last seen alive

Gold Coast Bulletin | Jessica Elder 24 August 2016

THE blurry image of a man abandoning the car in which slain Queensland mother Sabrina Bremer was last seen alive could be the key to the cross-border murder case.

Ms Bremer’s body was found smouldering on a dirt road in the farming area of Dulguigan, northern NSW, about 7.30am on August 18.

Just 32 hours later the white Toyota Camry in which she was last seen on Monday, August 15, was found parked in a cul-de-sac in Dawson St, Woodridge, Queensland.

Detectives yesterday revealed the slain woman was believed to be travelling in the vehicle at the time of her disappearance, adding a twist to the already shocking crime.

A resident’s security camera captured the sedan pulling up at the address on Friday, August 19, about 3.20pm.

In the vision, a man can be seen getting out of the driver’s seat, throwing a red item of clothing over his shoulder, checking the back seat of the car and walking casually away.

Police have seized the car for forensic examination and continue to remain tight-lipped about the cause and location of death of the 34-year-old woman.

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Patricia Anne Riggs: Man charged with murder of woman missing since 2001 after remains found

ABC News | 24 August 2016

A Sunshine Coast man has been charged with the murder of a woman missing since late 2001 after her remains were uncovered on the weekend.

Patricia Anne Riggs, a mother of four, was last seen at her home in Margate, north of Brisbane, on September 30, 2001.

She was reported missing to police by her husband three days later.

Detective Senior Sergeant Ben Fadian said her remains were discovered in Margate by a resident conducting excavation work at his home on Sunday.

“He notified the police and as a result we conducted a crime scene examination and recovered those remains,” Detective Senior Sergeant Fadian said.

“Those remains were examined yesterday afternoon and identified as Patricia Riggs.”

A 57-year-old man from Dicky Beach has been charged with murder and misconduct with a corpse.

He will appear in Redcliffe Magistrates Court today.

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Cole Miller: Daniel Maxwell to stand trial for one-punch death

Courier Mail Kate McKenna 22 August 2016

DANIEL Maxwell has been committed to stand trial over the alleged one-punch attack on elite water-polo player Cole Miller. Maxwell and his co-accused Armstrong Renata were each charged with unlawful striking causing death in January after Mr Miller, 18, succumbed to massive brain trauma.

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