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Crime scene evidence, victims of crime, suspects allegedly involved in crimes and other persons of interest, analysis of blood, semen and saliva for DNA traces, major crime, volume crime (eg property crimes), evidence given at courts and in trials (expert evidence), CrimTrac, Disaster victim identification, missing persons, decomposed remains, new developments in methodology or equipment.
Focus on Queensland issues unless broader implications within the science (i.e. evidence challenged, legislation challenged, improvements in procedures etc)

DNA from 78 Germanwings crash victims found

ABC News 30 March 2015

Forensic teams have isolated 78 distinct DNA strands from body parts at the Germanwings crash site in the French Alps, officials say.

Most body parts were being winched up to helicopters before being transported to a lab in Seynes where a 50-strong team of forensic doctors and dentists and police identification specialists is working.

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Amanda Knox and Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito acquitted over Kercher death

ABC News Reuters/AFP 28 March 2015

Italy’s highest court has overturned the conviction of American Amanda Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito for the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.

The decision, handed down in the Court of Cassation in Rome, brings to a sensational end an eight-year legal drama.

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Ashleigh Humphrys hit-and-run: Owner of ‘dark sedan’ found dead

Brisbane Times Jorge Branco March 27, 2015

The driver of a car believed to have hit and killed 20-year-old Brisbane woman Ashleigh Humphrys has been found dead.
Police seized the dark sedan on Monday afternoon and questioned the driver but released him without charge.
On Friday morning police confirmed the 57-year-old man had died on Thursday in non-suspicious circumstances.

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Police believe they have the car that hit and killed 20-year-old Ashleigh Humphrys at the weekend Kate McKenna and Rose Brennan March 26, 2015

POLICE believe they have the car that hit and killed 20-year-old Ashleigh Humphrys but are waiting on tests before considering charges.
Investigations are ongoing into whether the driver knew he had struck the Seventeen Mile Rocks woman and police have said charges may not necessarily be laid.
Police say the man was driving through a series of roundabouts on his way to work when Ms Humphrys was hit.

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Queensland University of Technology lecture trumps King Richard III’s royal farewell

The Brisbane Times March 25, 2015 | Jorge Branco

About 100 Brisbane university students have trumped the final farewell of a 500-year-old king.

The Australian genetic statistician who helped prove a twisted skeleton found under a carpark was King Richard III could have been in in the UK this week for the monarch’s second and hopefully final burial.  Continue reading…

Women still find it tough to reach the top in science

The Conversation Sharon Bell 24 March 2015

Women are playing an increasing role in science today but there are still barriers that can prevent them from achieving success comparable to their male colleagues. This feeds the argument that there is a gender pay gap in earnings in science, although that doesn’t tell the full story of the challenges facing women scientists.

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Meet the ‘living dead’: Forensic scientists’ new weapon

BBC News Linda Geddes 18 March 2015

The bacteria in and on our bodies can betray some of our deepest secrets – even after we die.  In the seconds after you breathe your last breath, the living dead take over.  Some of your bacterial inhabitants relish the change and flourish, while others die off.  The shift in your internal chemistry also attracts insects.

Forensic scientists are now trying to harness this “necrobiome”. They believe the bugs living upon and within you could harbour vital clues about the circumstances of your demise, and how long you’ve been dead.

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