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Bat poo under the microscope as researchers seek Hendra virus answers

Brisbane Times Inge Hansen 21 February 2015

Scientists have sniffed out a possible reason for the spread of the deadly Hendra virus and their noses are pointed towards bat droppings.  James Cook University researcher Gerardo Martin said he and his colleagues were looking at bat secretions to determine how long the virus stayed alive in certain conditions after being excreted.

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Bats’ habits key to virus

Townsville Bulletin Rachel Riley 17 February 2015

RESEARCHERS at James Cook University are hopeful of developing strategies to manage the transmission of Hendra virus by studying bat behaviour and tracking the movement of horses.

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Equine Veterinarians Australia defends Hendra vaccine as horse owners voice concern about its safety

ABC Rural Marty McCarthy

Equine Veterinarians Australia has defended the Hendra vaccine, amidst growing concern on social media that the drug can have major side effects for horses.
The vaccine has been on the market for more than two years, but the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority is yet to register it.
That means the vaccine can only be administered by vets who have been granted a permit by the APVMA to do so.

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Former Olympic equestrian rider is worried the Hendra vaccine has major side effects that are not being acknowledged

ABC News [Audio]

Former Olympic equestrian rider Vicki Roycroft is worried the Hendra vaccine has major side effects that are not being acknowledged.


Concerns over alleged risks of Hendra vaccine mount as Facebook movement against the drug gains momentum

ABC Rural Marty McCarthy 29 January 2015

Concern amongst horse owners that the Hendra vaccine has major side effects including death is mounting, despite authorities and the drug manufacturer disputing the claims.
The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, which issues vaccine permits to vets, has confirmed seven cases where the death of a horse had a ‘possible’ link to the Hendra vaccine.
A group called ‘Say No To Hendra’ has formed on social media to encourage horse owners to share their Hendra vaccine experiences.

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Hendra vaccine ‘unlikely’ cause of death for Queensland horse

ABC News RURAL  14 January, 2015  Marty McCarthy

Concerns the Hendra vaccine may have caused the death of a horse in Queensland have been quashed by autopsy results.  Continue reading…

Top 5 under 40 – giving a voice to science thinkers

University of NSW 3 December 2014

UNSW and ABC Radio National today launched Top 5 under 40, an exciting initiative to discover a new generation of science thinkers and give them a voice.

Applications are now open for outstanding early-career researchers under the age of 40 who are working in Australian universities and research institutions across science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical research.

Apply now: Early-career researchers who meet the scheme’s criteria have until Friday 16 January 2015 to  apply online.

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