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Drug company denies claims of stifling criticism as deadline looms for Hendra vaccine permit

ABC News 3 July 2015

Horse owners and vets are demanding the manufacturer of the Hendra vaccine release more information about the drug’s safety record, amidst claims the company is trying to stifle criticism.

The company, Zoetis, has strongly denied the claims and urged horse owners to stop speculating about the safety behind the drug, which was developed by an award-winning CSIRO research team.


Biosecurity to be included in vet courses

ABC Rural Arlie Felton-Taylor 25 June 2015

For the first time in Australia, a university has included biosecurity planning in its veterinary science course.
The University of Queensland, together with the Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN), has focused on biosecurity risks by adding a planning activity to the third-year vet student curriculum.
LBN regional officer Dr Sarah-Jane Wilson said the focus was on putting measures in place to mitigate risks on smaller scale farms.
“We took the focus of all of the eight key areas of on-farm biosecurity, so that’s about managing risks on the farm to do with livestock and to do with pests and weeds,” she said.

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No public alert for Hendra cases, say authorities
Gold Coast Bulletin JACK HOUGHTON June 26, 2015
THE NSW Government says it will not issue a public alert every time a horse is suspected to have died from the controversial Hendra virus.
Responding to horse handlers angry with the time it took authorities to report a potential outbreak, the Department of Primary Industries yesterday rejected calls to xxxx and reassess the way it communicates with the equine community.
Horse trainers were furious it took the department four days to tell them a horse had died and three more quarantined.
To make matters worse, the region’s premier race day, the Murwillumbah Cup, was held the day after the gelding was declared dead.

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Gold Coast horses exposed to deadly Hendra virus at Murwillumbah race day after local horse died from virus

Gold Coast Bulletin JACK HOUGHTON  June 25, 2015

GOLD Coast horse trainers at the biggest racing event of the year in Murwillumbah were not warned a horse had died from the Hendra virus a day earlier.
NSW Department of Primary Industries officers took more than four days to alert horse trainers to a breakout on the Tweed Coast that killed one horse, put another into quarantine and potentially exposed several people to the deadly virus.
A 19-year-old gelding, a family pet, died from the virus on Saturday but authorities only told the public yesterday through a press statement an hour after the Bulletin made inquiries.
Brian Charman, president of the Tweed River Jockey Club which hosted the Murwillumbah Cup on Sunday, said he was never told about the risk of a Hendra virus outbreak.

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A horse has died from a Hendra virus outbreak in Murwillumbah

Vaccinating horses against Hendra is expensive, but drug manufacturer says that could soon change

ABC Rural Marty McCarthy 24 June 2015

The Hendra vaccine could soon become cheaper for horse owners.
The drug’s manufacturer, Zoetis, lodged an application with the Australia Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to extend the drug’s duration of immunity to 12 months.
The current injection regime requires ongoing boosters every six months after the initial two injections, so the change would halve the amount of injections a horse needs.

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Anti-vaccine Hendra scare campaign causing horse deaths on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Bulletin Lucy Ardern 15 June 2015

HORSES are regularly dying on the Gold Coast because of the influence of the powerful anti-vaccine movement ­stopping owners from protecting their animals against the Hendra virus.

High-profile equine vet Charlie McCormack said a third of the horses on the Gold Coast were not vaccinated against the deadly virus despite the city being located in a Hendra hot spot.

A series of social media groups have been set up to oppose Hendra vaccination, including “Say No To Hendra” which has more than 4000 followers on Facebook.

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Queensland scientists examine global diseases

Brisbane Times AAP 14 June 2015

The development of an anti-Hendra virus treatment by Queensland researchers has opened the door for them to work with US colleagues on other global diseases.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Sunday met with researcher Dr Dimiter Dimitrov from the National Institutes of Health during her US trade mission to discuss an ongoing relationship with Queensland scientists.

The work of Queensland scientists in further progressing the treatment fuelled discussions about other emerging diseases, including Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

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