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Hendra virus vaccine: CSIRO scientist recommends fewer injections; owners say vaccine killed healthy horses

ABC News 24 August 2015

The CSIRO scientist who developed the Hendra virus vaccine is recommending fewer injections be given to horses to protect against the deadly illness.

Currently boosters have to be given every six months and horse owners have told the ABC they fear their horses are becoming ill and in several cases dying as result of “over-vaccination”.

Hendra virus vaccine for horses approved despite possible deaths

Brisbane Times Jorge Branco August 5, 2015

A national regulator has approved a vaccine to treat Hendra virus – a virus potentially deadly to both horses and humans – despite possible links to horse deaths.
The Hendra virus vaccine for horses was registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority on Tuesday.
The registration came after ABC Rural earlier this year reported concerns over alleged side effects including death.

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ABC Rural Marty McCarthy 5 August 2015:

Chemical regulator registers Hendra vaccine, releases data on reported side effects

ABC News Rural 5 August 2015

The Australian and Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has registered the Hendra vaccine, and released all its data on the drug’s reported side effects.

DATA: Summary of adverse experience reports made to the APVMA about Hendra virus vaccine

Time is up for Hendra vaccine as minor use permit reaches expiry deadline

ABC News Rural 4 August 2015

Australia’s agvet chemical regulator, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines authority, is finalising a decision on whether it will register the Hendra vaccine.

The vaccine has been available on a minor use permit since it was first released in late 2012, but that permit expires today.

Queensland authorities continue to monitor property at centre of Hendra outbreak

ABC News | Qld Country Hour Craig Zonca 27 July 2015

Queensland biosecurity authorities continue to monitor a far north Queensland property where an unvaccinated horse contracted the Hendra virus.  Despite acknowledging criticism of the vaccine and the adverse reactions some people had reported in their horses, Queensland’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Alison Crook said she was convinced of its safety.  The current permit for the Hendra vaccine, which includes instruction for a six-monthly booster, expires on August 4.

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Research finds urine from black flying foxes poses biggest Hendra virus risk to horses, following confirmed Hendra case in far north Queensland

ABC News | ABC Rural Marty McCarthy, Eliza Rogers 27 July 2015

One of Australia’s leading bat researchers says scientists are closer to understanding how the deadly Hendra virus spreads to horses.  Dr Hume Field said a recent study of 3,000 bats from Charters Towers in north Queensland, to Sydney in New South Wales, indicated urine was the most likely link.

Dr Hume said researchers had also identified which species of flying fox were more likely to pass on the disease.

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Over 300 wildlife disease experts gather on the Sunshine Coast

Brisbane Times Amy Mitchell-Whittington 27 July 2015

More than 300 of the world’s greatest wildlife disease experts have descended on the Sunshine Coast to share their leading research in wildlife health.  One Health is the main theme underlying the conference, with the focus on how disease impacts different wildlife, eco-systems and humans.

“We have got a number of talks looking at how Hendra virus spills over from bats to horses to people,” Dr Portas said.

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