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Brisbane flu ‘not on the radar’

Courier Mail 2 September 2015

THE “Brisbane strain” of influenza behind a surge of infections gripping the state is likely to be included in next year’s vaccine.

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Vaccine has not protected people from the ‘Brisbane flu’

ABC News Leonie Mellor 1 September 2015

The existing flu vaccine has not protected people from a nasty strain of the virus known as the “Brisbane” flu, an influenza expert says.

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Horror flu season warning ‘too late’

Courier Mail 1 September 2015

QUEENSLAND is ground zero of the nation’s worst flu outbreak in many years, with thousands of people struck down by a strain that was not included in the standard vaccine.

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Queensland on brink of influenza epidemic, doctors fear

ABC News with AAP Jo Skinner and Jessica Hinchliffe 26 August 2015

The Queensland is on the brink of an influenza epidemic with thousands of cases diagnosed in August, the Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) says.
The latest Queensland Health figures show there have been more than 12,000 confirmed cases this year up until August 16.
Almost half of those were diagnosed between August 1 and 16 and 92 people were hospitalised.
The AMAQ’s Dr Wayne Herdy said this year’s flu season was shaping up to be the worst in decades.
“I think that we’re right at the very beginning of what’s shaping up to be a fairly significant influenza B epidemic,” he said.

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Universal flu vaccine comes closer, scientists say

BBC news 25 August 2015

Researchers say they are closer to developing a vaccine to give life-long protection against any type of flu, after promising trials in animals.

Two separate US teams have found success with an approach that homes in on a stable part of the flu virus.

That should remove the problem with current flu vaccines which must be given anew each year because they focus on the mutating part of the virus.

The proof-of-concept work is published in Science journal and Nature Medicine.

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Gold Coast in grip of potentially deadly flu epidemic: doctors

Gold Coast Bulletin 19 August 2015

Doctors say the city is in the grip of a flu epidemic that can lead to fatal complications and parents must act quickly to rule out pneumonia if their child develops a fever or is short of breath.

Liam Enese, 16-year-old Gold Coast sportsman, dies of pneumonia as flu epidemic sweeps city

Gold Coast Bulletin Stpehanie Bedo 18 August 2015

TEENAGER Liam Enese fell ill on Monday last week.By Thursday the fit, 16-year-old Gold Coast sportsman was dead — struck down by pneumonia which developed as a complication of the flu epidemic sweeping the Gold Coast.

Liam’s parents agreed to an autopsy so doctors can find out what went wrong and hopefully help save others from a similar fate.

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