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Job insecurity is driving the best and brightest out of medical research

Brisbane Times Anna Patty April 29 2016

Darren Saunders was developing a cure for pancreatic cancer when he gave up his medical research job to find one that was more secure.
The constant stress of going from contract to contract each year and spending precious time applying for research grants finally took its toll.

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Flu jabs ‘more effective in morning’

BBC News 26 April 2016

Morning flu jabs provoke a stronger immune response than those given in the afternoon, a study shows.

The trial at 24 doctors’ practices found people vaccinated before lunch produced the most defensive antibodies.

The University of Birmingham team suggested immunising people in tune with the body’s natural rhythm could be a cheap way to save lives.

Flu vaccine: Queensland home to almost half the country’s flu cases

Brisbane Times Jorge Branco April 14 2016

Health authorities are bracing for a “very busy winter period” as flu cases already hit more than double this time last year.
Almost half of all cases in the country have been from Queensland, more than 2500 as of Thursday.

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Gold Coast scientists discovery tipped to save lives of kids, the elderly

Gold Coast Bulletin April 14, 2016

YOUNG children and the elderly could be saved from fatal upper respiratory diseases after Griffith University researchers discovered a new cure.
No vaccines or therapies have been available to treat the human parainfluenza virus (hPIV) which is the second biggest cause of acute respiratory tract infections in infants.
But researchers at Griffith’s Institute of Glycomics have found the illness can be blocked by combining two drugs.

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Flu vaccine for Queenslanders hit by delays

The Courier-Mail 5 April 2016

The federally funded flu vaccine will not be available to Queenslanders for another two weeks, despite a record 2000 people across the state being diagnosed with influenza this year.


WHO reports new case of avian influenza in China

BioPrepWatch 25 March 2016

Another avian A (H5N6) influenza infection was confirmed in China on March 15 by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), which then notified the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Herberton Hospital deaths: Health authorities responded ‘appropriately’ to hMPV outbreak

ABC News Sharnie Kim 16 March 2016

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer has found local health authorities responded “promptly” and “appropriately” to a respiratory disease outbreak at an aged care facility in far north Queensland.
Seven patients died during a human metapneumovirus outbreak at the Herberton Hospital earlier this year.
In a report released late yesterday, Dr Jeannette Young found the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service implemented appropriate infection control measures and complied with relevant laws and procedures.
However, she recommended all aged care facilities try to vaccinate more staff and patients against the flu and develop procedures in advance to isolate sick people.

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Update 17 March 2016