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Adults catch the flu about twice every decade

ABC Science  March 4, 2015  Amanda Onion

Think about the last time you felt really sick. There’s a good chance you may have blamed it on the flu…and there’s a good chance you were wrong.

It turns out that adults above the age of 30 actually only catch the flu about two times every 10 years, according to new research published in PLOS Biology.  Continue reading…

Estimating the Life Course of Influenza A(H3N2) Antibody Responses from Cross-Sectional Data

Published: March 3, 2015  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1002082


Airport screening for viruses misses half of infected travelers but can be improved

(University of California – Los Angeles 24 February 2015) Airport screening for diseases often misses at least half of infected travelers, but can be improved, scientists reported Feb. 19 in eLife, a highly regarded open-access online science journal. The life scientists used a mathematical model to analyze screening for six viruses: SARS coronavirus, Ebola virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, Marburg virus, Influenza H1N1 and Influenza H7N9.

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VIDEO: Flu scientists defend vaccine choice

BBC News Tim Muffett 25 February 2015

Experts are set to announce what sort of vaccine they believe will protect people against new strains of flu.  The constantly shifting flu virus makes it difficult to develop a vaccine, which is why a new flu jab is needed each year.  Last year’s vaccine was not as effective as it usually is.

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VIDEO: Swine flu outbreak spreads across India

BBC News Sanjoy Majumder 21 February 2015

Health officials in India are struggling to contain an outbreak of swine flu after the number of cases doubled within a week. More than 11,000 people have the disease, which has killed more than 700 people since mid-December. It is the same H1N1 strain that spread rapidly around the world six years ago.

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Wild birds ‘may spread flu virus’

BBC News Helen Briggs 6 February 2015

Migratory birds may be spreading viruses that cause bird flu around the world, say scientists.

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AMA warns against NSW Labor plan to let chemists give flu shots

ABC News 2 February 2015

The Australian Medical Association has renewed warnings against letting chemists give people their annual flu shots, saying it could compromise public health.

Study maps travel of H7 influenza genes

(University of North Carolina at Charlotte 21 January 2015) In a new bioinformatics analysis of the H7N9 influenza virus that has recently infected humans in China, researchers trace the separate phylogenetic histories of the virus’s genes, giving a frightening new picture of viruses where the genes are traveling independently in the environment, across large geographic distances and between species, to form ‘a new constellation of genes — a new disease, based not only on H7, but other strains of influenza.’

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