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Aust team targets single flu shot for life

The Sydney Morning Herald May 14, 2015

Australian researchers have been part of a discovery that could lead to a single-shot flu vaccine offering protection for life.
The University of Melbourne-led team says “killer” CD8+T cells are tasked with taking out new viruses and are able to memorise distinct strains.
The discovery was made with researchers from China’s Fudan University during the avian flu breakout of 2013.
Samples from patients infected with that flu showed those who could not make the T cells were dying.
The University of Melbourne’s Associate Professor Katherine Kedzierska says the research could lead to a vaccine component that would protect against all new influenza strains.

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Fluvax given to children under-five despite ban, prompting warning by Australia’s chief medical officer

Herald Sun Lucie Van Den Berg 7 May 2015

NINE Australian children have been given a flu vaccine banned in children under five because it can cause fever and febrile convulsions.  There have been three cases in NSW, three in Queensland, one in South Australia and two in West Australia.

A recent study by the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance found influenza vaccines registered for use in children were safe with few side effects.

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EndNote on Windows: The Short Course – Video Training

EndNote has just released a short course on the most-used features in EndNote.  topics can be found at the times below:

Title: 0:00
Online Search: 1:38
Groups: 4:47
Direct Export: 7:03
Importing PDF Files: 9:53
Find Full Text: 11:36
Journal Names: 13:10
CWYW: Adding Citations: 15:53
CWYW: Configuring the Bibliography: 18:20
CWYC: Editing Citations: 21:08
EndNote Sync: 23:43

View video (25:43 mins)

The EndNote Training channel on YouTube contains many helpful videos

Elsevier announces the launch of multidisciplinary open-access journal: One Health

(Elsevier 23 April 2015) Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has announced the launch of a new open-access journal: One Health.  The journal is the Official Journal of the One Health Platform, an international forum that promotes a cross-sectoral and collaborative approach to one health issues, bringing together leading experts from a multitude of research areas.

One Health will publish high quality research papers, reviews and outbreak reports on inter- and intra-species pathogen transmission and the predisposing factors that lead to their emergence. Research areas include virus discovery, antimicrobial resistance, veterinary science, ecosystem health, food safety, public health and emergency preparedness

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Only article published to date:

One health, multiple challenges: The inter-species transmission of influenza A virus


Studies yield mixed findings on high-dose flu vaccine for elders

(Veterans Affairs Research Communications 27 April 2015) Is the high-dose version of the flu vaccine more effective than the standard dose for older folks? A new Veterans Affairs study says yes, but only for the ‘oldest old': those 85 or older.

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Learning Forum Webinar: How UpToDate Responds to Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Learn how UpToDate responds to infectious disease outbreaks with the most current content.

When an outbreak like H1N1 influenza (“swine influenza”), Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or the more recent Ebola virus, becomes a public health concern, UpToDate rapidly develops content to provide clinicians with the most relevant and timely information.

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Rapid diagnosis kit will take five minutes to test if you’ve really got the flu

Sydney Morning Herald Nicky Phillips 13 April 2015

An international research team, including Australians, have developed a rapid diagnosis kit that can detect several types of influenza virus within five minutes.

The new test, which is still in early stages and has yet to be tested on patients, may prove a valuable tool to reduce its spread during an outbreak and ensure only infected people are given medication. The advance in the new fast test is a very thin layer of material that can detect biological molecules such as proteins from three influenza virus strains.

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