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The rate of all suicides and homicides in Australia has declined since the gun buyback

Brisbane Times Harriet Alexander June 23 2016

The gun law reforms enacted after the Port Arthur massacre 20 years ago did not only bring about an uninterrupted hiatus on mass shootings in Australia, but precipitated a decline in all intentional deaths, including those that did not involve firearms.
Research published in the prestigious American journal JAMA demonstrates fears that gun suicides would merely be replaced by other methods have proved misguided, with an initial spike in suicide deaths immediately following the buyback followed by a steady downward trend.

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Genetic link behind sudden death of young people revealed in world-first study

ABC News Raveen Hunjan 23 June 2016

A family is calling for more testing to prevent the sudden death of young people, with new research uncovering a genetic mutation is present in one in four unexplained deaths.
It took Kathy Curtis more than a year to learn she had unknowingly passed a genetic fault on to her son Ben, who died suddenly in his sleep aged 30.
“Seeing I was the one that gave it to him, I found it quite confronting and questioned my ability as his mother,” she said.

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How Pathology Australia advocates for ‘patient care’ to achieve big corporate profits

The Conversation Bruce Baer Arnold June 16, 2016

Each time we go for a blood test to investigate or keep track of an illness, or have a tissue sample from a Pap test or suspicious mole sent off for analysis, the wheels of the pathology industry are put to work.
Pathology in Australia is big business. One company draws an annual revenue of almost A$4 billion. And a proportion comes from the public purse, via Medicare rebates.

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Queensland Budget 2016-17

Budget Papers 1-5, 14 June 2016

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Loved ones want justice for Linda Reed who was abducted from Pacific Fair and killed

Gold Coast Bulletin Jessica Elder 11 June 2016

Three days after she went mission, Linda Reed’s remains were found in bushland at Gaven.  She had been sexually assaulted, tied up with a bikini top and left to drown in a creek puddle.  Convicted murderer, Craig Andrew McConnell, was charged with Linda’s death, but was acquitted due to insufficient evidence after the chief witness died of a heroin overdose shortly before the trial.

Pathologist Dr Tony Ansford gave evidence at McConnell’s failed hearing, that Linda Reed probably drowned in the muddy creek bed.  He said grit, mud and copious quantities of fluid were found well down in her airways, indicating she had drowned.  Her body was partly decomposed and Dr Ansford said he could not tell if she had been strangled.

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Teneriffe bones mystery: Jaw, arm and leg fragments sent for testing as police conclude search

9News AAP 9 June 2016

Detectives are confident they’ve recovered all human bone fragments from an inner-Brisbane park and are working with anthropologists to solve a decades-old mystery.  Forensic anthropologists have taken a measurement from the jaw bone to try to determine gender.
The bones have been sent to Brisbane’s John Tonge Centre and any DNA samples will be checked against a national database of missing persons.
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$10m boost to biosecurity to come in 2016-17 Queensland budget

ABC Rural Craig Zonca 9 June 2016

The 2016-17 Queensland budget will include a $10.8 million boost to the state’s biosecurity agency.
The additional funds will be spent over the next four years and are in response to a review of Queensland’s biosecurity system that called for an urgent funding injection.
The review found that Biosecurity Queensland lacked the capacity and capability to respond to the ever-increasing number of pest and disease threats.

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