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Vision for a sustainable health system in Australia

ABC News [Radio National] 20 April 2015

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) have released a ‘Vision for a Sustainable Health System’, which proposes a major overhaul of the current funding system for general practice, so that patients can be better supported in the community through local providers, reducing the need for expensive hospital treatment.

Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct to ‘bring new industries’ after 2018 Commonwealth Games

ABC News 17 April 2015

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland says a new health research precinct will be one of the greatest lasting legacies to come from the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The Games village at Southport will be turned into a ‘Health and Knowledge Precinct’ after the competition.

Policy chairman Martin Brady said it would create thousands of jobs in important industries.

“It’s going to be based on a lot of IT and medical and really that’s one thing that’s lacking on the Gold Coast,” he said.

Six challenges facing Australia’s medical research sector

The Conversation Warwick Anderson 15 April 2015

It’s been a great privilege to have been the head of NHMRC for going on a decade. That’s four governments, six health ministers, a funding increase from A$437 million in 2006 to A$859 million today and tens of thousands of applications for funding. And when I finished in March, I was the longest-serving head of a major public medical research funder internationally!

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Australian Academy of Science – Nominations for the 2016 honorific awards for scientific excellence are now open

Honorific Awards

Most honorific awards are open to any scientist normally resident in Australia. Nominations may be made by anyone in the scientific community, with the exception of the Macfarlane Burnet or the Matthew Flinders Medals and Lectures for which nominations may only be made by Academy Fellows.

Criteria and nomination forms are available under each individual award.  Awards are available for a range of disciplines including chemistry, physics, human genetics, and women in science, and include early and mid-career awards.

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Whistleblowers may bypass the media thanks to new data laws

The Conversation Adam Henschke 13 April 2015

While much has been said about the importance of press and media freedom, another important aspect so far has received far less coverage: that seeking to discourage media involvement in reporting leaks on government practices might actually run counter to the national interest.

Current whistleblower laws in Australia offer some protections to public servants, but others generally receive very little legal protection. Given the importance of the media to a functioning democracy, journalists are seen as deserving of special treatment.

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Father to stand trial for baby murder

Gold Coast Bulletin Meagan Weymes 13 April 2015

A FATHER accused of murdering his four-month old daughter at his Surfers Paradise home has been committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court.  Shayne Robert Quinn, 27, appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday for a committal hearing, charged with the murder of his daughter in September, 2013.

Police will allege Quinn was at his Surfers Paradise apartment with his baby daughter while his partner was out when the murder occurred.

The baby’s 26-year-old mother was charged with child cruelty and in October last year was committed to stand trial in the Brisbane District Court.

Forensic pathologist Dr Dianne Little told the court the baby had numerous factures of varying ages including 20 fractured ribs and a fractured left arm and leg.

“There was other more subtle injuries around her face, a number of bruises and abrasions, which in conjunction with some haemorrhaging into her lungs, raises the possibility that she may have suffered a form of asphyxia, known as smothering,” she said.

Dr Little said the individual injuries would not have caused the baby’s death but said the rib fractures could have caused difficulty breathing.

She said it was possible the abrasions and bruising to the face could have been caused by an adult hand covering the baby’s mouth while it had a dummy in.

On cross examination barrister David Shepherd asked Dr Little whether CPR attempts or the baby lying on her stomach could have caused the baby’s death.

“Babies often sleep face down with a dummy and they don’t die,” she said.

“It’s rare to see one or two fractures as a result of CPR let alone 20.”

Dr Little said she did not believe the CPR attempts, SIDS or any obvious natural diseases were the cause of the baby’s death.

Detective Sergeant Troy Quinn said the defendant told police the baby had been dropped and that his wife was absent at the time during his second interview with police.

Sgt Quinn said he was given advice that the charge should be one of murder once police found out the injuries were “far more horrific” than originally thought.

Following the cross-examination of the five witnesses Mr Shepherd consented for his client to be committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

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Woman suing over misdiagnosis

Gold Coast Bulletin Lucy Ardern 13 Arpil 2015

A WOMAN who almost died from tetanus in Robina Hospital three years ago is suing Queensland Health for almost $700,000, claiming medical staff should have been able to diagnose the disease.

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