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New police forensics centre at Majura hit by delays

CAnberra Times Megan Gorrey 30 November 2015

Federal police employees will have to wait until next year to move into a multimillion-dollar forensics lab in Canberra after construction delays pushed back the completion date.

The Majura hub was expected to be fully operational by the end of this year but now staff at the overcrowded Weston forensics facility are not expected to move in for several months.

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WHO response to Ebola caused thousands of unnecessary deaths: experts

ABC News | PM Lucy Carter 23 November 2015

A panel of experts has found that the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) response to the Ebola crisis was too slow, badly organised and caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people.  Dr Grant Hill-Cawthorne, a senior lecturer in Communicable Disease Epidemiology at Sydney University, said the report was a fair assessment of the inadequate global Ebola response.

The report makes 10 recommendations for improving systems to cope with future outbreaks.

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Women get a much needed boost in research funding gender equity plan

The Conversation Sarah Maddison 20 November 2015

Women make up 44% of Australian academics, but just 24% of professors. One of the contributing factors for this disparity is that there are fewer women applying for research grants than men, even though women are just as successful at winning grants as men.

This week saw the Australian Research Council (ARC) announce its Gender Equality Action Plan. This includes a range of actions aimed to ensure equal opportunity for men and women to participate in its National Competitive Grants Programme.

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Should politicians decide science funding?

BBC News 19 November 2015

One of the UK’s leading scientists, Sir Paul Nurse, has proposed giving politicians a greater say in the way scientific research is funded.

It would make science more important at the highest levels of government, says Sir Paul, a Nobel laureate. But he admits that what he is proposing could be seen as “a deal with the devil”.

Jobs to be cut in WA health as national funding dries up

ABC News Andrew O’Connor 17 November 2015

Western Australia’s health system will face significant job cuts over the next eight months as the Health Department tries to reduce costs in line with national funding levels.

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Bill Ferris: Fear of failure is holding back Australian innovation

Sydney Morning Herald 17 November 2015

Australia suffers from an outdated “fear of failure” mentality that impedes risk-taking and must be shaken off if the country is to create the jobs of the future, according to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s new innovation czar.

Industry, Innovation and Science Minister Christopher Pyne will on Tuesday announce Bill Ferris, regarded of the father of Australia’s venture capital industry, as the new chair of Innovation Australia. The government is preparing to release a major innovation statement – encompassing changes to tax breaks, university research funding and the role of the CSIRO – early next month.

Justice Philip McMurdo has been promoted to Queensland’s Court of Appeal

ABC News AAP 13 November 2015

Queensland Justice Philip McMurdo has been promoted to Court of Appeal judge in the State Government’s latest round of judicial appointments.

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