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American SciBabe blogger seeks chemical reaction during Science Week

Sydney Morning Herald Suzanne Carbone 15 August 2015

Bringing a dash of comic-book superhero to the science world, the American blogger named SciBabe​ karate chops her way through pseudoscience and the “Dr Google syndrome” by drawing on her degrees in forensic science, chemistry and theatre. Especially the theatre.

It’s unbelievable that she doesn’t have a comedy degree, though she has done stand up, because as a guest at Science Week from August 15-23, she departs from the image of the geek in a white coat with a performance combining one-liners and swear words.

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Lady Cilento Hospital ‘rushed opening’ findings to guide Sunshine Coast hospital

Brisbane Times Tony Moore 13 August 2015

The formal opening date of Queensland’s newest public hospital – the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital – will be selected with recommendations from the review into the rushed opening of South Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Hospital in mind, Health Minister Cameron Dick told reporters on Thursday.
“The report notes that there was an unacceptably high level of risk around the opening of this hospital,” Mr Dick said.
Lady Cilento Hospital staff were praised on Thursday by Mr Dick, Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg and review author Professor Deborah Picone for preventing any serious medical emergencies.
Mr Dick said the report’s 23 recommendations would be incorporated into the opening of future Queensland hospitals including the Sunshine Coast University Public Hospital which is due to open “late 2016”.

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Mistakes made in rush to get Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital open: Palaszczuk

ABC News Jessica van Vonderen 10 August 2015

A report into the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital reveals “mistakes” were made in a rush to get the facility open, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says.  The full report, which will be publicly released this week, comes from an independent panel appointed by the Queensland Government to review the building and the November 2014 opening of the $1.5 billion hospital.

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Children’s Health Queensland boss resigns ahead of report into Lady Cilento Hospital

ABC News Gail Burke 8 August 2015

Children’s Health Queensland board chairwoman Susan Johnston handed in her resignation to Health Minister Cameron Dick on Friday.  An independent clinical review earlier this year found there was confusion and dysfunction in the fortnight following the opening, including that staff were not adequately trained and some services were not in place.

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The Intelligent Use of Forensic Data

ANZPAA NIFS  July 2015 12 pp.

The Intelligent Use of Forensic Data handbook is a collation and integration of recently published findings and observations on the principles and practice of forensic intelligence. It provides a concise, understandable, visual guide outlining introductory principles to personnel at various levels and disciplines across law enforcement, including: forensic scientists, police officers and those involved in administering the criminal justice system.

This handbook is intended to raise awareness of the forensic intelligence principles and practice and be a valuable reference tool to jurisdictions.

Forensic intelligence is the timely aggregation and processing of forensic case data from different cases. It  provides knowledge on criminal activity and may support proactive and preventive approaches.

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Predatory publishers criticised for ‘unethical, unprincipled’ tactics

Radio National Background Briefing Hagar Cohen 2 August 2015

Predatory publishers are exploiting academics by getting them to pay fees—sometimes thousands of dollars—to publish their papers in low-grade journals, alongside anything from harmful junk science to flat out dangerous ideas.

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Sophie Collombet killing: DNA found under victim’s fingernails most likely to be from murder accused Benjamin James Milward, court hears

ABC News 27 July 2015

DNA found under the fingernails of murdered French student Sophie Collombet was 1.1 million times more likely to have come from her accused murderer Benjamin James Milward than anyone else, a Brisbane court has heard.

Amanda Reeves, a forensic biologist at Queensland’s John Tonge Centre, told the court DNA found underneath Ms Collombet’s right-hand fingernails was analysed, linking Milward to the crime.

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