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Job insecurity is driving the best and brightest out of medical research

Brisbane Times Anna Patty April 29 2016

Darren Saunders was developing a cure for pancreatic cancer when he gave up his medical research job to find one that was more secure.
The constant stress of going from contract to contract each year and spending precious time applying for research grants finally took its toll.

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Police say DNA clue in hunt for serial sex offender on the Gold Coast and Brisbane only emerged last week

Gold Coast Bulletin April 29, 2016

POLICE have revealed crucial DNA evidence pointing to a serial sex offender on the Gold Coast and south Brisbane only came to light last week.
Eight sexual assaults have occurred in the past 10 years and DNA proves at least four are the same man, while the other four are suspected to be.
Sexual assaults have almost doubled in the Gold Coast police district between 2010 and 2015, with 494 reported in 2014-15, compared to 292 in 2010-11.
But senior police say there is not a spike in sexual assaults, with many of the reported incidents in 2014-15 historical rapes that occurred many years before.
“Sexual offences increased by 21.5 per cent in 2014-15 and that can be attributed in part to more people reporting incidents of sexual offences to police, especially historical cases,” Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd said.
“There were significant historical reports which skewed these figures, the numbers for this financial year are looking much lower.
“But regardless even one sexual assault is one too many.”
Support groups say many sexual assaults still go unreported and most involve perpetrators known to the victim, making the brutal attacks on women in their beds all the more terrifying.
The mystery sex predator stalking women on the Coast and in Brisbane has averaged one attack a month this year, two that are confirmed with DNA.
The third and most recent at Molendinar was an attempted assault, with police confirming a girl in her early teens woke to a man in her room, causing him to flee.
This incident occurred in March, but information regarding it was only released this week.
Asst Comm Codd said sexual assault was a complex crime with many legal stumbling blocks.
“There are times when we don’t release information to protect a victim’s identity, to follow legal process, or to maintain the integrity of investigations” he said.
“Investigations like this take time and thorough investigation, it is nothing like it is portrayed on crime TV shows, DNA results can take weeks, or even longer if it’s a mixed sample.
“As soon as we realised we had a definite pattern we came straight out to the public. No one takes public safety more seriously that we do.
“There still isn’t much information to give, with victim descriptions varying and no firm description of this offender who strikes in the dark.
“We hope our appeal will unearth information that will help us crack this case.”
The eight attacks police believe are linked occurred between 2005 and 2016, but between 2008 and 2015 there are no similar offences in the same areas reported.
Detectives are toying with the theory the offender may have relocated during those years, with DNA proving he was not in prison.
Asst Comm Codd said the offender was not in the system and revealed there was stringent criteria around police holding a person’s DNA sample.
“Police have powers to keep DNA samples for persons who commit indictable offences, but if that person is not persecuted or found not guilty then police must destroy it,” he said.

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CSIRO changes like putting bandaid over gaping wound, scientist says

ABC News 27 April 2016

Senior scientists have warned that despite the creation of a new CSIRO climate research in Hobart, Australia is still facing a major reduction in its climate research efforts.

Zika virus boffins go out on a limb

The Courier Mail 24 April 2016

QUEENSLAND experts are racing to develop a rapid ­detection test for Zika virus that could be a global breakthrough in the fight against the illness.

There have been 18 cases of Zika virus in Queensland this year, all brought into the state by travellers as the virus continues to spread.

Queensland Health and the University of Queensland are collaborating to produce a new test by developing a synthetic Zika virus protein. The research could also lead to the development of drugs to treat Zika.

The protein can be used to detect the disease in a more “accessible way” as there’s no need to handle live virus. The test would be similar to the quick test for dengue fever.

Fair Work Commission backs dumping of public servants for underperformance

Sydney Morning Herald 26 April 2016

The dumping of underperforming public servants by two federal departments has won the backing of the industrial umpire in two separate decisions.

The two workers, sacked by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Defence Department last year for underperformance, have both lost separate appeals for unfair dismissal to the Fair Work Commission.

CSIRO to set up climate research centre in Hobart amidst confirmed job cuts

ABC News 26 April 2016

The CSIRO will set up a national climate research centre based in Hobart for 40 full-time scientists, but more than 275 jobs will be cut from the organisation.

Autopsy delays keep Gold Coast families waiting for answers on the deaths of loved ones

Gold Coast Bulletin April 22, 2016

IT’S been four months since Tweed Heads grandfather Trevor Duroux was allegedly killed by a coward punch but his devastated family is still waiting for answers.
Trevor’s autopsy results are still not available, stalling the legal process and forcing the family to make the heartbreaking decision to allow medical examiners to keep part of his body.

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