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Sophie Collombet killing: DNA found under victim’s fingernails most likely to be from murder accused Benjamin James Milward, court hears

ABC News 27 July 2015

DNA found under the fingernails of murdered French student Sophie Collombet was 1.1 million times more likely to have come from her accused murderer Benjamin James Milward than anyone else, a Brisbane court has heard.

Amanda Reeves, a forensic biologist at Queensland’s John Tonge Centre, told the court DNA found underneath Ms Collombet’s right-hand fingernails was analysed, linking Milward to the crime.

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French student Sophie Collombet’s accused murderer to stand trial in Queensland Supreme Court

Perth Now Sherine Conyers 27 July 2015

On Monday, a Brisbane court heard Benjamin James Milward had consumed a cocktail of drugs and alcohol the day he is alleged to have killed Sophie.

A forensic scientist told the court DNA taken from under the fingernails of murder victim Ms Collombet was likely to have come from Milward.  Amanda Reeves, a forensic scientist at Queensland’s John Tonge Centre, said she analysed a “tape lift” taken from Ms Collombet’s hand.

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Diabetics at greater risk of TB: study

Brisbane Times AAP 27 July 2015

A 20-year James Cook University study has found the weakened immune systems of diabetics make them more vulnerable to tuberculosis.

“If you suffer from diabetes and your immune system is not functioning well, it can flare up,” Director of Microbiology at Townsville Hospital, Dr Robert Norton, said.

All diabetes sufferers should therefore be screened for tuberculosis, he said.

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Danny McGuire speaks on losing wife, son and daughter in Grantham flood

ABC News Courtney Wilson 24 July 2015

A man who lost his wife, daughter and eldest son in the 2011 Grantham floods has told an inquiry investigating the disaster of the moment their vehicle was swamped.

It is the first time locals have had the opportunity to give their eyewitness accounts of how a wall of water tore through Grantham, west of Brisbane, on January 10, 2011.

The commission of inquiry is examining how man-made and natural features of the landscape contributed to the disaster, which killed 12 people in the town.

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Brisbane boy’s death: Post-mortem tests may take several days, Queensland Health says

ABC News 21 July 2015

The results of a post-mortem examination on a 10-year-old Brisbane boy who died in suspicious circumstances at home may not be released for several days, Queensland Health says.

Family members discovered the boy’s body in a bedroom at a Mackenzie home just before 5:00pm on Sunday and called an ambulance.

Paramedics believe he may have died several hours before they were called.

The autopsy is being conducted by Queensland Health’s Forensic and Scientific Services, which will also do toxicology tests if required.

Police are waiting for the findings before they consider possible charges.

The boy lived with two siblings, aged nine and 11, and had been in the care of his aunt for the past eight years.

The aunt was taken to hospital on Sunday with a medical condition.

Police said they had spoken with her but she was yet to be formally interviewed.

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