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Second salmonella outbreak at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre revealed

Brisbane Times 6 March 2015

Queensland Health is investigating a second outbreak of food poisoning at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre that came a week before a major salmonella outbreak afflicted hundreds of school principals.

The ABC has reported at least 10 people became sick during a Fundraising Institute of Australia conference at the centre.

Hepatitis A toll from outbreak linked to Chinese frozen berries climbs to 26 cases

ABC News March 4, 2015

Three new cases of hepatitis A linked to recalled frozen berries imported from China have been reported.

The Federal Health Department said two more cases in Queensland and a case in Western Australia had been confirmed.

Health authorities said the new cases take the national figure associated with the current outbreak to 26: three in Victoria, 11 in Queensland, eight in New South Wales, two in Western Australia, and one each in South Australia and the ACT.

The department said the source of the virus was still unconfirmed but the berries were the only common exposure for the cases.  Continue reading…

Suspected salmonella outbreak: 250 food poisoning cases linked to principals’ conference in Brisbane

ABC New  March 4, 2015

A total of 250 people are now sick after a suspected salmonella outbreak at a school principals’ conference in Brisbane last week, Queensland Health says.

About 1,200 delegates gathered for the conference on February 26 and 27 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC).

Chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said 250 have now reported gastro-intestinal symptoms, up from 175 on Tuesday.  Continue reading…

Townsville high school student in hospital with tuberculosis (TB)

ABC News March 4, 2015   David Chen & Allyson Horn

Townsville Hospital has confirmed it is treating a local high school student who has tested positive for tuberculosis (TB).

A specialist team was working with the school to arrange contact tracing, according to the Townsville Hospital and Health Service.  Continue reading…

Townsville Bulletin report

UW researchers develop new approach to diagnosing TB — oral swabs

(University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine 2 March 2015) Drawing inspiration from veterinary medicine, researchers at the University of Washington have helped developed a new prospective approach to diagnosing tuberculosis — easy-to-obtain oral swab samples, greatly improving on standard diagnostics.

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Airport screening for viruses misses half of infected travelers but can be improved

(University of California – Los Angeles 24 February 2015) Airport screening for diseases often misses at least half of infected travelers, but can be improved, scientists reported Feb. 19 in eLife, a highly regarded open-access online science journal. The life scientists used a mathematical model to analyze screening for six viruses: SARS coronavirus, Ebola virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, Marburg virus, Influenza H1N1 and Influenza H7N9.

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Deadly bacteria release sparks concern at Louisiana lab

USA Today Alison Young 2 March 2015

A dangerous, often deadly, type of bacteria that lives in soil and water has been released from a high-security laboratory at the Tulane National Primate Research Center in Louisiana.

The safety breach at Tulane’s massive lab complex 35 miles north of New Orleans is the latest in a recent series of significant biosafety accidents at some of the most prestigious laboratories in the country where research is performed on bacteria and viruses that are classified as potential bioterror agents.

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