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No syphilis strategy to tackle outbreak until New Year: Health Minister

Brisbane Times Tony Moore 28 November 2015

Indigenous Queenslanders will wait until early 2016 for a strategy to deal with Queensland’s worst outbreak of syphilis in 30 years, Health Minister Cameron Dick told reporters on Friday.

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New guidelines on the prevention/control of multi-drug-resistant gram-negative bacteria

(Elsevier 18 November 2015) Gram-negative bacteria include common types such as E. coli that all of us carry in our bowels. When these bacteria get into other parts of the body they can cause infections, including common infections such as cystitis or urinary tract infections. The bacteria can also be readily spread from person to person. Multi-drug-resistant strains are resistant to most, or all, of the common antibiotics that we use to treat infections.

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Public meetings in outback Queensland relieve anxiety about waterborne ‘brain-eating’ parasite

ABC News | ABC Western Qld Blythe Moore 20 November 2015

Public health specialist Dr Kerryn Coleman, of Central Queensland Public Health, delivered information sessions in Winton, Longreach and Barcaldine in recent days.   Dr Coleman said the information session in Winton was particularly well attended, and she was optimistic the information provided had helped to put people’s minds at ease.

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Queensland Health debunks food safety myths 19 November 2015

Food poisoning will strike about 1.4 million Australiansthis year, with poor food handling the prime cause of the misery.

And authorities say better food safety knowledge among Australian could drive those figures right down.

Australian Food Safety Week was held this month as national health authorities redoubled their efforts to debunk myths surrounding food safety and educate the wider community about foodborne diseases, including salmonella and campylobacter poisoning.

Sophie Dwyer, Health Protection Branch executive director at Queensland Health, said one of the first big myths people had was that food poisoning was no big deal.

First drug resistant TB patient in PNG dies

ABC News 19 November 2015

In Papua New Guinea, the first person in the country to be diagnosed with a multi-drug resistant strain of tuberculosis has died.

Since its detection in PNG, the number of cases of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, or M-D-R-T-B as it’s known, has continued to increase, sparking fears that it could turn into a full blown epidemic the country doesn’t have the capacity to contain.

The resistant tuberculosis cases are centred in Daru in Western Province, with transmissions reaching communities along the coast and far inland.

Gene that makes bacteria resistant to last-resort antibiotics found in China

ABC News 19 November 2015

A new gene that makes bacteria highly resistant to a last-resort class of antibiotics has been found in people and pigs in China – including in samples of bacteria with epidemic potential, a new study has found.

The discovery was described as “alarming” by scientists, who called for urgent restrictions on the use of polymyxins — a class of antibiotics that includes the drug colistin and is widely used in livestock farming.

Researchers led by Hua Liu from the South China Agricultural University, who published their work in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, found the gene, called mcr-1, on plasmids — mobile DNA that can be easily copied and transferred between different bacteria.

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WHO warns of ‘global crisis’ over antibiotics resistance

ABC News | The World Today Jessica Longbottom 17 November 2015

The World Health Organisation has warned the overuse of antibiotics is fuelling dangerously high resistance levels and called on individual countries to tackle misconceptions about the drugs.

Professor Matt Cooper, based at the Centre for Superbug Solutions at the University of Queensland, said levels of misinformation about antibiotics were generally higher in the developing world but that has implications in Australia.

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