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Industrial psychologist says mining managers need to ‘dramatically re-think’ approach to safety

ABC Rural News Eliza Rogers 21 August 2015

Mining companies pride themselves on the absence of accidents as an indicator of their commitment to safety, but one expert says that mindset is fuelling safety failures.
As Queensland recorded its worst year for mine fatalities in two decades, industrial psychologist Corrie Pitzer said mine managers needed to dramatically re-think their approach to safety.
Mr Pitzer, the president of SAFEmap International, addressed a mine health and safety conference in north Queensland this week.

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Highest number of coal mining deaths in Queensland in 20 years, mining safety conference hears

ABC News 18 August 2015

Four coal miners died in Queensland in the last year, the highest death toll in 20 years, a mining safety conference has heard.

Three died at Anglo American mines, and the fourth at Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance.

The latest statistic has formed the theme for the industry’s annual safety conference, held in Townsville on Monday and Tuesday.

Jason Garrels coronial inquest: Contractor referred to Queensland Police after workplace electrocution

ABC News Jonathan Hair and Alyse Edwards 12 August 2015

An electrical contractor has been referred to police by a coroner for criminal charges after a young man was electrocuted at work in central Queensland.
Jason Garrels, from Gympie, was just a few weeks shy of his 21st birthday when he died while building apartments at Clermont in February 2012.
A coronial inquest held in Mackay in March heard Mr Garrels was electrocuted when a switchboard he had been carrying came into contact with live wires after cable covering slipped off.

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Health Check: the low-down on standing desks

The Conversation Josephine Chau, Lina Engelen 3 August 2015

Standing desks, or sit-stand contraptions, are an effective way for office workers to incorporate more standing into their workday. But can you transition to standing at work without causing yourself harm and injury?  Summarises ergonomics and tips to keep in mind when transitioning to a new working style.

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New figures show quad bikes are a farmer’s enemy

ABC Rural News Lara Webster 24 July 2015

The latest statistics from Farmsafe Australia show quad bikes are at the top of the danger list for farmers.
This week marks National Farm Safety Week and safety advocates have called for more stringent regulations around the use of quad bikes.
Nationally four-wheelers have been responsible for eight deaths already this year and have overtaken tractors as the most common cause of farm accidents.

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Cairns inquest to investigate coral trout fisherman’s death at Bowden Reef near Townsville

ABC News Isobel Roe 24 July 2015

A coroner will examine the death of a coral trout fisherman on a north Queensland reef at in inquest in Cairns, in far north Queensland, today.
Glenn Anthony Wilson, 39, was employed as a commercial fisherman at Reef Pacific when he died at work in July 2013.
He was one of several fishers searching for coral trout at Bowden Reef, off the coast near Townsville, when his boat capsized.

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