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Man dies in tragic Tanah Merah Bobcat accident

The Courier Mail Chris Honnery May 22, 2015

A MAN has died under tragic circumstances following an incident with work machinery south of Brisbane this morning.
Paramedics and police are on scene at Pohon Drive, Tanah Merah after a man was killed while he was operating a Bobcat.
The man, believed to be in his 50s, is thought to have been caught between the Bobcat and the bucket and was pronounced dead at the scene.
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Union says it holds ‘great concerns’ for safety at Sun Metals refinery

Townsville Bulletin RACHEL AFFLICK  May 21, 2015

A UNION representing workers at Sun Metals says it holds great concerns for safety at the refinery following the death of a Townsville father.
Kevin Harney, 41, died on Saturday after being trapped under a hydraulic arm.
Australian Workers’ Union Queensland district secretary Cowboy Stockham said the tragic accident was particularly concerning as it came less than 12 months after another worker was seriously injured in a crushing incident at the site.
“Less than 12 months ago we saw a near-fatal incident at this site and in the last week a worker has been killed – this is not good enough,” he said.

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Ice use in workforce highest in ‘blue-collar jobs’, statistics reveal

ABC news | May 13, 2015 | Simon Lauder

Trade workers and those in the hospitality industry are among the biggest users of the drug ice in the workforce, an analysis of national drug data has revealed.

The figures also show that while unemployed people in percentage terms were more likely to use the drug ice than those with jobs, there were many more ice users in the workplace than the unemployment queue.

Flinders University drug and alcohol expert Dr Ken Pidd analysed data from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey and spoke about the findings at a methamphetamine symposium in Melbourne today.  Continue reading…

Grantham heeded for new Qld flood inquiry

The Sydney Morning herald | May 5, 2015

An angry group of southeast Queensland residents will finally get their chance to have their say about the deadly flood which washed through the Lockyer Valley.

On a day when two flood investigations were announced in the Queensland parliament, the townspeople of Grantham gained their wish to speak out about the causes of the 2011 flood which claimed 12 lives.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk admitted the fledgling Labor government had heeded continued calls by the Grantham community to further investigate how a wall of water surged through their township.  Continue reading…

Experts predict workplaces to experience a ‘tsunami’ of dementia issues

ABC news 4 May 2015

There are warnings that Australian workplaces are ill-equipped to deal with a so-called tsunami of dementia cases over the coming years. Experts say businesses could be sued for the actions of workers affected by dementia. The looming crisis will be caused by the combination of an ageing population and delayed retirement.

Townsville Hospital records second highest rate of deadly staph in state

Townsville Bulletin 2 May 2015

THE Townsville Hospital has recorded the second-highest rate of the potentially deadly golden staph infection in Queensland, with 40 patients struck down while in care over a 12-month period.

Despite the number of cases falling 6 per cent nationally, latest figures from the National Health Performance Authority reveal Townsville Hospital trails only the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in the rate of patients contracting the bloodstream infection.

RAAF jet fuel damaged ground crews’ body cells; long-term consequences unknown, says groundbreaking research

ABC News Dan Oakes 30 April 2015

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) personnel who worked with widely used jet fuel suffered damage to their body’s cells with unknown long-term consequences, according to groundbreaking research released after a Freedom of Information laws request.
The revelation raises the possibility that a wide range of Defence personnel could seek compensation that, to date, has been only granted to a comparatively small number of people who worked on the infamous F-111 deseal/reseal project.
Defence’s senior physician in occupational and environmental medicine, Dr Ian Gardner, described the findings as a “part of the puzzle” and a “hypothesis-making study”, and pointed it out that it was one of a series of pieces of research currently underway.
“What it shows is there is evidence of small but persistent cellular damage,” Dr Gardner told the ABC.

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