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Townsville Hospital records second highest rate of deadly staph in state

Townsville Bulletin 2 May 2015

THE Townsville Hospital has recorded the second-highest rate of the potentially deadly golden staph infection in Queensland, with 40 patients struck down while in care over a 12-month period.

Despite the number of cases falling 6 per cent nationally, latest figures from the National Health Performance Authority reveal Townsville Hospital trails only the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in the rate of patients contracting the bloodstream infection.

RAAF jet fuel damaged ground crews’ body cells; long-term consequences unknown, says groundbreaking research

ABC News Dan Oakes 30 April 2015

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) personnel who worked with widely used jet fuel suffered damage to their body’s cells with unknown long-term consequences, according to groundbreaking research released after a Freedom of Information laws request.
The revelation raises the possibility that a wide range of Defence personnel could seek compensation that, to date, has been only granted to a comparatively small number of people who worked on the infamous F-111 deseal/reseal project.
Defence’s senior physician in occupational and environmental medicine, Dr Ian Gardner, described the findings as a “part of the puzzle” and a “hypothesis-making study”, and pointed it out that it was one of a series of pieces of research currently underway.
“What it shows is there is evidence of small but persistent cellular damage,” Dr Gardner told the ABC.

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Man electrocuted at worksite Trenton Akers April 30, 2015

A WORKPLACE accident has ended in tragedy after a man was electrocuted this morning near Mackay.
Emergency crews were called to the worksite at 9:30am after the man received an electrical shock.
Despite efforts from paramedics, the 26-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene.
Police and Workplace Health and Safety are investigating the Brickworks Road work site.

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Dying for work: the changing face of work-related injuries

The Conversation | 28 April, 2015 | Alex Collie

Work is an important determinant of health. Satisfying, safe work contributes to positive health, financial security and greater engagement in society. It can even enhance recovery from injury. These effects are inter-generational; the children of happy workers also experience social, emotional and educational benefits.

But there’s a flip side. Under some conditions, work is a major risk factor for poor health, disability and even death.

So far this year, for instance, 48 Australians have been killed while at work. In 2014, there were 185 workplace deaths from traumatic injury. And the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data show there were over half a million workplace injuries in 2013/14. That’s one person hurt while working every minute.  Continue reading…

Veteran firies in line for compo

Townsville Bulletin | 29 April, 2015 | Lydia Kellner

VETERANS exposed to toxic chemicals at work will finally be able to claim compensation for related illnesses after an extensive four year campaign.

Former air force fireman Pat Mildren has been lobbying on behalf of about 94 veterans, who became sick or died from medical conditions believed to be related to chemical fires they were exposed to daily at RAAF bases across Australia from 1956.  Continue reading…

EndNote on Windows: The Short Course – Video Training

EndNote has just released a short course on the most-used features in EndNote.  topics can be found at the times below:

Title: 0:00
Online Search: 1:38
Groups: 4:47
Direct Export: 7:03
Importing PDF Files: 9:53
Find Full Text: 11:36
Journal Names: 13:10
CWYW: Adding Citations: 15:53
CWYW: Configuring the Bibliography: 18:20
CWYC: Editing Citations: 21:08
EndNote Sync: 23:43

View video (25:43 mins)

The EndNote Training channel on YouTube contains many helpful videos

Ice the “drug of choice” for miners

Australian Financial Review Tess Ingram Apr 24 2015

Health professionals and resources executives are growing concerned crystalline methamphetamine, or ice, is becoming a “drug of choice” for miners intent on circumventing on-site testing.
Sources said some miners were using ice on their rostered days off because the drug can be eliminated by the body much faster than other recreational drugs such as cannabis.

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