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Criminal evidence (inc. adhesive tape, rope, soil, trace evidence, fibres, textiles, dyes, poisons, fertilisers) in relation to homicide, suicide, sexual assault, break & enter, hit & run etc.
Includes explosives, IEDs (Improvised explosive devices) oil spills and comparisons, physical evidence examination

Police seek Facebook posts in alleged DV murder case

Townsville Bulletin Samantha Healy February 3, 2016

POLICE have sought records from Facebook’s US headquarters as they continue to build their case against a man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in a jealous rage.
Former soldier Dane Andrew Pilcher was charged with murder after he allegedly stabbed to death Corinne Henderson, 32, at her Idalia unit on September 26 last year.
The charge against him was mentioned in the Townsville Magistrates Court yesterday, with the court hearing the police brief was likely months away from completion.
Police prosecutor Sergeant Felicity Nalder said investigators were awaiting a “significant number” of forensic reports, records from telecommunication companies and material from the social media giant…

The court also heard that forensic testing of the knife allegedly found at the scene was also outstanding.
Pilcher, who is being represented by Legal Aid Queensland, remains in custody.
Solicitor Helen Armitage said there was little they could do until they saw the evidence being relied on by police.
“I have very limited information. All we have is the QP9 (court brief),” Ms Armitage said.
Sgt Nalder said there were still “a lot” of medical statements still outstanding and police were waiting for forensic testing to be completed.
“I understand there has been forensic testing on the knife that was seized from the scene,” Sgt Nalder said.
“My understanding is that hasn’t yet been conducted because some additional testing had to be done and the knife needed to be forwarded to Brisbane for analysis.

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Single molecule detection of contaminants, explosives or diseases now possible

(Penn State 11 January 2016) A technique that combines the ultrasensitivity of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) with a slippery surface invented by Penn State researchers will make it feasible to detect single molecules of a number of chemical and biological species from gaseous, liquid or solid samples. This combination of slippery surface and laser-based spectroscopy will open new applications in analytical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, environmental monitoring and national security.

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Gerard Baden-Clay: Prosecutors outline case for reinstatement of murder conviction in wife Allison’s death

ABC News 1 February 2016

In documents submitted late on Monday, the DPP outlined the crown’s summary of argument and why the High Court should return the murder conviction.

The DPP argued there was a motive for murder, including Baden-Clay’s affair and his “cold-blooded” dumping of Allison’s body.

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Arson investigation, Bundall

QPS News 1 February 2016

Police are investigating an incident were a flammable object was thrown at a house in Bundall overnight.

Initial investigations suggest that around 11pm a glass bottle was thrown at the front door of a Tiwi Street property by an unknown person. This person then fled on foot.

A 72-year-old female resident inside the house at the time of the incident extinguished a small blaze with a garden hose.

The front area of the house sustained minor damage and no one was injured.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have been in the area around the time of the incident or may have seen anything suspicious to contact Crime Stoppers.

Police investigations are continuing.

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Litvinenko inquiry unveils scientific sleuths at heart of investigation

Chemistry World Matthew Gunther 27 January 2016

A public inquiry into the 2006 death of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko has revealed the behind the scenes work chemists and forensic scientists carried out against the clock to investigate his assassination. The report also reveals the lengths investigators had to go to to protect themselves and the public from the radioactive contamination spread by Litvinenko’s murderers.

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Hunt for a killer: Father murdered before house fire

The Chronicle Tara Miko 29 January 2016

POLICE are now certain Dalby man Mark Wilkes was murdered before the two-storey timber home he was found inside was lit on fire more than a week ago.

Detectives and Homicide Squad officers from Brisbane are have sent more items from the Edward St home for forensic testing and are awaiting the results before the investigation progresses.

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It’s murder he wrote: top judge’s scathing review of Baden-Clay appeal

Courier Mail David Murray 1 February 2016 pp 8-9

A retired judge has delivered a scathing verdict on the downgrading of Gerald Baden-Clay’s murder conviction, declaring Queensland’s highest court “got it wrong”.

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