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Criminal evidence (inc. adhesive tape, rope, soil, trace evidence, fibres, textiles, dyes, poisons, fertilisers) in relation to homicide, suicide, sexual assault, break & enter, hit & run etc.
Includes explosives, IEDs (Improvised explosive devices) oil spills and comparisons, physical evidence examination

Cairns North man flees Gold Coast police after crash

The Courier Mail | Clare Armstrong 27 July 2016

A MAN has been charged after he crashed an allegedly stolen car and was later found with drugs and a firearm on the Gold Coast last night.

The 30-year-old Cairns North man was allegedly driving a stolen car when it collided with another car at the intersection of Olsen Avenue and Parklands Drive, Parkwood, at about 8:50pm.

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New technique uses electrical conductivity to measure blood in dry blood spot analysis

(University of Texas at Arlington 19 July 2016) Researchers from The University of Texas at Arlington have demonstrated that electrical conductivity can be an effective means to precisely measure the amount of blood present in dry blood spot analysis, providing a new alternative to the current preferred approach of measuring sodium levels.

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Man denies intention to kill stepdaughter

Courier Mail AAP 25 July 2016

A BRISBANE man accused of killing his stepdaughter allegedly told a neighbour he would stab her if he could “get away with it” just weeks before her death. Raymond John Mead has pleaded not guilty to murdering Sherelle Locke, 23, while she was watching TV with her mother in Boronia Heights in February 2014.  Ms Woolridge said a pathologist would testify that the 27cm deep wound to Ms Locke’s chest was unlikely to have been the result of someone falling on her.

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Teneriffe remains could solve longstanding mystery over disappearance of Marjorie Norval

ABC News Josh Bavas 26 July 2016

Police are awaiting forensic results on the arm, leg and jaw bones for details that could finally answer that question.  The remains were discovered on the edge of a steep park along Teneriffe Drive, which was once used as an unofficial dumping site dating back to World War II.  In 1943, a coroner ruled that Ms Norval most likely died while visiting an unidentified abortionist.

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Gerard Baden-Clay: High Court to hear appeal against downgrade of murder charge

ABC News Allyson Horn 26 July 2016

Australia’s highest court will today hear an appeal against the downgraded murder conviction of Brisbane wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay.  Queensland’s Director of Public Prosecutions Michael Byrne QC will argue the crown case, with the hearing expected to last for several hours.

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Joan Ryther: DNA found on victim’s clothing ‘likely’ to be from murder accused, court told

ABC News Andrew Kos 25 July 2016

DNA found on the clothing worn by Joan Ryther the day she died almost certainly belongs to the man charged with her 2013 rape and murder, a court has been told.  Andrew Michael Burke, 21, has pleaded not guilty to the charges in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.  Burke has also pleaded not guilty to a charge of killing an unborn child.

The witnesses will include a scientist who will tell the court that DNA found on Ms Ryther’s jacket was 100 billion times more likely to have come from Burke than from anyone else.

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Mount Isa Caravan explosion questions remain one year on

Brisbane Times Jorge Branco 23 July 2016

When a caravan blew up in a Mount Isa backyard on July 28, killing a father and two kids in an apparent double-murder suicide, many thought it was just the ever-present mine blasts.  A year on, police believe Charlie Hinder, 39, planned the explosion to kill “outgoing” Nyobi, 7, and “wide-eyed, curious” River, 4.  But they don’t know why.

The Coroner is still investigating and hasn’t decided whether an inquest will be needed to examine the tragedy.

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