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Criminal evidence (inc. adhesive tape, rope, soil, trace evidence, fibres, textiles, dyes, poisons, fertilisers) in relation to homicide, suicide, sexual assault, break & enter, hit & run etc.
Includes explosives, IEDs (Improvised explosive devices) oil spills and comparisons, physical evidence examination

Fatal house fire, Westlake

QPS News 16 June 2015

Police are investigating a fatal house fire that happened last night in Westlake.
Emergency services were called to an address on Hilliup Street around 11.35 pm following reports of a house fire.  On arrival, the house was engulfed in flames and emergency services have extinguished the fire, but it was totally destroyed.

An 11-year-old boy was pronounced deceased at the scene.  A 44-year-old woman was taken to hospital with burns and two children, a 13-year-old and a 10-year-old were taken to hospital for observation.  Investigations into the fire are continuing.

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Update 3: Traffic crash and explosion, Ravenshoe

QPS News 15 June 2015

A woman has passed away in hospital overnight following a traffic crash at a café in Ravenshoe on June 9.

The 82–year-old Silver Valley woman was transported to the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital and was in a critical condition but was pronounced deceased around 9pm.

Support services, including counselling, are continuing to be offered to those affected by the incident at the Ravenshoe Community Centre at 3 Bolton Street, Ravenshoe.

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Explosives located, Annandale

QPS News 15 June 2015

Police have charged a 35-year-old Townsville man following an investigation in Annandale overnight.  At around 1am this morning, a vehicle was intercepted by officers on William Angliss Drive for the purpose of a roadside breath test.

A subsequent search of the vehicle allegedly located three shotguns, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, a portable drug laboratory, knives, dangerous drugs and drug utensils.  Police closed the street whilst the explosives were removed from the location.

The 35-year-old has been charged with one count each of unlawful possession of a (category D/H/R) weapon, unlawful possession of a category (A/B or M) weapon, unauthorised transport of explosives, not being the holder of an authority required to possess explosives, possession of a knife and possession of shortened firearms.  He is scheduled to appear before the Townsville Magistrates Court today, June 15.

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Why it’s so hard to keep bad forensics out of Canada’s courtrooms

MetroNews Canada Torstar News Service 12 June 2015

Since DNA analysis was first used to identify the genetic fingerprints of perpetrators nearly 30 years ago, this highly specific — and thoroughly tested — technique has all but supplanted many methods that have been found to be less valid, such as hair comparison.

But even DNA analysis, which can pose challenges if the sample is not big enough or there is more than one genetic profile involved, is not infallible.  52 Percentage of Canadian exonerations assisted by the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted that involved flawed forensic or misleading expert testimony.

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Ravenshoe burns victims facing 50 hours of surgery

Brisbane Times Amy Remeikis AAP 13 June 2015

The Queensland skin bank, established five years ago, is helping to buy patients time while their own skin is harvested to help close those wounds.   Dr Rudd said the “sacrifice” of those who chose to donate their skin after death was giving his patients a chance, with the most critically injured suffering “more wound than available donor site” from which to harvest skin.

Five women, aged 43, 51, 59, 75 and 82 years old and three men, aged 56, 59 and 69 remain in a critical condition in induced comas.

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Ravenshoe explosion: Community warned to prepare for more deaths

Cafe explosion: Dark days lie ahead for Ravenshoe survivors

Ravenshoe explosion: Condition of cafe blast victim worsens

Another burns victim from Ravenshoe cafe blast arrives in Brisbane

Ravenshoe cafe explosion victim Nicole Dempsey dies Peter Michael AAP June 12, 2015

THE daughter of the owners of a north Queensland cafe that was destroyed by a fiery explosion has died in hospital.
Nicole Dempsey, 37, who was in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital’s intensive care burns unit, was pronounced dead just before 5am on Friday.
The mother-of-two, who owned a fudge shop, was managing the Serves You Right Cafe while her parents were holidaying in Europe when the freak explosion at the Ravenshoe cafe occurred on Tuesday.
Her grieving family last night had to make the heart-wrenching decision to turn off life support for the much-loved mum.
Doctors had waited for her parents Vicki and Hans Nyholt and daughter Jordy to make a mercy dash back to her hospital bedside from their overseas trip last night.
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Cairns taxi driver has no case to answer over man’s death, court rules

ABC News Sharnie Kim 9 June 2015

A District Court judge has thrown out a case against a Cairns taxi driver accused of dangerous driving causing a man’s death.

The District Court in Cairns heard the crown’s case was circumstantial, and it had no forensic evidence pointing to a collision, with only a shoe print on the bonnet matching Mr King’s sneakers.

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