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Queensland University of Technology lecture trumps King Richard III’s royal farewell

The Brisbane Times March 25, 2015 | Jorge Branco

About 100 Brisbane university students have trumped the final farewell of a 500-year-old king.

The Australian genetic statistician who helped prove a twisted skeleton found under a carpark was King Richard III could have been in in the UK this week for the monarch’s second and hopefully final burial.  Continue reading…

Physics, chemistry and mathematics add billions to the economy, report finds

ABC News  | March 25, 2015 | Jake Sturmer

A new report investigating the economic contribution of science has found that physics, chemistry and maths directly add $145 billion to the Australian economy every year.

The report, commissioned by the Office of the Chief Scientist and the Australian Academy of Science, was produced by the Centre for International Economics.  Continue reading…

Boost research funding for TB, govt told

Sydney Morning Herald AAP 23 March 2015

The federal government has pledged $30 million over three years to help fight tuberculosis and malaria in the Indo-Pacific region.  Foreign Minister Julie Bishop made the announcement in Canberra at the launch of the Australasian Tuberculosis Forum, describing the disease as a “scourge”.

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Federal Government’s own review panel calls for science funding

ABC News Jake Sturmer 16 March 2015

The Federal Government’s own Research Infrastructure Review Panel felt the science research funding situation was so serious it had to step in, the ABC has learned.

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‘Carnage’ avoided, scientist says

Sydney Morning Herald AAP 17 March 2015

Nobel Prize winner Brian Schmidt believes the scientific community has avoided “carnage” after the Abbott government backed down on a threat to drop funding for research.

The government decoupled the funding from its university reforms and agreed to commit $150 million until June 2016 while a review into research funding is conducted.

“We’ve lost a few people, but most of the carnage has been avoided,” Professor Schmidt told ABC radio of the uncertainty surrounding the funding.

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Death better than publicly funded cure: MP

SBS News AAP 16 March 2015

A crossbench senator doesn’t believe the public purse should fund medical research – and he says his stance wouldn’t change if he had a terminal illness.  Senator Leyonhjelm does not believe research should be publicly funded.

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The scientific system is broken – can it be rescued?

The Conversation Andrew Whitehouse 9 March 2015

Few would doubt that measuring the impact of scientific output is an important thing to do.  But like many measurement tools that once had a noble purpose, they are vulnerable to gaming.

Thousands of column inches have been taken by scientists and policy-makers discussing the pros and cons of peer review.   Another issue  is the impact of the recent and dramatic increase in the number of scholarly journals.  There is a nagging concern that an increase in the number journal articles may correspond to a decrease in the standards of peer review.

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