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Queensland scientist releases Gastrophysics cookbook

Brisbane Times Amy Mitchell-Whittington 20 November 2015

A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) scientist has created an e-book to explain complex cosmological concepts using simple kitchen appliances and out-of-the-box cooking methods.

Astrophysicist Dr Stephen Hughes said the idea for his Gastrophysics e-book, released earlier this year, came to him after he dropped a bottle of milk.

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Women get a much needed boost in research funding gender equity plan

The Conversation Sarah Maddison 20 November 2015

Women make up 44% of Australian academics, but just 24% of professors. One of the contributing factors for this disparity is that there are fewer women applying for research grants than men, even though women are just as successful at winning grants as men.

This week saw the Australian Research Council (ARC) announce its Gender Equality Action Plan. This includes a range of actions aimed to ensure equal opportunity for men and women to participate in its National Competitive Grants Programme.

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Forensic cleaner dishes dirt on one of the most gruesome jobs on planet Megal Palin 22 November 2015

When people are murdered, commit suicide, or die in their homes from natural causes, Ms Lee Iordanidis is often called in to “clean up the mess”.  It’s a job that Ms Iordanidis said was so undesirable that she is one of only four people in Australia who have turned it into a career.

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Hookworm larvae to be injected into coeliacs in trial

ABC News 10 November 2015

40 patients will be injected with hookworm larvae as a follow-up to a pilot study that suggested the parasite is effective in treating coeliac disease

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Australia’s new Chief Scientist reveals where our weaknesses are as robotics will replace jobs 28 October 2015

AUSTRALIA’S new Chief Scientist has revealed where he believes our biggest weakness is in the rapidly changing world of science, and what we have to do to survive.

Dr Alan Finkel, who was named as the nation’s new Chief Scientist today, told Lateline that “robotics” and “super-intelligence” are on their way.

In order to cope with the technological advances being made, he talk about changing the way we educate children.

When asked how are we going to get Australian kids to study subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths that are crucial to our ability to be innovative, he spoke of altering “old-fashioned” ways of teaching them.

“So the first thing is to have an approach to education where we’re setting it in a relevant context, instead of perhaps teaching it, in some places, in an old-fashioned fashion,” he said.

“But we also need to be investing in teachers.”

Dr Finkel said that in the next 15 years, 40 to 45 per cent of “jobs as we know them will disappear”.

Dr Alan Finkel named new chief scientist

Sydney Morning Herald AAP 27 October 2015

Prominent engineer and neuroscientist Dr Alan Finkel AO will be Australia’s next chief scientist.  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said science and innovation were at the centre of the government’s agenda and key to Australia remaining a prosperous, first world economy with a generous social welfare safety net.

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Your Questions Answered on open access

The Conversation October 23, 2015

Open access means making peer reviewed works freely available in digital form, so that anyone with internet access can use them, without financial, legal or technical barriers. It allows users to download, copy, print and distribute works, without the need to ask for permission or to pay.
To the mark the eighth annual Open Access Week, we asked what readers wanted to know about the initiative.

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Science is best when the data is an open book