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Australia needs science strategy: Shorten

The Sydney Morning Herald | March 24, 2015

A national strategy is needed to help Australia become the science capital of the Asia-Pacific, Bill Shorten says.

The opposition leader put out the call while issuing scientists in Canberra on Tuesday night with a challenge – let’s make science political.  Continue reading..


Queensland University of Technology lecture trumps King Richard III’s royal farewell

The Brisbane Times March 25, 2015 | Jorge Branco

About 100 Brisbane university students have trumped the final farewell of a 500-year-old king.

The Australian genetic statistician who helped prove a twisted skeleton found under a carpark was King Richard III could have been in in the UK this week for the monarch’s second and hopefully final burial.  Continue reading…

Physics, chemistry and mathematics add billions to the economy, report finds

ABC News  | March 25, 2015 | Jake Sturmer

A new report investigating the economic contribution of science has found that physics, chemistry and maths directly add $145 billion to the Australian economy every year.

The report, commissioned by the Office of the Chief Scientist and the Australian Academy of Science, was produced by the Centre for International Economics.  Continue reading…

Women still find it tough to reach the top in science

The Conversation Sharon Bell 24 March 2015

Women are playing an increasing role in science today but there are still barriers that can prevent them from achieving success comparable to their male colleagues. This feeds the argument that there is a gender pay gap in earnings in science, although that doesn’t tell the full story of the challenges facing women scientists.

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Malaria vaccine breakthrough by Melbourne researchers

ABC News | March 18, 2015 | Samantha Donovan

A vaccine for malaria is a step closer to reality after Melbourne researchers made a significant discovery about how the human body’s immune system fights the infection.  Continue reading…

For some kids, Easter egg hunts can lead to skin problems

(Wiley 16 March 2015) Some children and adults are allergic to nickel and develop rashes when they come in contact with it. They also may react to foods — including peanuts, chocolate, oats, and processed American cheese — that contain a significant amount of nickel.

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Five research papers that revolutionised health

BBC News Deborah Cohen 15 March 2015

This article features five of the many papers that have transformed medical practice – and people’s lives – over the centuries including those by Jurin – smallpox inoculation;  Lister – antisepsis;  Doll – smoking and lung cancer;  Marshall – Helicobacter pylori;  Banting – diabetes and insulin.

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