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Promoting low-fat diets has ‘disastrous health consequences’, report finds

Brisbane Times 24 May 2016

Urging people to follow low-fat diets and to lower their cholesterol is having “disastrous health consequences”, a British health charity has warned.

In a damning report that accuses major public health bodies of colluding with the food industry, the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration call for a “major overhaul” of current dietary guidelines.

Ambitious experiments cast light on far reaches of periodic table

(University of Edinburgh 23 May 2016) A study of newly made chemical compounds is giving scientists a fresh understanding of an elusive element.

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Google’s ‘Science Journal’ App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Laboratory

ABC News (US) Alyssa Newcomb 23 May 2016

Google’s new Science Journal app is turning Android smartphones into pocket-sized scientific powerhouses, allowing users to conduct a variety of experiments using tools already built into the device.

Geared toward parents and children, the free app guides users through the scientific process, from brainstorming and designing a project to gathering data and displaying it visually in a way young scientists can understand.

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The science issues this election are as old as the Australian media

The Conversation Lindy Orthia 23 May 2016

As my research shows, we can go back 213 years to Australia’s first newspaper, The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, and see thriving public debate about the environment, education and health among colonial Sydney’s residents.

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Townsville marine science researcher David Bellwood joins Australian Academy of Science

ABC News |ABC North Qld Nathalie Fernbach, Paula Tapiolas 23 May 2016

Professor David Bellwood of James Cook University (JCU) has received the country’s most prestigious science honour — a fellowship of the Australian Academy of Science.  Professor Bellwood was recognised for his sustained and significant contribution to the field of marine science.

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Should we just kill all the mosquitoes?

Time Vol 187 No 18 16 May 2016; pp 29-31

Scientists are developing gene-editing techniques that could one day eliminate disease-carrying mosquitoes.

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The Zika threat

Time Vol 187 No 18, 16 May 2016; pp 22-28

It’s a mysterious illness with devastating effects.  Is the next major global health crisis on the way?

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