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Female scientists struggle with 24 per cent pay gap, fall behind to start families: survey

ABC News  |  The World Today Meredith Griffiths 14 December 2015

A third of Australia’s female scientists and technicians consider their career prospects so bleak that they will not be in the sector in five years, a new survey has found.

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Release of AWA Discussion Paper Coal Seam Gas and Water Regulation in NSW and Queensland

Australian Water Association 14 Decvember 2015

Released today, Coal Seam Gas and Water Regulation in NSW and Queensland is an in-depth discussion paper which has found that although CSG projects in the two states exist under very similar frameworks, the political, public relations and community issues are more significant in NSW.

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Innovation v regulation: How Turnbull’s pitch fell short [Opinion]

ABC News | The Drum Chris Berg

The fundamental problem with the Turnbull Government’s innovation statement is that it is a category error. The only thing governments can do to the “culture” of innovation is hurt it.

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Expert panel: what the national innovation statement means for science

The Conversation T J Higgins, Caroline McMillen, Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Halini Joshi, 7 December 2015

After talking up innovation since his appointment as Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull today announced his much anticipated National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA), along with Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher Pyne.

We invited several experts to offer their thoughts on the significance and the impact the NISA will have.

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Queensland scientist releases Gastrophysics cookbook

Brisbane Times Amy Mitchell-Whittington 20 November 2015

A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) scientist has created an e-book to explain complex cosmological concepts using simple kitchen appliances and out-of-the-box cooking methods.

Astrophysicist Dr Stephen Hughes said the idea for his Gastrophysics e-book, released earlier this year, came to him after he dropped a bottle of milk.

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Women get a much needed boost in research funding gender equity plan

The Conversation Sarah Maddison 20 November 2015

Women make up 44% of Australian academics, but just 24% of professors. One of the contributing factors for this disparity is that there are fewer women applying for research grants than men, even though women are just as successful at winning grants as men.

This week saw the Australian Research Council (ARC) announce its Gender Equality Action Plan. This includes a range of actions aimed to ensure equal opportunity for men and women to participate in its National Competitive Grants Programme.

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Forensic cleaner dishes dirt on one of the most gruesome jobs on planet Megal Palin 22 November 2015

When people are murdered, commit suicide, or die in their homes from natural causes, Ms Lee Iordanidis is often called in to “clean up the mess”.  It’s a job that Ms Iordanidis said was so undesirable that she is one of only four people in Australia who have turned it into a career.

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