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WA Government agrees to examine new information on Agent Orange legacy

ABC news 23 June 2015

WA Agriculture Minister Ken Baston says he will examine any new information on reports of generational health problems from toxic chemicals linked to Agent Orange in the Kimberley.

During the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of mostly Indigenous men were employed by the Agricultural Protection Board to eradicate weeds across parts of the West Kimberley.

With no protection gear offered for much of that time the men were routinely exposed to the now banned substance 245T, an ingredient in the defoliant Agent Orange.

Detecting the undetectable: New chip identifies chemicals in ultratrace amounts

EurekAlert 18 June 2015

A George Washington University professor has designed new technology that can identify traces of chemicals at 10-19 moles, a previously undetectable amount. This minute quantity can be conceptualized as 10 times below a billionth of a billionth of a teaspoon of water.

Workshop – Advanced Leadership for Scientists Masterclass 2015

21-22 October 2015, Canberra ACT;  5-6 November 2015, Sydney NSW;  10-11 November 2015, Melbourne Vic

Scientists often climb the leadership ladder through their scientific achievements and technical abilities. But few are prepared with the leadership skills necessary to develop and manage a best practice scientific team. In order to maximise performance in the laboratory and other settings, principal
scientists must employ a number of skills including strong communication, emotional intelligence and authenticity.

In this workshop, delegates will explore the leadership skills demanded of scientific professionals to increase team performance and fast-track research outcomes, in a real-time decision-making environment.

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Big idea: the push to grant greater rights to chimpanzees

Sydney Morning Herald Peter Munro 13 June 2015

The similarities between our species helped drive changes in the United States last week that will require scientists wanting to perform harmful tests on chimps to apply for permits, which will be granted only if it benefits their species.

Primate researcher Jane Goodall hailed the move as a “new consciousness”. The National Association for Biomedical Research instead said the rules would inhibit the production of vaccines.

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Professor Ian Frazer wins European Inventor Award for Gardasil vaccine

Brisbane Times June 11, 2015

Australia’s Professor Ian Frazer and his late Chinese colleague have won a prestige international award for developing the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine.
The immunologist and Jian Zhou’s widow, Xiao Yi Sun, received the European Inventor Award at a ceremony in Paris on Thursday.
“I’m delighted to see Australian innovation acknowledged in the international arena by this award,” said the Scottish-born professor, a former Australian of the Year and a Companion in the Order of Australia.

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Clinical Knowledge Network

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The Clinical Knowledge Network (CKN) is for everyone currently employed by Queensland Health and the Hospitals and Health Services.  Registering for a CKN account is easy and will only take you a few minutes.  Once registered, you can access CKN resources offsite and on mobile devices.

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CKN Training

Both live and pre-recorded training webinars are available on the use of the CKN generally and on the use of specific resources including MIMS Online.

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Up to 200 jobs could be lost as science bodies NICTA and CSIRO merge

ABC News 3 June 2015

A merger between the nation’s peak science and IT organisations could result in the loss of about 200 jobs, a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra has been told.
The CSIRO and National ICT Australia (NICTA) are in negotiations to form one body after cuts were announced in the federal budget.

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