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Incorporates references to driving offences related to all drugs (licit & illicit) and alcohol, includes Stilnox (Zolpidem).
EXCLUDES road deaths, vehicle accidents, pedestrial deaths UNLESS related to drink or drug driving.

Nine arrests in busy 24 hours for Taskforce Maxima

Brisbane Times Nathanael Cooper February 10, 2016

Queensland’s war on outlaw motorcycle gangs has seen nine gang members charged over the last 24 hours.
On Tuesday, a 42-year-old Pacific Pines man was given a random drug test in Oxenford.
The test returned an allegedly positive result and a subsequent search of the man’s vehicle found a quantity of drugs and drug utensils in a false compartment of the vehicle’s engine bay.
The man, who police allege is a member of the Lone Wolf OMCG, will face Southport Magistrates Court on February 23.

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Sentence for former soldier guilty of attacking police officer in Townsville adjourned

Townsville Bulletin February 4, 2016

A FORMER soldier who dragged a Townsville police officer next to his moving car during a breath test causing lifelong injuries is due to be sentenced on February 12.
Joshua James Shooter, 25, appeared in Townsville District Court this morning to be sentenced over the assault which occurred on Flinders St on January 4, 2014.
The matter was adjourned until February 12 as Judge Stuart Durward considers submissions from legal counsel.

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Dad, son in strife on crash scuffle

Townsville Bulletin February 3, 2016

A FATHER and son involved in a car crash allegedly punched a police officer in the face and threatened other emergency services officers.
It’s alleged the pair began threatening emergency services personnel who arrived to help them after they crashed their vehicle on the Bruce Highway near Deeragun about 2.30am yesterday.
Police claim the two men were erratic and when they tried to arrest the 42-year-old father, he lashed out and hit a female officer in the jaw.
Firefighters were forced to help police officers restrain the two men when the 20-year-old son tried to intervene and pull the officers off his father.

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Doped sea fishos fined for drug use

Townsville Bulletin February 3, 2016

THREE commercial fisherman have been fined after they tested positive for cannabis near Dingo Reef, off the coast of Townsville.
The case was heard in Townsville Magistrates Court yesterday, prompting several humorous exchanges between the bar and the bench.

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Acquittal of man caught drug-driving nine days after smoking cannabis throws NSW drug laws into doubt

ABC News 2 February 2016

New South Wales’s roadside drug testing laws have been thrown into doubt after a magistrate acquitted a man who tested positive for cannabis he had smoked nine days before he was pulled over.

Lismore magistrate David Heilpern yesterday found Joseph Ross Carrall not guilty of driving with an illicit drug in his blood because he mistakenly believed that he would no longer test positive to the drug.

Australia’s drug driving laws are grossly unfair

ABC The Drum Greg Barns 29 January 2016

Australia’s drug driving laws criminalise individuals who represent no risk to other drivers, making a mockery of the law as a tool for reasonably managing risk in a community, writes Greg Barns.
Every Australian jurisdiction has, over the past decade, passed laws that make it an offence to have any trace of an illicit drug in your blood when you are driving. It does not matter that your driving is exemplary or that the trace of drugs in your blood is from a couple of puffs of a cannabis joint a few days earlier.

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Drug driver stopped by road spikes on Gold Coast: police

Brisbane Times Kim Stephens January 29, 2016

A 30-year-old man allegedly trying to outrun police in two states on Thursday afternoon entered Queensland on just his wheel rims, after road spikes blew out all four of his car tyres.
The Gold Coast man was allegedly at the wheel of a stolen car that New South Wales police attempted to intercept on the Pacific Highway in northern New South Wales about 3pm.

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