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INCLUDES Measles; Smallpox; Virus genotyping; Hepatitis – all; Waterborne virus (Norovirus, Rotavirus), population health, communicable diseases, gastrointestinal disease outbreaks.
EXCLUDES Lyssavirus, Hendra, Influenza or Vectorborne diseases

Vanderbilt researchers develop antibodies to fight chikungunya virus

EurekAlert 8 July 2015

In late 2013 the Caribbean had its first case of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus. Today there have been almost 1.2 million cases in 44 countries or territories, including 177 cases in 31 U.S. States.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s James Crowe, M.D., Ann Scott Carell Professor and director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center, and his team are reporting the first large panel of antibody treatments against this disease in the current issue of Cell Host and Microbe.

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Measles alert for University of Queensland, public transport

Brisbane Times 4 August 2015

A bus commuter who attended university lectures and visited a major shopping centre and South Bank was infected with measles, according to Queensland Health.

The health department issued an alert after the patient tested positive for the highly-infectious illness.

The person was infectious when they attended lectures at the University of Queensland Faculty of Business on July 29, July 31, and August 3.

Heating and cooling with light leads to ultrafast DNA diagnostics

(University of California – Berkeley 31 July 2015) UC Berkeley researchers used LEDs and a thin film of gold to turbocharge the heating and cooling cycles of the PCR test so results are ready in minutes, not hours. The innovation greatly expands the clinical and research applications of a workhorse lab tool used in forensics, medical diagnostics and more.

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MERS: two suspected cases force closure of emergency department in major northern England hospital

ABC News 28 July 2015

A major hospital in northern England has briefly closed its accident and emergency department over fears two patients may have the potentially deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

The Manchester Royal Infirmary said the patients were being kept in isolation for tests.

Dengue fever cases spike in SA, Government urges travellers to protect themselves

ABC News 28 July 2015

A spike in the number of dengue fever cases in South Australia has prompted a warning from the State Government urging travellers to protect themselves against the disease.

Health Minister Jack Snelling said there had been 58 cases of dengue fever recorded so far this year compared to 41 cases a year ago.

Three-quarters of those cases contracted the disease while holidaying in Indonesia, particularly while in Bali.

fMERS: South Korean government declares it is effectively out of danger, ‘public can rest easy’

ABC News 29 July 2015

South Korea has declared it is effectively out of danger from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), more than two months after the first case was reported and began spreading.

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World Hepatitis Day: Health experts warn Hep C epidemic hitting Australia

ABC News 28 July 2015

Public health experts are warning Australia is in the midst of a Hepatitis C epidemic with almost a quarter of a million people suffering from the blood-borne virus.