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Don’t drink the water, Paluma residents warned

Townsville Bulletin VICTORIA NUGENT  June 11, 2015

PALUMA residents are being told to boil their drinking water after tests in the town supply found a parasite that can cause bowel infections.
A routine test carried out by Townsville City Council found the water contained giardia, a parasite causing a form of gastroenteritis.
Flyers were dropped in letterboxes yesterday warning residents of the dangers, with signs to be installed on public taps and at the entrance to town. The scare comes as money was set aside in the council budget to design and construct a new water treatment facility for the township.

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Leaky pipes ‘could pose health risk’

BBC News 8 June 2015

Leaky pipes may be causing upset stomachs because they allow contaminated water to get into the system, it is being claimed.  Sheffield University’s Prof Joby Boxall issued the warning after studying the risks posed by leaky pipes, especially when pressure drops.

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Gold Coast’s stinkiest beach spark calls for animal control officers to step up patrols

Gold Coast Bulletin 3 June 2015

SOUTHERN Palm Beach is officially the Gold Coast’s stinker of a beach.

Confronted with the stench, beach walkers and surfers are questioning the quality of the water in the surrounding surf and lagoon and calling on the council to step up patrols by animal control officers.

Surfrider Foundation spokesman Chris Butler, fearing the lagoon behind the beach was contaminated, complained to the council in October last year.

“We did some quality (water) testing some years ago in the northern end of the lake and the E coli levels were off the Richter (scale) then,” he said.

National Science and research priorities

Australia. Department of Education and Training. Joint Media Release

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne, said the Commonwealth Government has announced new national science and research priorities to ensure our high performing science, research and innovation system delivers maximum benefit. The nine cross-disciplinary priorities are food, soil and water, transport, cybersecurity, energy, resources, advanced manufacturing, environmental change and health. The priorities will help our world-class science and research efforts to reflect the needs of industry, the national economy and the community.

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Legionnaire’s disease death: Family wants new laws to make sure Queensland hospitals are safe

ABC News Stephanie Smail 27 May 2015

The family of a man killed by legionnaire’s disease in a Queensland hospital has demanded improvements in the way the deadly bacteria is managed.
John Pearson, 60, died after contracting the disease from a shower at Brisbane’s Wesley Hospital in 2013.
Queensland Health said hospitals had ramped up water checks since his death.
But his daughter, Rachel Pearson, has argued a recent scare at the Hervey Bay Hospital in the Wide Bay region was a warning sign more should be done.

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Anxious wait for legionella test results at Hervey Bay Hospital

The Australian Jessica Grewal 25 May 2015

Patients at a Queensland hospital are still unable to shower almost a week after it was confirmed the water system contained potentially deadly legionella bacteria.

A full flush of the Hervey Bay Hospital water system was carried out at the weekend but Queensland Health confirmed it could be another five days before results of “extensive samples” were received. Results from the weekend testing are expected back by Friday.

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