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Recycled water analysis, contamination by non-biological agents (eg, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, disinfection by-products, endocrine disrupters, environmental nutrients.
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Cane farmers cutting the flow of chemicals to Great Barrier Reef Peter Michael, Brian Williams May 22, 2015

FARMERS say the run-off of reef-damaging fertiliser and pesticide has been slashed by at least 25 per cent over the past 50 years.
Third-generation Ingham cane farmer Jeffrey Cantamessa, 58, said he had seen a significant improvement since he was a boy.
Mr Cantamessa, who lives on the banks of the mighty Herbert River that empties into the inner Great Barrier Reef, said the state’s 4000 cane farmers in the $2 billion-a-year industry had largely been blamed for poor water quality and destruction of half the Reef over the past 30 years.

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Water Science & Technology – Contents Pages

Table of Contents  |  Vol 71 Number 9 2015

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Fiskville sheep farmers in ‘complete and utter shock’ over contamination, inquiry hears

ABC News Alison Savage 18 May 2015

Toxic chemicals used at the CFA’s (Country Fire Authority) Fiskville training centre contaminated a nearby sheep farm with the property owners saying it is in their “soil, grass, our sheep … and our kids”, a Victorian parliamentary inquiry has heard.

In 2012, tests revealed their land and some livestock was contaminated with the toxic fire fighting chemical perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).    The couple closed their farm gate meat store but continued to sell their livestock.

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Water Science & Technology – Contents Pages

Table of Contents  |  Vol 71 no 8  (2015)

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EndNote on Windows: The Short Course – Video Training

EndNote has just released a short course on the most-used features in EndNote.  topics can be found at the times below:

Title: 0:00
Online Search: 1:38
Groups: 4:47
Direct Export: 7:03
Importing PDF Files: 9:53
Find Full Text: 11:36
Journal Names: 13:10
CWYW: Adding Citations: 15:53
CWYW: Configuring the Bibliography: 18:20
CWYC: Editing Citations: 21:08
EndNote Sync: 23:43

View video (25:43 mins)

The EndNote Training channel on YouTube contains many helpful videos

Water Research – Contents Pages

Table of Contents  |   Volume 76, Pages 1-226 (1 June 2015)

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Diabetes drug found in freshwater is a potential cause of intersex fish

(University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee 24 April 2015) A medication commonly taken for type II diabetes, which is being found in freshwater systems worldwide, has been shown to cause intersex in fish — male fish that produce eggs, according to a study done at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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