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Recycled water analysis, contamination by non-biological agents (eg, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, disinfection by-products, endocrine disrupters, environmental nutrients.
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Fluoridated water coverage drops to 79 per cent of Queensland; only one Indigenous community signs up

ABC News Matt Wordsworth 1 September 2015

Since the fluoridation of water was made optional in Queensland, coverage of the state’s population has dropped by 10 per cent, and just one Indigenous council is fluoridating its supply.

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Tugun desal plant back online permanently from 2020: Seqwater

Brisbane Times Tony Moore 1 September 2015


Tugun’s controversial desalination plant – which produces drinking water from seawater – could be switched on permanently from 2020 because of steady population growth on the Gold Coast, Seqwater says.


Annastacia Palaszczuk refuses to mandate fluoride in Queensland

Brisbane Times 2 September 2015 Amy Remeikis

The Queensland Government has doubled down on ruling out mandatory fluoridation in the state’s water supplies, with Annastacia Palaszczuk opting for a lead the horse to water policy, even if she can’t make it drink.

Labor had made fluoridation mandatory in 2007 when it was last in government, which saw access to fluoridated water jump from 5 to 80 per cent, but the LNP instigated an opt-out policy for councils in 2012.

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Ice lab leached deadly toxins into Sydney’s water catchment area

Daily Telegraph Ashlee Mullany 28 August 2015

CHEMICALS from the biggest ice lab ever found in NSW leached into the catchment area that feeds into Sydney’s water supply at Warragamba Dam west of the city.    Court documents reveal waste and “methamphetamine byproducts” from the lab ­polluted the Yerranderie Catchment area, a pristine water supply that flows into Warragamba Dam.

Chemical experts carried out testing of the soil at the ­Yerranderie site after noticing dead trees in the area and ­allegedly found traces of caustic liquids and methamphetamine leaching into groundwater.

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Rivers of red threaten the future of the reef

Radio National Background Briefing Gregg Borschmann 30 August 2015

New scientific research reveals the flood plumes from tropical rivers are travelling further and hanging around longer than previously thought, killing young corals and impacting reef growth.  In addition, the sediments—and the attached nutrients—are linked to the latest outbreak of crown of thorns starfish on the reef.

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Tests into mysterious Gold Coast Seaway spill

Brisbane Times Tony Moore August 12, 2015

A large plume of brown, dirty water seen in Southport’s Gold Coast Seaway this week is being investigated by government and university experts.
The huge brown water spill was not sewage, a Gold Coast Waterways spokesman said, but the source of the mysterious brown cloud of dirty water was unknown.
On Monday the huge wash of brown water could be seen kilometres out to sea after it appeared in the Gold Coast Seaway to the north of Southport.
Gold Coast City Council has two outflows on either side of the Gold Coast Seaway where it discharges treated sewage.

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