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Sick list grows as kitchen gets tick

Courier Mail Rose Brennan 7 March 2015

THE Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will continue serving food, despite being linked to 264 people falling ill, because they have passed three Council inspections since the outbreak was made public.  Hot puddings and custards have been now struck off the menu pending the investigations.

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Second salmonella outbreak at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre revealed

Brisbane Times 6 March 2015

Queensland Health is investigating a second outbreak of food poisoning at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre that came a week before a major salmonella outbreak afflicted hundreds of school principals.

The ABC has reported at least 10 people became sick during a Fundraising Institute of Australia conference at the centre.


Queensland Chief Health Officer re Food Poisoning Outbreak BCEC

Healthier Queensland Janette Young 3 March 2015

On Sunday we were alerted that a number of people had fallen sick after attending a conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.
This morning I can confirm that we now have 175 people who are unwell and of those, 24 people have required hospitalisation.

And we believe, although it’s very, very early days at this stage, we believe it’s due to Salmonella.   So we’re working very closely with the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to work through the menus that were served while these people attended and we’re also of course talking to the people who are unwell to work out the commonalities, and just to confirm that it was due to their attendance at the convention centre and that they hadn’t been elsewhere while they’ve been attending that conference.

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Suspected salmonella outbreak: 250 food poisoning cases linked to principals’ conference in Brisbane

ABC New  March 4, 2015

A total of 250 people are now sick after a suspected salmonella outbreak at a school principals’ conference in Brisbane last week, Queensland Health says.

About 1,200 delegates gathered for the conference on February 26 and 27 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC).

Chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said 250 have now reported gastro-intestinal symptoms, up from 175 on Tuesday.  Continue reading…

Food poisoning hits 175 Queensland school principals

Brisbane Times Petrina Berry, Cameron Atfield 3 March 2015

Salmonella is believed to be the culprit behind one of Queensland’s worst mass food poisonings.  Queensland Health says 175 school principals have contracted food poisoning after attending a conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday and Friday.  Twenty-four principals have been hospitalised, but none are in a critical condition.

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Dozens hit by suspected salmonella outbreak at Brisbane principals’ conference

Dr Young said Queensland Health expected to confirm the source of the food poisoning outbreak within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Food poisoning hits 164 school principals in Brisbane: report

Brisbane Times AAP 3 March 2015

More than 160 Queensland school principals have been struck down with food poisoning linked to a conference in Brisbane.

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Contaminated foods causing dangerous health effects bound for Australian supermarkets

News.com.au Jessica Marszalek February 26, 2015

NEARLY 200 imported foods bound for Australian supermarkets in the past six months contained contaminants that cause miscarriages, cholera and other harmful effects.
And 83 of those were already released for sale by the time authorities realised they’d failed food safety tests.

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