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Lettuce linked to salmonella outbreak may have been exported overseas

ABC News 10 February 2016

Australian lettuce linked to an outbreak of salmonella may have been exported overseas, Government officials say.


Salmonella outbreak spreads as numbers of infected increase

Sydney Morning Herald Neelima Choahan 6 February 2016

Up to a 100 people nationwide may now be affected by the salmonella outbreak linked to pre-packaged salad sold at Coles and Woolworths.  Australian health departments met on Friday night to review the situation.

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Eight Queensland salmonella cases may be linked to contaminated lettuce

Brisbane Times AAP 5 FEbruary 2016

Eight cases of salmonella in Queensland may be linked to pre-packaged lettuce distributed by a Victorian-based company, the state health body says.  Queensland Health says they are yet to fully determine whether the cases of infection are related to the lettuce.

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Lettuce recall: Washing pre-packaged produce at home could increase exposure to salmonella, industry source says

ABC News Chloe Brice 5 February 2016

Those considering re-washing pre-packaged lettuce at home to avoid an outbreak of salmonella poisoning might be doing more harm than good, an industry source has warned.  Richard Bennett, from Fresh Produce Marketing Australia New Zealand, said washing lettuce at home exposed it to harmful bacteria and cross contamination in the kitchen.

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Harmful bacteria can survive in sandwich crackers, cookies for months, UGA study finds

(University of Georgia 22 December 2015) Researchers at the University of Georgia found that pathogens, like salmonella, can survive for at least six months in cookies and crackers. The recent study was prompted by an increased number of outbreaks of food-borne diseases linked to low-water-activity, or dry, foods.

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Queensland Health debunks food safety myths

news.com.au 19 November 2015

Food poisoning will strike about 1.4 million Australiansthis year, with poor food handling the prime cause of the misery.

And authorities say better food safety knowledge among Australian could drive those figures right down.

Australian Food Safety Week was held this month as national health authorities redoubled their efforts to debunk myths surrounding food safety and educate the wider community about foodborne diseases, including salmonella and campylobacter poisoning.

Sophie Dwyer, Health Protection Branch executive director at Queensland Health, said one of the first big myths people had was that food poisoning was no big deal.


Kitchen blender was in the sick mix

Courier Mail Rose Brennan 2 November 2015 p. 5

A kitchen sink blender contaminated with salmonella was the source of a mass food poisoning outbreak at a Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre event when school principals fell ill.  Documents obtained by the Courier Mail show that investigators examining the outbreak found bacteria on several kitchen utensils, with that bacteria “incubated” during the cooking process.

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